Eretz Zavat R’a’lav U’Davash and Nina Simone’s Musical Tasting Of Milk and Honey! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

The Legendary NINA SIMONE'S Performance Of ERETZ ZAVAT R'A'LAV U'DAVASH! #BlackAmericanHer/History 360

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Nina Simone could sing a song in a way that made you believe in the Creator’s Divinity. Its as if every struggle and pain, experienced in her Being, was crafted and composed into her work. That also includes her spiritual understanding of Divinity and the celebration of. Celebrating the Creator’s wonder on Earth, and through particular lands is something that very few scholars have yet to explain. Certain songs, sung by the late and great, Nina Simone, highlights her understanding of a greater power than ourselves. Furthermore, it details how musicians and vocalists can reach out to that power, and channel it into their music.

There are also certain musicians and performers, who are clearly blessed by the Divine. For in this regard, they understand how to move through the Divinity of music. Moving through it is not solely for one’s own enjoyment, but so that it is spread throughout the masses. Furthermore, it is so the people can hear and understand the power of the Divine; listening to its grace, mercy, and expressions of Heaven’s love. That’s the very nature of its presence. Music 🎶🎶🎶 is one of the soulful expressions of celebration and love.

One of the most angelic moments and performances of Nina Simone, is a performance that very few people know about. It is not one of her most popular performances. Nevertheless, it is one of her most sacred ones. It is one of her most important ones; presenting a different side to how we are to experience this vocal talent of Nina Simone, and her ability to move through the different timbers for music’s 🎶 🎶🎶 delight. One of such songs and recorded performances, by Nina Simone, is none other than the Hebrew song, Eretz Zavat R’a’lav U’dvash!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In Nina Simone’s performance of the song, there is an element of healing for the listener. A return to memory and what has been promised. Listen to the song-its rhythm, beat, and the different instruments addressed. Hear Nina Simone’s voice. Every component is just right. You want to drink music’s 🎶🎶🎶 milk, and taste the honey. Its akin to having been away from sweetness for so long. Once you gain a taste of that honey-dew sweetness, a breath of having remembered everything from a previous time, is inhaled. When the honey and milk is engulfed in your sensory, it feels that a whiplash of memory suddenly returns, and flashbacks of past times fills the mind for completion.

Again, we have that rich, vocal artistry of Nina Simone. Its a different vibe than what we are accustomed to hearing from the late and great, Lady Simone. Her voice is the embodiment of an deep, Earthly allure; one which slowly navigates the terrain of a land called, Israel! You may not know the language, and you may be unfamiliar to this, tongue. But, if you close your eyes, closing them long enough, you come to sense why this spacing is so important. You comprehend why its considered. . .Holy land.

Each instrument performed in the song creates a wave of beauty and color for this ancient land. The rawness of the instrumentation, and closed spacing illuminates this aura. Bass. Tamberine. Piano. Djembe drum. Drum. Voice. Its the performance of six. Maintaining their own timber, sound, style, and other musical traits, there is a tenderness concerning how each instrument works together in performing the power of this piece.

Eretz Zavat R’a’ lav U’dvash Eretz Zavat R’a’ lav U’dvash Eretz Zavat R’a’ lav U’dvash Eretz Zavat R’a’ lav U’dvash

A land flowing with milk and honey A land flowing with milk and honey 🍯🍯 A land flowing with milk and honey A land flowing with milk and honey 🍯🍯

These lyrics are the very first startup to the song. Its the opening call; all the while keeping the mood alive. From the very moment the song is performed, listeners want to know what this spatial haven is. Where is this land and why is it flowing rich with milk 🥛🥛 and honey 🍯🍯? Its one of the most precious elements to this song. Furthermore, you can sense the spirit of joy, wellness, and abundance. Its delightful and serene; with a profound sound. Her tone is rich and versatile. Furthermore, the speeding up of the rhythm adds additional excitement to the song. Repeating the same words in Hebrew, Nina Simone is providing a vocal tour about the Holy Land. Every particular rhythm, gives the illusion of going through another direction. Being taken into another spacing or sector of this sacred land. Furthermore, one also gains a feeling in having moved through different parts of the sensory. As Simone is singing, the visuals, smells, tastes, sounds, and feelings of Israel comes to life. From the market places, to the Wailing Wall, the smells of fresh bread baking in the morning, and other beauties of the land. It all comes to life, and even if we have never ventured to this land, her voice provides us with the imaginations of doing so. Listeners become excited and more engaged in the song because of how its musicality so powerfully, and eloquently, describes the land. That’s one of the essences and natures of this song. It brings an intrinsic viewpoint for the style of this nation. A person comes to understand just how serene and beautiful the treasures of one’s distant memory are. The scents of Israel come to life and a person yearns to taste the decor for why people venture to this sacred spacing. What is it about this nation, which makes it worth fighting for? Why do people want to have a place there? Hearing Nina Simone, one gains a sense of understanding for why.

In addition to the song, we also experience an understanding for the spiritual depth of Nina Simone. Songs have the power to convey a different side of a musician. Different songs reveal to us a personal journey, for famous singers, songwriters, and musicians. When a singer, songwriter, or musician reveals a unique part of this arena, it is one of the most gifted honors for an audience. They are given the gift of beauty, joy, and of having presented their humanity for the audience to see; for the listeners to hear. That’s one of the most beautiful delights for the power of music. In addition, one of the most alluring arenas for a person’s delight pertains to their ability to connect with an artist; while feeling they are partaking on that journey with them.

Through Eret Zavat R’a’ lav U’dvash, we see a different persona to Nina Simone. We hear a side of comfort, nurture, and being led by a power, and place, greater than ourselves. There is a level of consistency, smoothness, and eloquence to her voice, within the same breath. In the song, Simone speeds up the tempo; giving the illusion, that one is running through the land. Beginning with a walk and glacing through the land, where a person feels as if they are finding freedom, within the spacing. Its real and ever comforting. Miraculously, all the pains, sufferings, and worries come to an end. With each pace, through every tempo, every burden is swept away. It is being lightly released, like a feather floating away. The increasing speed of the song, comes as a result in having unloaded one’s burdens; one footstep at a time. That’s one of the most intricate moments and spaces. There are different lessons in one’s dynamics. Its why a person is able to run faster. With every pace, there is a celebration; an awakening, with arms open into the Heavens. A celebration has occurred, and a person is filled with the nourishment, in having released one’s burdens. Its those imprints of life’s hardships, and our ability to move through time’s healing.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The rhythm becomes faster. The healing is even more enchanting. And, as the rhythm reaches its peak, there is a wellness in having moved through the blessed of spaces. Then, there is the finale. The final note, which seals the deal, for an individual having reached the epitome of healing. When Nina Simone lifts her hands from the piano, it is the final gesture for having completed this particular, musical journey. There is a blessed nature for our Lady Simone. So many things have been moved through this particular journey. Furthermore, a person receives the beauties and benefits of moving through that journey with Nina Simone. That final gesture of completion, after the song is over, signals to the nation, and to the Heavens, that this land-this Holy Land-will always be!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

This song is a hidden treasure in Nina Simone’s musical legacy. Its unfortunate, that it has not been examined and observed, in the same degree, as other legendary works. Then I guess not everyone deserves the right to observe such a masterpiece. Such a holistic performance is meant for those unafraid to go deeper into that particular realm. Its for those with the courage enough to tell the truth!

Our legendary NINA Simone gave a different wonder in moving through the dynamics of this piece. Furthermore, it was a beautiful arena, and spacing, in showcasing the artistry of this peculiar group of people, currently known as Black American. Moving through the Hebrew language, Nina Simone, along with her collective of musicians is channeling Black American artistry, and especially the feminine presence, through this intrinsic spacing and musicality. In addition, it also feels that the communal presence of Black America is moving through Israel. What is even more nutritious and refreshing, is that the feminine presence is centered. Nina Simone provides the feminine voice for the collective. The Black American men, surrounding her, are guided and being led by their cultural, feminine voice. Looking at the her/history of Black American people in the United States of America, this image is more than powerful. It is justice, and it is a re-emergence of balance for Black American people.

It is the land of milk 🥛🥛🥛 and honey 🍯🍯🍯. Mother’s milk and the bees’ honey. A person never has to worry about going hungry again. Abundance is ever flowing. It is guided into Heaven’s blessing, and it never runs dry. So, when one form of musicality is presented to match this sacred land, it is even more nutritious. Music 🎶🎶🎶 connects the spiritual nourishment, with the physical one. A person is never led away from that level of abundance. Drinking and tasting the pains away is one of the highlights of this song. Now that the song is over, and the tasting has ended, a person becomes more connected to that space and place of love. Learning to move closer to healing, singing and playing one’s way into the land of healing brings great comfort for the future, and promises of the past. Singing through the land of milk and honey. Dancing through the land of milk and honey. Healing like the fluidity of milk and honey. Just run and keep running, until your burdens are no more!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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