Escape The Comparison Trap

Why do we use what is external to us as a barometer for measuring our own internal worth, value or impact?

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How is it that in 2018, a time of living in a more so than ever progressive culture, one which promotes and purports uniqueness, individualized branding and signature messaging… that we still succumb to the oppressive and debilitating tendency of comparing ourselves to others? Why are we still choosing to pigeon-hole ourselves into the false belief and the false concept of thinking we as our own person are never enough? Why do we choose to remain fixated on what other people have… in comparison to that which we convince ourselves into believing that we do not have? Why do we presume other people to be happier or healthier based on their bank accounts, the trips they take, the cars they drive or the volume of social media followers they have amassed? Why must other peoples lives or lifestyles be judged, resented, envied, emulated or begrudged? Why do we use what is external to us as a barometer for measuring our own internal worth, value or impact? Who is it that we are seeking to be in competition with and why? What would fundamentally motivate us to want to be anything or anyone other than our true, authentic selves?

When we choose to place our focus, attention and energies on the areas or aspects of life that are unfulfilling to us, is it of any surprise that more of the same continues to show up? When we choose to convince ourselves that we are inadequate, insignificant, inferior, unworthy and undeserving is it really all that surprising when we find ourselves in a perpetual rut, year after year, making the same mistakes, gravitating to the same toxic-filled people, and re-living the same cyclical patterns that have us submerged in depression, abuse, unlocked potential, dysfunctional relationships, addictions while aimlessly floating around in the abyss of self-loathing?

As it relates to your right to shine and to live a healthy, purpose-driven, and passion-filled life…rather than asking yourself the question, “Why Me?” – I would encourage you to re-frame that by instead asking yourself the question, “Why Not Me?” As a decent human being you would certainly only want the best and wish the best for others so why then would you default to not wanting or manifesting the same for yourself? In order for each of us to honour ourselves, to create and allow space for the yummy things we verbally proclaim we want to enter our lives, hearts, thoughts, and souls – we first need to de-clutter and rid ourselves of all the ‘stuff’ that is occupying space and weighing us down yet offers no current purpose or value. No differently than what resides in our clothing cupboards – much of which we no longer wear or make use of either because we have long outgrown these items – size wise, taste wise, fashion wise or quality wise – we procrastinate on efficiently investing the time required to take inventory of what fits or speaks to who we are of today in the here and now. We purposely delay, ignore, discount, or bypass altogether what is already within our power, control and capabilities for what we can in fact change within ourselves and within our own lives. What is obvious often gets missed or glossed over because we fail to recognize what is already in front of us. We presume to believe that everything is out of our control, that there are no options, and that if and when a glimmer of goodness or good fortune is bestowed upon us – we often choose to preface these moments and gifts in time as ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’ rather than seeing and believing the correlation between thought and outcome – mindset and result. When one chooses to embrace an abundant mindset coupled with massive action and true clarity – there is no luck or coincidence when the right people, the right opportunities and the desired outcomes present themselves to you no differently than there being no luck or coincidence associated with the opposite being true if operating within an energetic sphere and mindset of thinking and believing from a ‘broke mentality’ premised on fear, lack and scarcity. There are countless historical facts, stories and testimonials which have evidenced this to be a true fact of life. People who have faced adversity, hardship, and every perceivable factor possibly working against them and yet by choosing to defy the odds and statistics stacked against them by honing their inner strength and mindset muscle – they completely shifted and transformed the trajectory of their future selves and their future lives. They had the insight and the fortitude to rise out of victimology, excuse-making, preconditioned story-telling, and completely reinvented themselves by choosing to be self-empowered and the author in their own lives. These people refused to allow current circumstances or conditions to dictate who they are or where they were destined to go. They did what had to be done to become more knowledgeable, resourceful, resilient, and adaptable. Simpy put, it became a non-negotiable. There is no coincidence either that these particular individuals embraced the opportunity to use their own life experiences for the betterment of the collective – demonstrating and illustrating that ANYTHING is possible for ANYONE if you choose to break free from the shackles of self-sabotage. These are the same individuals who will consistently reinforce the message of this being your choice…your decision to make…your journey to embark upon no matter how challenging the path before you. I invite you to escape the comparison trap. I encourage you to be in healthy, nurturing, loving competition with only yourself.

As I always do, I am here to uplift you to fear less and to live more! Be your own Hero! Be your own Shero! Be your own Leader! Be your own Best Friend!

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa

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