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Addiction Recovery

Ways to overcome drug addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, but it is not a one which cannot be let go of. Overcoming addiction is a matter of willpower and complete dedication to change, in addition to receiving social support. The task is not a piece of cake, but working on it is worth it, and in this article, I would be talking about a few methods you can apply to let go of drug addiction.

Change your lifestyle

Perhaps the most critical step after deciding that you are going to overcome your addiction is to change your lifestyle. Start with setting a few goals regarding drug use, new activities and expanding your social circle. For instance, you may start working on new hobbies and interest to take your mind off the withdrawal symptoms. A hobby can also provide you with a direction in life, while it also being a source of enjoyment.

Meditation is also an effective method, which helps you feel relaxed and comfortable. Also, exercise! Working out results in the restoration of dopamine levels before the drug abuse, while also lets you experience endorphins, which can improve your mood. Exercise also helps in dealing with cravings, stress, and anxiety. You can also try joining team sports which will lead to you meeting new people and staying away from drugs.

Equally important is eating well as it has a significant effect on one’s physical and mental health. It is essential to give your brain proper nutrients for it to heal like healthy fats and carbohydrates. While you are at it, try staying away from caffeine and fried foods.

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral Therapies assists the person in developing new behaviors, habits, and skills which results in the person more effectively dealing with triggers and stressful situations which might lead him or her back to the drugs. These therapies also boost the effectiveness of medications. One of these therapies is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy which helps in coping with people, places or things in which the possibility of them taking a drug rises significantly. Once a person gets a hold of these skills, he or she could apply them even much after the recovery process is completed. Another method is known as contingency management in which people are provided with incentives or rewards for not using drugs or attending sessions. This acts as a side benefit for the person who is trying to lose the addiction, serving as a source of motivation. A user’s motivation is also worked upon in Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Finally, a combined therapy experience is provided to the user and the family in Family therapy, where common ways of improving the family environment are talked about in addition to creating awareness about drug use.

Build a supportive social group

It is time to let go of any of your friends who are drug users as being around people who use is a significant reason for going back into the trap. Get in contact with your sober friends and family members who might help you recover. You should also consider joining a support group with people with the same addiction as yours. Giving yourself the opportunity to talk about your difficulties and knowing that others can relate and help, really helps in building confidence and motivation as each member’s progress motivates the other members.

Medical treatment

Last but not least, after going through several effective methods to overcome drug addiction, comes the medical procedure. One of the medical treatment options is the Ibogaine treatment. Ibogaine is an alkaloid extracted from Iboga root bark in Central West Africa, and it’s usage results in anti-addiction effects and also the detoxification of drugs. It works by targeting the reward pathways of the brain which were affected by addiction. The addict’s brain is restored to the pre-addiction phase because of which he or she does not suffer from the withdrawal symptoms of taking drugs. It also carries with it psychological healing effects such as helping addicts in assessing a past traumatic situation in a different light, giving meaning to their lives. If you are looking for an Ibogaine treatment for yourself or any of your loved ones than consider choosing Experience Ibogaine, the treatment service with the most number of Ibogaine treatments (might I mention, successful) in the whole world.

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