Eric J Dalius suggest ways to take care of team members during the pandemic

As everyone is confined to home for some time now, you need to take steps to ensure that your health stays in place. And you also need to reach out to your colleagues. Gather your team members virtually and boost their energy by engaging in some form of physical activity. The intake of unhealthy food may […]

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team member
team member

As everyone is confined to home for some time now, you need to take steps to ensure that your health stays in place. And you also need to reach out to your colleagues. Gather your team members virtually and boost their energy by engaging in some form of physical activity. The intake of unhealthy food may harm their health. You can encourage healthy eating habits among your employees, conduct seminars and workshops to explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle. People should stay away from highly fried foods, fries, fast food, and the like. It would help if you encouraged your team members to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Hence it becomes essential to develop healthy life habits to protect your colleagues and employees from getting into any medical emergency. These precautionary measures can help you to protect yourself from the virus. Do not neglect your team members’ health because only if you have healthy and happy team members you can achieve your business goals.

As business reopens and people strive to lead a life towards normalcy, business leaders’ real struggle begins. They have to train the employees to stay compliant and follow health tips during a pandemic to remain safe and also operate the business safely. Many business operations were on hold during the epidemic, but recently, most businesses have started reopening their doors and avenues. Most of the employees are hoping for a better future with the reopening of business. However, you cannot deny that the employees will confront many health hazards and safety issues.

Irrespective of the industry, every employer must ensure workplace safety rules for the team members. It is necessary to train your team members about safety to ensure that you run your business efficiently.

What are the measures that can help leaders to protect the well being of employees during a pandemic?

Every person must know that nobody is immune to the current crisis. All you can do is take up necessary precautions so that you remain safe in these testing times. The employers all around the world are worried about the negative aspects of a pandemic. The pandemic crisis is not only related to physical health, but it also has multiple mental health implications for the workforce. The fear of uncertainty and distress due to toa disturbing economic situation can have devastating consequences for everybody.

As such, as responsible leaders of your organization, you must protect your workforce, give them positivity, and help them deal with this tremendous global crisis. It is quite evident that the current crisis has hit every sector of the world. Nonetheless, how hard it has hit different sectors might vary.

You must know that the pandemic crisis has brought infinite stressful situations for your workforce. And as a leader, you should help them remain competent about dealing with the ugly situation. You cannot deny the fact, but you do not only have to understand the physical dimensions of risk, but you also have to take up measures to manage your staff so that they can overcome the mental stress and exhaustion that flinched during the crisis. There are many situations where people are suffering because theyget forced to self isolate to prevent transmission of the virus. Team members are struggling to meet business commitments with the disturbed mental and physical state.

Whyshould employers give equal importance to the mental and physical health of the employees?

You have to make them understand physical protection measures. Still, it is your duty as a team leader to provide avenues to every employee to seek support and guidance to improve their mental health condition. To enhance their mental health, you must keep communication channels open and respond to their problems. You should have a central contact point for all your employees to ensure they can vent out their grievances and the disturbed mental state before matters go out of hand. You can even set up hubs and house channels to respond to the concern of your employees promptly.

EJ Dalius harps on the importance of two-way conversations because it plays a vital role in building trust between employees and employers. Only with alternatives to peer support can you structure the team members’ mental well-being in a manner that they have opportunities to discuss their problems with their colleagues and managers without getting judged. You can also arrange workshops to share techniques to stay focused and calm even in trying situations. Physical activity is significant to reduce stress and also to bring about mental clarity through various mindfulness exercises.

You must discuss it with your team members that if they notice any significant changes in a colleague’s personality, they must take it as a sign of struggle that the person is going through. Any employees identified as vulnerable must be provided with proper concern and empathy to ensure, and they come out of the mental struggle. Itis time that leaders get practical so that they do not lose their valuable team members.

How to motivate your staff during self-isolation?

Research has revealed that better social connectedness can decrease the pandemic’s adverse effects on mental health. Thus, with the proper connection among colleagues, they can vent out their feelings during social disconnection and isolation. Even if the employees are working from home, you should set up opportunities for virtual video meetings to increase their colleagues’ connectedness. Due to the present situation, many employees do feel anxious and overwhelmed. They need channels to release stress and discuss work and personal problems to handle it better.

According to Eric J Dalius, only when you encourage engagement and motivation among employees can keep them motivated even during the COVID crisis. You must set up a shot and clear road map for business goals to effectively galvanize your team members around common business targets. Eric Dalius says it is high time you enunciate your values and help your employees navigate through uncertainty and in turn help yourself too.

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