Eric Dalius discusses wellness guidelines to address and resolve pandemic stress

Eric Dalius EJ Dalius Eric J Dalius

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Eric Dalius, EJ Dalius, Eric J Dalius
Eric Dalius, EJ Dalius, Eric J Dalius

Are you more nervous and fearful than before? Do you tend to overthink about everything in recent times? If yes, you aren’t the only one! It’s one of the after-effects of the pandemic outbreak that took place in 2020! None of us expected that 2020 would be a year of recurrent lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, masks, sanitizers, social distancing, factory, and office shutdowns. We are not entirely over from these after-effects. In 2021, the economy is slightly better than what it was the previous year. However, the practice of wearing masks and using a sanitizer is still prevalent and essential to stay safe.

Eric Dalius’s wellness guidelines

In 2021 when things were getting slightly better with the vaccine drives, the new strain of the virus had created another level of worry and tension. There were subsequent lockdowns to ensure that people are safe from any contaminations. However, all this resulted in people are becoming more tensed and palpable than before. The term “pandemic stress” had been coined to denote the tension that the pandemic had resulted in. Today, people feel more isolated and stagnated than before, resulting from pandemic stress. Hence, it is necessary to address and remedy the same. Therefore, for this, Eric Dalius has come up with some of the best wellness guidelines.

  1. Reduce the stress level by getting engaged in daily activities

Stress has been one of the after-effects of the pandemic. So, you aren’t the only one who’s living under stress and tension. The uncertainty about the future is making everyone perplexed. However, it’s not healthy to stay under prolonged stress for a long time as it negatively affects the body and nervous system.

It’s time that we take active steps to reduce the stress and anxiety! One of the best ways to curb down stress is to stay engaged in various activities. You can get more engrossed with your household activities like cleaning, mowing, washing clothes, decorating the kitchen, cooking, and many more. When you keep your mind busy, you don’t have time to think about fearful thoughts. Any work that you do makes you focus on it and helps you to stay engaged. Hence, it’s good to give yourself more daily tasks to accomplish and set a deadline for the same. That way, you will be able to come out of stress gradually.

  • Learn to sleep well

A stressed mind doesn’t allow you to sleep well! Hence, if you are not getting quality sleep, you can practice the letting go technique to sleep well. On the other hand, a healthy sleeping cycle also plays a part in bringing down stress. Hence, you need to ensure that you sleep sound for at least eight to nine hours a day. It would help if you freed your mind from any negative thoughts before going to sleep and making sure that you sleep well. It will help you wake up fresh and focus on your daily activities in a sound state of mind. If you don’t sleep well, it might lead to irritation and more stress and tension. It’s a good practice to put an alarm when you go to sleep.

  • Confide in your near and dear ones

Today, people get stressed about several factors. There is stress about the pandemic, and on the other hand, there might be tension related to professional and financial reasons. For instance, if you were planning to launch your start-up business in 2021, you might have to witness a sluggish economy, resulting in stress about business development. Sharing is one of the undermined wellness guidelines.

When you share your thoughts with others, you release your pent-up energies and thoughts! It helps you to remove your tension as well and look at the problem in a new way. There are times when sharing allows you to develop new solutions that might work in your favor. Hence, you must turn to your loved ones and friends to share about things that bother you. It will help you to relax and know that you have people to count on. It will take away your thoughts related to isolation and loneliness as well.

  • Talk to an online therapist

Many people have witnessed feelings of loneliness and borderline depression during the pandemic phase. The reasons could be anything from the mass infection and death rates to the professional instabilities; everyone must get a grip on things and carry on with life. One of the best ways to deal with these feelings is to talk with an online therapist. You can also visit a counselor in real-time if you want.

Visiting a therapist or a counselor shouldn’t be taboo anymore! It’s a process that helps people open up about their feelings to an unknown person without fear of getting judged. In most cases, therapy and counseling help a person eliminate feelings of loneliness and stagnation, which is one of the after-effects of the pandemic outbreak.

  • Start exercising daily

It is necessary for everyone to feel motivated during this pandemic phase! It will help you to lead life from a positive perspective and resolve your issues better. One of the best ways to beat pandemic stress and anxiety is exercise. When you exercise, it helps to release excess toxins from the body and allows your body to generate “feel-good” hormones. You can also lose your extra weight and stay in shape, which itself is a feel-good factor.

Exercise also plays a considerable role in motivating the mind to look at positive happenings around you! It helps maintain good metabolism and boost your immunity, enabling you to stay well and lead a quality life.

Everyone must stay well amidst every situation of life. Gradually, the pandemic phase is improving, and life is getting back to how it was before the pandemic. Even though it might take some more time, it is essential to adhere to the wellness guidelines mentioned above.

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