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Shu Matsuo Post on Gender Expectations, Limitations and Leadership

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As someone who has entirely dedicated both my personal and professional life towards empowering others to empower themselves, albeit it as a result of my 25 years in social services – crisis management specifically within senior management roles or as an Entrepreneur whose declared purpose it is and has been within all bodies of my work, inclusive of my international radio/podcast show, “Uplifting You To Fear Less  And To Live More,” or as a proud mother who has remained staunchly committed to raising empowered, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent children, or as a public/professional servant and advocate for dismantling all kinds of oppression including gender oppression… allow me to please share with you, my synergistically aligned overview and takeaways of Shu Matsuo Post, for whom I had the honour of interviewing on radio last Friday! 

This man is unlike any previously showcased guest I have ever before interviewed in my almost seven years of hosting my own international radio/podcast show! It is for a uniquely different reason, for which I express this sentiment as compared to other Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald radio guests for whom I have also indicated as equally being unlike any other person interviewed on my show. My unique reasons as it correlates with this specific guest in particular, are as follows…

In my wheelhouse of esteemed peers, colleagues, and friends – – many of whom I have had the equally distinct honour and the immense pleasure of inviting onto my international platforms, and to have also featured in my write up Feature Articles here on Thrive Global…a significant portion of these stellar human beings having been highly evolved men who continue to have and who continue to demonstrate the utmost respect for their female counterparts; myself included but whose particular niche, or area of expertise, is not specifically related to nor is it relevantly central to the core purpose or the intended messaging, which by contrast is what is different to that of Shu Matsuo Post.

Shu is a proud and staunch (male) feminist, a devoted father and husband who once-upon-a-time, chose to introspectively commit himself to the challenge of overcoming his (previously) held false beliefs and his false concepts, coupled with systemic cultural paradigms of behavioural thinking, which were not congruently aligned with who he fundamentally wanted to be as a man or for how he ultimately wanted to show up as to the rest of the world. The alteration of belief patterns corresponded with principled concepts such as gender-equality and feminism. Shu elected to go deep within himself so as to undergo the required inner work journey, which was necessary in which to show up and rise as the man he wanted to be for himself, for his wife, his child and to the external world amongst all other fellow human beings – – inclusive of both men and women. 

Shu has evolved and has risen first and foremost as the authentic messenger for himself and with himself. Subsequent to Shu reconciling and relinquishing his old, non-serving false beliefs, false concepts, and shifting his paradigms of thinking for what constitutes what is in fact fair, for what is altruistically right, for what is intuitively sound, for what is equitable for the ultimate benefit of all, and for what is healthy for the collective…Shu has not only ascended to his highest good or has transformed himself as his best version of self, but through his ongoing commitment to self so as to remain integral and honourable within himself…Shu has genuinely transitioned himself along this cathartic path for becoming the walking, talking and breathing example for others who have yet to equally awaken to the same core values, core beliefs, core principles and core standards, which only serves to elevate the collective consciousness. He achieved this altruistic epiphany through intrinsically recognizing that this is what living harmoniously, respectfully, and cohesively with one another is representative of. Shu’s journey denotes the truth of this personal transformative process being equally and realistically achievable for his fellow man; resulting from Shu’s own growth, his own choices and his own ascension having changed the trajectory of his entire life. 

The conversation that unfolded between Shu and myself whilst on the radio airwaves was a profoundly important one. I believe this particular dialogue would have precipitated a deep level of resonance with my global radio listeners and the podcast subscribers, and hopefully more so with the male demographic of my overall listenership base. Shu and I touched upon the imperativeness of men embracing vulnerability. Vulnerability breaks down barriers. Vulnerability infuses trust. Vulnerability builds alliances and is what shifts the energy from what is not working in people’s lives or relationships as a result of being closed off and shut down to instead re-building and re-cultivating healthier, stabler, and more solid foundations. Empowering ourselves to empower others is a win win for all. There is zero downside to one being real with oneself thus achieving the capability in which to be real with others. Vulnerability allows us to flourish and to thrive within our most meaningful relationships. People either grow together or people grow apart, which is indicative of how we view ourselves, treat ourselves thereby how we are then inclined to also view others and how we treat others. When we are concurrently aligned within ourselves for how best to behave and how best to rise – – there is no coincidence for what we energetically emit and for what we equally attract into our lives as a result of our choices. Transformation is a choice!

As a parent to both a boy and a girl, as a fellow feminist, as a woman who holds safe space for all, and as a human soul who only ever wants and works towards creating equality and goodwill for the collective…it is MY due diligence, MY personal responsibility for consistently aspiring to be an agent of change in this world. I cannot expect anything to fundamentally change for the better or to reverse course in this world, if I am not invested as a part of the solution…if I am not tangibly contributing…if I am not committed to doing my own inner work or challenging my own biases or viewpoints that may in fact contribute towards being a part of the problem as opposed to being a part of the solution. Anything meaningful or profound in this world starts with self-ownership. Only when we commit to ‘fixing’ or changing ourselves does it then become realistic to expect a different end result for the world we would optimally or ideally wish to cohabitate in. Throughout the course of my interview with Shu, I could not thank him enough for assuming the personal accountability and the personal ownership for which he did within himself so as to ultimately and preferably become the man, the human being, the father, the husband and the servant leader he has beautifully and powerfully evolved into becoming. So grateful to you, Shu! So impressed! Thank you! Keep Shining our friend! This world needs you and your profound messaging!

I would highly encourage both men and women to kindly click on the enclosed podcast link of this significant and relevant interview for which I had the honour and the privilege of facilitating with Shu! I strongly believe Shu’s book, I Took Her Name, should be in every bookstore, in every household, on every bedside table and in every household around the globe. The message is that important!

On behalf of both Shu and myself, we thank you for graciously taking the time to read this article! We mutually express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for graciously clicking on the enclosed podcast link of our fascinating conversation with one another. As servant leaders, Shu and I are also mutually receptive and appreciative for any additional contact you may wish to initiate with either or with both of us outside of this brilliant forum. Thank you in advance!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Who is Shu Matsuo Post???

Shu Matsuo Post is a father, husband, and feminism advocate.

He is the author of I Took Her Name, where he shares his experience of changing his name after marriage in Japan and his journey into feminism. He inspires men and boys to confront gender expectations to live a more authentic, vulnerable, and free life.

Shu Matsuo Post is a successful businessman in Japan, one of the most gender-rigid nations on the planet. When he got married and chose to take his wife’s name, the opposition he encountered gave him an unexpected glimpse into a woman’s world. It also gave him a taste of vulnerability, emotional connection, and the freedom he had been craving all his life.

Flowing seamlessly between his own journey, his wife’s journey, and their journey together as they struggled to break the bonds of gender limitations, his first book, I Took Her Name, is a powerful roadmap for defying expectations and becoming your authentic self.

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