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Julian Smit on the Economy of Authenticity

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Find Your Tribe Julian Smit #LivingFearlessly #ThriveGlobal

There is no surprise that in light of current events…our conversational lens has significantly shifted. At light speed, we are exponentially awakening to global observation, individual self-governance, universal dialogue, and a rapid transformation at the consciousness level. I believe the deeper meaning – the profound learning lesson behind these unprecedented times for which we currently face…is predicated on Humanity as a whole needing to once and for all…come to this exact grinding halt we now find ourselves sitting in so as to take heed of all that is seemingly broken and/or perceivably damaged.

I believe the culture of current circumstances to be indicative and responsive to what has been out of alignment for far too long now with many of the universal laws, which were intended to govern us as a species. A species which was intended to instil and to perpetuate harmony, peace, compassion, empathy, love, acceptance, and so forth. The envelope has been pushed for far too hard and for far too long by all us individuals, families, and businesses. We have exceeded the bandwidth for what is manageable, sustainable, healthy, viable, and for what is intuitively sound. Much has been taken for granted – the planet, our privilege, our blessings, our relationships, our mind, body, spirit connection and overall well-being. The global hamster wheel has come to a grinding halt; forcing us to take stock, heed and inventory for what in fact matters and conversely, what in fact does not. 

Collectively, we have been placed on an indefinite timeout for the purpose and the benefit of introspectively going deeper within to sort ourselves out..once and for all. When we neglect to be present in the here and now…when we fail to be grateful for what we already have…when we continuously push ourselves and others beyond what is fair or acceptable…things will automatically shut off and will indefinitely shut down so as to steer the focus back to what was ignored and to what was overlooked. 

Enter, Julian Smit! I had the honour and the privilege of interviewing Julian last week on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald International Radio/Podcast Show! We discussed much of what I have cited in the aforementioned in addition to the new normal mindset we must all adopt so as to acclimate to what is coming down the pike, both inside and outside of the realm of business. 

My conversation with Julian was refreshingly positive and optimistic, especially considering these uncertain and anxiety based times. Right out of the gate at the top of the hour on radio, Julian emerged as a beacon of light to myself, the listeners, and to the podcast subscribers when discussing the obvious elephant in the room (Covoid-19). Julian’s perspective and approach to it all is very synergistically aligned to that of mine. We talked at length about the upside and the golden opportunity for all of us amidst existing circumstances. 

This was an inspiring, uplifting, solution-focused discussion – one premised on the golden opportunity bestowed upon each of us for how we can navigate in moving forward (individually and collectively) once the green light gets switched back on. Until then, it is to our collective advantage to consciously awaken and to spiritually evolve. Clearly, the old micro and the macro level systems, including belief systems…have either become broken, or at the very least is in serious disarray – bursting at the seams for what screams out an immediate need for restoration and remedying. We are in mandatory lockdown so as to shift the paradigms on thinking, feeling, being, doing, behaving, contributing – ultimately for how best to show up, rise, and conduct ourselves when this crisis lifts and when we are afforded the next opportunity at another kick at the can – aka ‘blank page’ aka ‘do over.’

Julian, not unlike other visionaries, and successful entrepreneurs – has established a strong grasp and a firm mental hold on what it means to persevere and to prevail even during the bleakest or the most challenging of times and circumstances. Julian has conceptualized the intuitive ability in which to ask the deeper and the more meaningful questions for any difficult situation one might find themselves facing, which is…”What is this here to teach me?” and “How might I make this work for me and others?” It is this exact type of honed and masterful mindset, one which Julian has consistently chosen to adopt, to harness, and to incorporate into his daily living, which has earned him the recognition and the respect for being a highly regarded thought leader within his respective industry. When people are in the midst of crisis, it is instinctual to want to turn to those who know how to lead others through the chaos and the confusion of it all. One’s true character is assessed during the worst of times…not during the best of times. WAY TO GO, JULIAN!

For those of you who have perhaps been reticent to take business on-line or who are struggling to know how to think outside of the box for how to navigate differently in this ‘new world’ or who are questioning how to show up to the rest of the world in ‘growing’ forward…I highly recommend and strongly encourage you to connect with Julian for an initial conversation. Julian is extremely approachable, accessible, and engaging. Julian is the real deal as it pertains to nurturing and cultivating genuine relationships. Julian recognizes and embraces the honour, the privilege for which it is for serving and respecting others.

On behalf of both Julian and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for the gift of your time. Thank you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article on this amazing #ThriveGlobal Platform! Thank you for generously tuning into my amazing interview with Julian via the enclosed podcast link! For any additional ways you deem connecting with either or both Julian and myself to be a suitable fit for you outside of this specific forum, we welcome the opportunity of hearing from you! Love and Light!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly


Julian Smit is the Founder of J.D. Nevins Communications Inc. – one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Toronto (within a year ranked among the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Toronto on UpCity and #1 by customer reviews and among non-paying-member agencies.

Julian is the Host of a fast-growing YouTube channel and Podcast – “BIYF Marketing” which continues to attract distinguished business/thought leaders from around the world.

Julian Smit is the Co-Founder of the Marketing Summit Academy – an online training platform for Digital Marketing and Event Planning

Julian is regarded as a Thought Leader in the field of Digital Marketing, also recognized for coining phrases such as “the economy of authenticity” and “find your village.”

Julian is an International Keynote Speaker with keynotes at the Global Marketing Summit in Jamaica, in May of 2019. Julian has over twenty years of experience in the field of Marketing and Digital Media Production while also being an expert in the field of Digital Marketing and Social Advertising (with particular expertise in FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube),  Multimedia Production , Content Marketing and SEO.

Julian is also the winner of a WO/2019 Award, and over a dozen IAC, in addition to other digital marketing awards for campaigns, which Julian has managed on behalf of blue-chip organizations such as Johns Hopkins, Allstate, and Manulife Financial.

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