Finding a Bright Path: Patty Duque, on the Importance of Mental Health

“I’m not good enough.” ‘I can’t do this!’, ‘Someone else is better than me,’ ‘It’s too late to chase after that dream,’  ‘I’m not worthy’ ‘I’m an imposter.’ etc.  Have these negative thoughts ever crossed your mind? If so, what do you do about it? Do you immediately dismiss it, or do you dwell on […]

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“I’m not good enough.” ‘I can’t do this!’, ‘Someone else is better than me,’ ‘It’s too late to chase after that dream,’  ‘I’m not worthy’ ‘I’m an imposter.’ etc. 

Have these negative thoughts ever crossed your mind?

If so, what do you do about it?

Do you immediately dismiss it, or do you dwell on it?”

Most people are guilty of the latter; they dwell on their negative thoughts so much they are conditioned, and eventually, it becomes second nature to them. That is when Patty Duque comes in, she shows people how they can handle their negative thoughts, create healthy boundaries and successful habits in order to surpass insurmountable challenges, and achieve what they desire in any area of life.

“Sometimes, we are oblivious and don’t even realize that the (negative) thought is there” A quote by the famous Mindset and Results Coach Patty Duque. Regardless of how strong a person’s mind is, it is still vulnerable to negative thoughts directed at them, which in turn will gradually consume them. It is not always realized that people are experiencing inner struggles within themselves. Most of the time, these struggles will slowly burden the person as it slowly accumulates into something that can become uncontrollable facing various areas of life such as their health, career, relationships, and more.

Communicating with oneself is as important as communicating with others. People like Patty aspire to change how others handle their fears about life through communication. However, listening to oneself is nearly impossible when they are the ones who produce their own noises, judgments become cloudy, and thoughts become unbearable. 

Patty aims to elevate each individual’s mindset and wants them to take action towards living an authentic life from the inside out, so they can live in alignment with their top values and focus on what matters to them most. Also, her mission is to positively impact 750,000 lives by teaching them her tools and strategies and guiding them into a path where they can trust themselves to achieve their desired results successfully.

Now back to negative thoughts, how do they work exactly?

It goes out like this: “Think of it as a small spark of fire in your carpet floor; if it’s left unattended, then that small spark will only become bigger and bigger until it engulfs your whole house. Now that small spark is like a negative thought that enters your mind. If you do anything but extinguish that negative thought in your mind, then it will only grow bigger and bigger until it consumes you.”

Patty uses these analogies to communicate with her clients to make the message more relevant and understandable. She has developed a step-by-step framework that completely revolutionized how people take care of their mental health. “One thing that the pandemic has highlighted has been the importance of prioritizing your mental health and doing a self-assessment to see if you are living by your top values, doing what truly lights you up.” Patty developed a framework in which she has been delivering as one of her keynotes speeches. She shares a simple yet powerful tool that helps an individual in only a matter of minutes bring self-awareness, appreciation to a negative event and shift the perspective to a positive. This talk has been well received by the public, Australian Teacher Aide, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporates allowing leaders to provide tools to their teams to deal with all the emotions the pandemic has brought. The step-by-step method she shares is divided into five parts, and each part contributes to each individual’s improvement. She calls this the ‘SSASS method.’ 

Patty’s ‘SSASS method’ has evidently helped many of her clients throughout her years of being a mindset and results coach along the different audiences (some as large as 300 people via zoom) that she has presented it to. Patty’s expertise in helping people understand the neuroscience of emotions, eliminate limiting beliefs, and live in alignment with their values, has contributed to many of her clients living life on their terms. In addition, she builds rapid rapport with her ideal clients, allowing her to relate easily with them as she comes from a place of research and science. This combined with her understanding and experience provides a safe space for transformation. This is why her clients take their process seriously, achieving significant changes for themselves.  

As one of her clients shared, “They became disconnected with themselves in the last few years after some major life events such as getting sick, changing jobs, getting married, buying a house, having kids and didn’t take the time to reflect on all the sudden changes to the point that I felt disconnected with who I am and don’t know what made me happy and fulfilled. I felt a sense of being lost in a fog and not knowing how to come out of that despite reading lots of self-help books, watching lots of TED videos, and whilst some helped after some time, it actually made it worse as it made me feel helpless. 

Once I realized I needed a more structured approach to come out of this internal turmoil as what I was doing wasn’t working, I was feeling like I was just going around in circles. What drew to you and resonated most was that you had overcome similar obstacles so you could relate and understand where I was coming from. Within weeks of starting the coaching program, I was very surprised to see myself open up, allowing myself to get to a level of vulnerability that I didn’t know I could with someone outside of my family and loved one. Patty allowed me to go deep and uncover things I had never noticed about myself. I have gotten so much clarity and self-awareness through the Elevate Your Mindset Program supported by the one-on-one coaching sessions. I notice how much my mindset has changed, how differently I manage my emotions, and how these lead to more positive feelings. The negative emotions and thoughts don’t linger as long; instead, they turn into positives a lot faster, helping me reduce stress, focus on what’s important, and ultimately improve my health and relationships. 

I got the clarity and certainty to follow something I’ve been wanting to do for many years and have now enrolled to change my career path to be in alignment with my values. I am much happier now, have a clear direction, and my confidence continues to increase significantly. It feels like the fog has lifted and can now live authentically and unapologetically.”

Her method has and will continue to help those in dire need of a deeper understanding of themselves. She holds a torch, supports the people, and guides them in finding their way to light that torch for themselves. By then, they become radiated with a cheerful glow and a renewed outlook on life through what she does best which is harnessing your happiness and elevating your mindset.

Want to know more about Patty Duque’s highly influential ‘SSASS’ method, book her as a speaker in your event or organization and learn about more practical and easy to apply mental health approaches? Then visit her website now to learn more. Or reach her by booking ‘your mindset strategy session here.’ Also, stay up to date on her social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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