Eric Dalius provides tips to take care of your health and wellness in times of pandemic

The ongoing global pandemic has affected not just the economy of countries but also the body, mind, and entire state of wellbeing of people worldwide. The total adverse effect that COVID-19 has had on the human psyche has made people non-believers in a better future. However, the more you worry, the more you get sick. […]

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The ongoing global pandemic has affected not just the economy of countries but also the body, mind, and entire state of wellbeing of people worldwide. The total adverse effect that COVID-19 has had on the human psyche has made people non-believers in a better future. However, the more you worry, the more you get sick. Therefore, to maintain a state of wellness and health, you need to stay calm during these times and ensure that you follow a routine to move along a clearly defined wellness regimen path.

Keys to staying fit by Eric J Dalius

The first thing that everyone should keep in mind regarding stress management is that every individual is different. Therefore, it is vital to understand that not everyone will respond to the same stressors and the coping mechanisms in the same way. Moreover, the stress might be due to financial or personal reasons. Therefore, with an absence of one-treatment-that-fits-all, it is vital to devise various strategies to overcome healthy living stressors. Talk to your doctor or health practitioner to determine what suits you best.

Control over thought patterns

Wellness is all about feeling good. Therefore, the more stressed out and anxious you are, the less is your control over the thought patterns. Pandemic outbreak and community spread are quite traumatic incidences. Without any prior experience, there isn’t a suitable protocol that you can follow to stay clear of the tension of contracting the disease. However, if you try, you can shift the thought patterns from being anxious to gratitude.

Masks and sanitizers

Since you will have to venture outside to carry out the daily chores and the home errands, you need to ensure that you are safeguarding yourself against the community transmission. This means you will need masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and following the social distancing norms. It is vital to avoid touching surfaces as well.

Eat a balanced diet

Even if you are a junk food fan, this is not the time to indulge excessively in junk food items. It would be best if you chose nutrition value over taste, at-least for this pandemic period. A balanced diet keeps up your strengths and the innate ability to fight off diseases. This effect on the body’s immunity is extremely important, and therefore you should go for a balanced diet.

A regular exercise regimen

Alongside boosting your immunity through various nutritional food items, it is also essential to supplement nutrition with healthy practices and habits like exercises, brisk walks, and jogging. You can even opt for Pilates and yoga, which will keep the blood flow and the heart rate regular. Keep in mind that the more you sweat, the more you flush the harmful toxins and chemical build-up from the body.

All this will allow you to keep your health in check and live a life free of the external stressors and anxiety concerning the global pandemic situation. 

According to EJ Dalius, as far as “living well” is concerned, it is not just about the health you should pay attention to. As we have seen quite recently, an impending crisis doesn’t like to announce itself, and therefore it is vital to stay vigilant and prepared even when the going is smooth. The more you are in sync with your life, the better it is for you regarding mental and physical health.

As far as stress and panic are concerned, the essential tip is to form a routine and sticking to it. Keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in work from home and other situations where the social interactions have become either online or negligible. Therefore, to keep your mind off the matters at hand, you need discipline and the rigors of a regimented approach to your day-to-day activities.

Here are some of the wellness tips that you can integrate into your life for a better living.

A gratitude prayer

The power of gratitude is enormous. It is the very sense of thankfulness for everything that has happened in your life, everything you have achieved, and even for the struggles, you are currently facing, providing you with better tools to ward off the negativity. You can start by practicing gratitude by writing down simple notes or prayers for yourself. Do it every morning or at night before going to bed.

Simple food means better digestion

This one is quite a no-brainer. As stated in the previous section, it is essential to go for a balanced diet to keep the immunity high. However, it is also vital to go for simple food items, as in home-cooked meals. These are easy to digest, which means you are not putting your system under undue pressure.

The choice of music

Yes, we do understand that the choice of music is quite a personal taste, and no one can tell you to listen to something else when you are in love with your music. However, times of stress calls for music that allows you to relax. Rock and rap music are high on energy and can lead to stress addition. Therefore, you should ideally listen to ballads and instrumental music to lessen the tension, allowing you to wind down after a hard day’s work.

Explore your artistic side

Lastly, you need to find time to develop a hobby. In times such as these, we cannot stress the importance of having a hobby anymore. You can explore your artistic side by taking online art, music, or dance classes. You can join a book club and discuss literature or art. You can get involved in cooking and baking fancy items. As long as you keep the hours and mind occupied, experts believe that you will be supporting the stressors away.

All of the previous section tips allow you to develop a more wholesome way of living when the legally mandated lockdown and social distancing norms have increased the physical distance between the friends, family, and relatives. Take care!

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