Eric J Dalius guides you to take care of your emotional health during COVID-19

No one thought that they would have to stay locked up in their house for endless days in 2020. That is the reality today because of the deadly COVID-19 attack. It originated in 2019 in China and spread like wildfire worldwide, increasing both the contamination and death rates. Even though theWorld Health Organization issued an […]

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Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

No one thought that they would have to stay locked up in their house for endless days in 2020. That is the reality today because of the deadly COVID-19 attack. It originated in 2019 in China and spread like wildfire worldwide, increasing both the contamination and death rates. Even though theWorld Health Organization issued an alert that the COVID-19 virus has a chance to be a pandemic, people did not take it seriously. And the outcome is the loss of lives, economic lull, and a stagnant lifestyle.

Partial lockdowns, wearing a mask and social distancing are the crucial ways to avoid getting affected by the virus. But all these after-effects of the pandemichave created mental instability; grief, hopelessness, and mild depression in people that need to get addressed and healed. 

Eric J Dalius on emotional instability during COVID-19

Currently, our reality has changed. We need to wear masks the moment we step out of the house and make good use of sanitizers as and when required. Selected areas get recognized as buffer and contentment zones, where the latter gets sealed by the government to reduce the contamination rate. From leading an independent life to one filled with restrictions is something not everyone can accept easily. Eric J Dalius, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, believe that this sudden change in the way of being results in emotional gloom and mental fatigue. But we must not succumb to our temporary emotional issues.

Are you wondering about the ways to stay emotionally well and grounded? If yes, Eric Dalius shares the best guidelines he has to offer.

  1. It’s not depression

A sudden change of habitat with every other factor being usual, as we knew before COVID-19, caused a momentary, unsettling feeling in many. We are currently leading a life inside a box without knowing when everything will get back to normalcy. This thought has made people go restless, sad, and lose interest from daily activities. They don’t feel motivated to wake up and carry on with their lives. And many people think that they are showing signs of depression.

It’s time to reveal the truth! It is not depression. What you or others feel is a sense of purposelessness, which is reasonable given the circumstances we are living. Clinical depression has specific signs and after-effects on the mind than such momentary bouts of sadness and feeling hopeless. Patients who are clinically depressed don’t register the thoughts they are having and lack ambition in life. If you feel confused and think you might be having any emotional issue, it’s best to check with a psychologist or an experienced counselor. Today, you can opt-in for online appointments and get your questions answered. Probe into the matter, know the facts, and arrive at an informed decision of whether you are depressed or not.

  • Share more

You should not keep your thoughts bottled up inside you right now! It will add to your apprehension and might lead to misplaced anger. The recent studies reveal that anger management is the need of the hour. People locked down at home for months are becoming restless because of their work instabilities and payment delays. Organizations are continually changing their working processes, to survive the best way possible in the pandemic. As a result, many organizations are declaring pay cuts or laying off their employees. Everyone is witnessing challenging situations at work and other areas of their life due to the pandemic.

People must start sharing more about their feelings with their close friends and family members. Also, take time out to call your friends and have a video conversation over the messenger apps. Since, human contact is limited currently; you can always see your loving friends and dear ones through an online video call or conversation. It will help you to channelize your emotions in a positive direction. Furthermore, the love, care, and support you will receive from your dear ones will make you feel hopeful and happy. It will ultimately lead to your emotional wellbeing.

  • Reasons to be happy

We are currently at a stage in life due to the COVID-19 mass spread that we must give ourselves a reason to be happy every day. Set yourself up for tasks and errands at home. Start with easy tasks such as cleaning your bed, laundry; making tea and breakfast, cleaning the table, writing a “Good Morning” text to loved ones, and the like. Whatever you put your thought and energy to, it will magnify in your life. So, make all attempts to give yourself reasons to feel hopeful throughout the day.

If you want to watch your best romantic comedy movie in the evening, create a small reminder on your phone. Also, get a bowl of homemade pop-corn ready when you are about to watch your best movie. It will help you focus on other errands you need to finish and boost your energy to complete your work on time. Make a list of films and an online series that you want to watch in a week. If you love to write, create a blog, and write about your day and the happy things that keep you motivated and positive.

Accept the negative

According to EjDalius, as you are paving the path for emotional wellness and peace, you should not avoid negative thoughts! Every human is capable of thinking negative thoughts. But don’t make yourself go into a guilt trip for thinking negative or keeping low energy for a few days. You become emotionally grounded, calm, and centered once you accept the negative feelings and thoughts you have. Take time to witness these thoughts and reach the root cause of your negativity. Once you know that, you can heal much faster and better.

None of us can control the external reality and predict when the pandemic will get over. However, we can take responsibility for our physical health and emotional wellbeing and stay safe and happy. If you wish to do that, the guidelines mentioned above will help you. 

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