Essential steps to build a strong relationship

A relationship must meet certain criteria to develop a true connection, both feel the love of each other and can resist the obstacles and the passage of time.

A relationship must meet certain criteria to develop a true connection, both feel the love of each other and can resist the obstacles and the passage of time.


It is not good that one of the members of the relationship feels that they have to make too much effort so that things go well, it has to be a comfortable relationship, that they do not waste their energy, in a relationship like this there are no tragedies or tragedies, there is love.


The nature of both should be similar or not very different, when there are too odd aspects can be incompatible, understanding the other should not be beyond our needs.

In all couples there are differences, in that rests their compatibility, but also in the possibility of association, complicity. They should know how to manage their differences and these should not be too big.


It is necessary that they have full confidence in one another, it is not necessary to fear, distrust or protect themselves, when the other inspires us with confidence is the perfect foundation for love. It requires the conviction that the other will not harm us.


When the members of the relationship feel that their partner is truly their partner, they can endure together because friendship does not wear off over the years, the relationship is a mutual accompaniment, sharing complicities, differences, interests.


Above our fears or deficiencies must be the spontaneous desire that our partner is well, see the other with the intelligence of the heart and not only through our projections and desires.

With these elements, the couple is loved as they are and given what they need, happiness is found along with the fullness of our loving partner.

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Relationship

Cannabis can be used to improve your relationship through some ways helping you to deepen your connection or reconnect. It is also a great way to lighten up the relationship through laughter or sharing exciting moments. Smoking using a bong together can be a great way to reconnect with your partner. For those who don’t know, a bong is a filtration device that makes it convenient for smoking marijuana. It has been easy to purchase glass bongs at online head shops in the United States, so you can collect bongs, dab rigs and glass pipes together and then use the moment to boost the bond between you two. The following are some of the ways cannabis can improve your relationship:


Healthy sex life is an integral part of any relationship. Marijuana is used to spice up things in the bedroom and take it a notch higher. It heightens arousal as it increases the sensitivity of your senses, therefore, intensifying your sexual experience. Furthermore, cannabis is relaxing giving room for experimentation and adventure making the experience even more thrilling.


Most of the time because of one thing or another we find ourselves getting hurt by other people, and sooner than later we build walls around us that prevent other people from getting through to us. Such walls make it hard to connect with other people taking a significant toll on our relationships. Marijuana helps you let go of grudges, making it easier for you to be vulnerable around your partner and hence healing that comes with sharing.


When you are cannabis high, you become more open-minded and more willing to listen to your partner’s views and suggestions on your relationship. Marijuana is relaxing hence reducing the chances of an argument and as thus there is a greater chance of a meaning full, productive conversation. It also makes you more open to each other therefore building your trust.


While going on a destination holiday to a remote beach or island can be a great way to finally enjoy each other’s company away from the daily pressures of home marijuana can give you just that at the comfort of your home. Cannabis high makes even simple activities like watching movies together so much better. The ability of cannabis to heighten your senses enables you to notice the small things like the chirping of birds, the blueness of the sky and even the refreshing smell of fresh air more exciting. This allows you and your partner to lay back and enjoy every sensation with no worries.


Marijuana can be used to lighten up your relationship if it is gloomy or needs a boost. Pot makes your brain release endorphin also known as feel-good chemicals that make you happy and relaxed. They also make you feel silly, and you might end up doing something stupid that gets your partner laughing.Chances are you will even start chuckling, and soon you will both be rolling in laughter, therefore, deepening your connection.


Marijuana gives you munchies these means that you became hungrier. However, it does not mean you will be eating everything you bump into. It means you get to appreciate the small things like the flavor, aroma, and texture of food more. Sharing the experience with your partner while being playful will give you just the pleasure your relationship craves for.


Cannabis can be used as a means for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, chronic illnesses and other illnesses that make a person unpleasant find their way back to good graces. Insomnia can make you irritable due to the built up exhaustion but with the help of marijuana you will be able to get enough rest then you can get back your life. Constant stress and anxiety hinder you from fostering healthy relationships. On the other hand, feeling more energetic and healthy makes you more positive and pleasant to be around, therefore, making your interaction with your partner positive.


Stress is one of the major causes of divorce, whether financial, family related or work related it takes a significant toll on relationships. Stress can lead to anxiety which might cause you to be reluctant to adventures and socializing. When you continuously turn down your partners offers they will soon get fed up and might even leave you. Conversely, pot can do the trick and make you relaxed and calm hence more attractive to your partner. It helps you step out of your comfort zone and take up more exciting adventures, therefore, breathing in life to your relationship.

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