Eric J Dalius gives tips to care for aging parents during the pandemic

Eric Dalius, EJ Dalius, Eric J Dalius

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Eric Dalius, EJ Dalius, Eric J Dalius
Eric Dalius, EJ Dalius, Eric J Dalius

The current global pandemic has brought the entire world within its shackles. It has brought about far-sighted changes in every dimension of human life. From household chores to work, multi-tasking has become a new trend. Caregiving has become a critical aspect of dealing with the crisis. It has emerged as a pressing need. Especially when you have elderly parents at home, taking care of them becomes crucial.

The pandemic has affected human beings irrespective of their age, gender, and occupation. Moreover, the elderly are at higher risk of being affected. Recent research shows that people who are above the age of 60 may get infected easily. According to Eric Dalius, another crucial reason is that elderly individuals already have several diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, lung issues, and others. Hence, their immune system is not fit to deal with the new virus.

Appropriate care of your elderly parents during the pandemic

You must take every possible step to make your parents feel comfortable in these trying times. It is significant that you establish a connection with them and thereby indulge in caregiving activities. These are uncertain times, and it requires increased care to assure elderly individuals that you are there for them. Moreover, reliable health insurance is crucial for taking care of their health issues. Furthermore, you have to prepare a schedule for taking care of your near and dear ones.

You must express affection and love

Love is a significant player when dealing with elderly individuals. Showing them the affection assures them of your presence. You may ask them regularly about their wellbeing and other issues. It helps in establishing a robust relationship with them.

Keep in mind that social distancing does not infer separating yourself from others. It only means to avoid physical contact with individuals. It has nothing to do with emotional and psychological connection. Providing your parents with health insurance is a significant way of showcasing your care and love. According to Eric J Dalius, with the increasing medical treatment costs, every member must have health insurance. You have to gain knowledge regarding different health insurance policies. Thereby choose the one which provides maximum coverage. Keep in mind that health insurance plays a significant role during a medical emergency.

Make provisions for indoor activities to keep them engaged

Even when there was a restriction on movement, morning and evening walks, grocery shopping, and other activities kept individuals busy. However, with the recent happenings, there has been a standstill on physical activity. It has resulted in an increased level of anxiety and depression. The same goes for elderly individuals. Try to ensure that your parents never feel ignored. By engaging them in regular physical activities, you will provide them with peace of mind.

However, the opposite happens when you increase your distance from them. Try to arrange for indoor games like cards, chess, carrom board, ludo, etc., every evening. You may use open space in the house for playing table tennis, badminton and cricket. You must know that it has positive implications on the health of the individual. Moreover, if you stay away from each other, make video calls, weekly emails, group chats, and additional medical assistance. In this way, you will make them feel engaged and caring.

Keep a watch on their daily nutrition

As children, it is your responsibility to take care of the food and recreation of your parents. Keep in mind that it is a tedious task that requires constant effort and time. Since you have a lot of time at hand, you may use it for reviving their hobbies. Thereby engage them in activities that rejuvenate them. It may be cooking, painting, singing, common dancing, or other activities, which give them a sense of relief. In addition to this, a balanced diet is essential for keeping them healthy. According to Eric J Dalius, along with physical wellbeing, mental peace is significant. With stressful news all around, you have to ensure that they get recreational breaks. Moreover, ensure that they take nutritious food that takes care of their physical wellbeing.

Along with this, you must take them for regular doctor visits. You have to arrange for their check-ups regularly to keep track of their health condition. These days Telemedicine is the trend. You may arrange for a Telehealth check-up and thereby take care of their physical and mental well being. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to connect with your parents, not feel emotionally stressed. Take care of their needs and also pamper them with activities they enjoy.

Some other steps you may take as a caregiver

It would be best if you took care of their safety precautions. For this, you have to limit the number of guests at your place. It is also your responsibility as a child to ensure that they maintain at least six feet of distance from other patients when in clinics.

Keep in mind that staying in contact with the physician is crucial for elderly individuals. They know their health history and may take the necessary steps to provide them with care. Also, they may recommend physical activities to keep their body active. These days Telemedicine has emerged as a tool in the hands of physicians. It is not only beneficial for the patient but also the doctors. All you need to do is arrange for an appointment beforehand.

Also, keep in mind that you have the measuring tools at hand when you engage in the video conference with the doctor. Owning a small notepad near you to note instructions and information provided by the doctor is crucial. Following the instructions is essential so that your parents do not suffer later.

The pandemic has undoubtedly created far-sighted changes in the lives of individuals. Along with the elderly, other individuals of the family must take steps to ensure their safety. Hence, it is a two-way process, which requires a sustained effort from the elderly and their children. You must make your parents feel wanted.

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