Ethel Ennis: Spotlight Of Quick, Musical Wellness! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

The Performance Of "Mr. Wonderful," By Jazz Singer-ETHEL ENNIS-And The Performance Of Love's Healing In Mystery's Form! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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Jazz has its particular elegance and tranquil nature, when it comes to style. There is a level of grace, when songs are sung at a slower pace. A tenderness and tranquil nectar arises from a particular singer, and the carrying of that sound. Soon, things are made to feel holistic and nourished-even the sad times. Even the most difficult and painful times becomes less heavy, and more tranquil to deal with. It truly becomes a breeze; a walking breeze to move through life’s challenges. In fact, it comes to be a taste of sweetness. Love just seems more pleasant and kind, in that way. Even the very nature of heartbreak, and love’s departure, feels less painful. In fact, singing about a heartbreaking matter can feel more serene and comforting. Its less painful. That’s the very sweetener of Jazz music. Even the problems and troubles are easier to discuss. And, of course, you have those singers, who have the power and agility to navigate through different terrain. Their voices just have that eloquence about them. Its a particular coloring, which opens up to that other vibe of Jazz music. Its a pleasure in seeing through the eloquence of it all.

Of course, when songs of love come with a happy ending, the eloquence is that much more passionate. It becomes more comforting to hear, and soothing to experience. And when a woman has met that, Wonderful One, then that loving essence is further highlighted in the Jazz realm. Of course, one has to connect to that unique essence of care and gentility. However, in love, when something wonderful has happened, you can feel it in the atmosphere. In a terse amount of words, a person can tell when a woman is truly happy, and has truly found love. When that love is authentic, and based on honesty. There are those tiny details, and intimate details, that a woman enjoys from a man. She speaks about them. In addition, she feels connected and intertwined with that other human being. Love is abound. Love arises, through it all. Furthermore, there are certain forms of nourishment and fruition, which caters to one’s euphoria. There are certain factors and wellness points, when it comes to navigating, through a love song. And, if you want to experience those sacred ballads of a love song, then one has to be willing to connect with these unique designs. If a listener yearns to immerse themselves into the treasures and beauties of Jazz, and their poetic nature, then an individual must be willing to, soak it in!

We are aware of these, legendary (and iconic) Jazz legends! The Nina Simones. Ella Fitzgeralds. Louis Armstrongs. The Miles Davis. Billie Holidays. The list goes on. And then, there is. . .

Ethel Ennis; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, she was a Black American, Jazz musician! Coming from Baltimore, Maryland, and was known as the “First Lady Of Jazz.” One of her last albums was If Women Ruled The World, by Savoy Jazz. She may not have gotten the same level of attention as her major counterparts; or have been remembered, on the same level. Nevertheless, she was something! Her voice was something! And, if you desired to comprehend the meaning of love, and love, with the perfect man, Ethel Ennis had a way of getting you to feel that glow! You yearned to feel the glow, of LOVE! And suddenly, you understood all of the dynamics of what it meant for a woman to be madly, in love!

Why this feeling? Why this glow? Why the thrill when you say hello? Its a strange and tender magic, you do Mr.Wonderful, that’s you!

Why, this trembling, when you speak? Why this joy when you touch my cheek? I must tell you what my heart knows is true Mr. Wonderful, that’s you!

And, why this longing, to know your choice? To spend forever, here, in your arms Oh, there’s much more, I could say But, the words keep slipping, away

And, I’m left, with only one part of you Mr. Wonderful, that’s you!

One more thing, then I’m through Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Wonderful, I love you!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the fascinating elements about this song, is how the lyrics are short, and straight to the point. There are no second guesses to how she is feeling. However, then, there is the way that she is singing. The way she sings, and the texture guiding her voice, makes one feel that there are much more details to the story. In fact, the story is filled with numerous riches. There is a lot more depth and intrigue, that meets the eye. Soon, you begin to ask yourself the question, what makes him so Wonderful? What are those hidden features about his person, character, and manners, which the listener doesn’t know about? Could it be the engagement, and activities, which are not mentioned in the song, which contributes to that texture of love, in one’s domain? There is a level of mystery, within the moment. And, Ethel Ennis has that velvet-like texture, which is able to create the mystery of love’s essentials. It feels holistic, and one can even experience the gems, of connecting with the Moon’s grace. You can feel the moonlight, within her voice. The texture is delicate. Her artistry brings on a certain level of gentility and tenderness, when painting this picture of Moonlight’s bliss! Throwing “Mr. Wonderful” in the mix, we yearn to know just who the man really is. “Mr. Wonderful.” What is it about his essence, that makes him wonderful? And, just WHO is “Mr. Wonderful?” We may never know. However, what we can tell you is that there are sacred pleasures to his Spirit . Should we come to meet him, one day, we can expect such a, wonderful, occasion, that it would truly, BE. . .wonderful!

To listen to “Mr. Wonderful,” and other recordings from ETHEL ENNIS, you can click on the links, below:

Pandora:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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