The art of inner exploration

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When you gets a craving to gossip about your opponent, just wait for a minute and look in to your life and those past stories of you ! If you are a man of wisdom, You will realize that your life is worser than your envied opponent. That makes you greater than your opponent. But wait! if you couldnt find that your own faults and flaws of your life is worser than your opponent and still insist that you are better than him; that moment in your mind makes you the most arrogant person ever, perhaps even worser than your opponent!

When you feel like to praise your role model or a person of whom you are a fan of, just wait for a minute and look in to your life, If you feel like you are worthless and start criticizing yourself and start praising your role model for your happiness, Know that at that moment of your life you are going through your ignorance of the immense power of your own infinite capabilities. But If you find that your achievements and capabilities in life makes you happier independent of your idol or a role model, it will make you a stronger person and perhaps even stronger than your role model.

Simplifying, arrogance is your inability or your fear to accept that your worthless and unsuccessful compared to your opponent and thats the reason why you criticize and backbite others. Ignorance is your inability or fear to accept that you are powerful and successful than your role model and thats the reason why you criticize yourself and worship your idol.

The real dogma of approach to your life lies in between your arrongance and your ignorance. And that is what i call “The supreme inner balance” a combination of Wisdom and Strength. It is nothing but your ability and the inner courage to accept that you are stupid and great at the same time. Being stupid means your insight which shows you that you are wrong, accepting this makes you progress and denying it makes you regress and therefore you end up in arrogance. Being great means your inner realization of your capabilities and courage, loving them makes you wiser and stronger, this opens you many new oppurtunities in life and not loving your capabilities makes you loose all these great oppurtunities in life. Its like the heart of a lion in the body of a deer in the jungle. Lions doesnt need to fear any predators as it is the biggest predator of the jungle. But the deer lives a in a jungle where there are a surplus amount of predators who wants its flesh. This combination of a giant power in you surrounded by your giant fears is the key to your success!

Find out your inner balance and levate yourselves from your miseries. Best of Luck in your journey!                             

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