Exceptional Ways to Take Care of Yourself As a Mom

How to Take Care of Yourself As a Mom

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This time every year I long for sunshine. For fresh air. For freedom to be outside.

But simultaneously, I dread it.

You see, spring is usually the time when my life as a mom gets crazy. Kids start outdoor activities, we have more plans, more school work, and then travel becomes possible again.

So, now, suddenly, I’m juggling work, family, and what feels like a mountain of other responsibilities.

I’m not the only mom that feels this way. So, today, we’re looking at exceptional ways to care for ourselves as moms. It’s time to make life easier, but also a little more fun and relaxed.


First, the more physical and mental clutter we have, the harder it is to relax, focus, and be productive. And this is crucial for moms! We deal with a lot of different things coming at us.

So, BEFORE the scattered feeling begins to set in, spend a little time streamlining your life.

Can you simplify your wardrobe? Your food options? Your family’s food? Your schedule? Your kids’ schedule?

Spending a few minutes simplifying your life now will make your entire spring exponentially better.

Let Go

Yes, let go mama!

The rise of social media has brought an unrealistic idea of “perfect parenting” to the forefront. Yet, it only leads to feeling like a failure when you can’t get it all right. So, learn to let go of some things. If your family eats chips for dinner and no one’s socks match, it will still be all right. Try again tomorrow.

Furthermore, find easy alternatives to things that need to be done. There’s NO shame in using delivery services, getting help with cleaning, or finding easy Easter basket ideas with the click of a button.

Let go of being perfect, and just be real.


And speaking of social media, why not do a digital detox?

The best way to ease our minds is to turn off those devices that keep us glued to a screen for hours. So, this spring give yourself the gift of some mental space, and enjoy living in the real world more often.

What can you unplug from? And for how long?

Have Enough Alone Time

Next, if you’re always running from one thing to the next, you WILL burn out eventually. So, do NOT forget how important it is to recharge. Schedule in time for self-care, at least 30 minutes a day. If that seems impossible, get up a few minutes earlier to make it happen.

Make Time for Friends

Finally, as you look at your schedule, it may not feel like you have time for friendships. But, that’s where it pays to be intentional.

Plan ahead for date night, time with friends, and even intentional time with family. If you plan them FIRST, then the other things that pop up will have to be re-arranged. Instead of vice-versa. Above all, this will help you keep your priorities in line, and become a non-negotiable way to take care of yourself.

In Conclusion

Life as a mom is complicated! Gosh do I know this!

But it is made so much easier when you make yourself a priority. It may seem counterintuitive, but the old adage is wise…

“Put your own oxygen mask on first.” You can’t take care of others when you haven’t taken care of yourself.

Also, remember…

“Self-care is giving the world what’s best of you. Instead of what’s left of you.”

Katie Reed

So, if you need a different perspective, remember that making the time for yourself does indeed benefit EVERYONE around you. You only let others down when you are unable to give them your best.

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