Entrepreneurs May Have Just Found Their Favorite New Focus Tool

This healthy alternative to coffee is not what you’d expect

Micro-Dosing: Where to Begin?

A few years ago I heard about “micro-dosing” for the first time from entrepreneur extraordinaire, fitness guru and writer of the Four Hour Work Week & Four Hour Body, Tim Ferriss. 

Tim apparently found an “adderal replacement”. I was intrigued.

It shouldn’t be assumed that he’s some wookie living out of a van and sampling music festivals. Tim is a highly-successful business mogul, early investor in Dropbox, Shopify, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Tim also runs the top rated business podcast on iTunes. Needless to say, this man knows his stuff.

Ironically, Tim sent me an email today about micro-dosing. From the horse’s mouth,

“The implications, applications, and medicinal uses [of micro-dosing] are truly mind-boggling – including psychedelics and other aspects of bending reality.”

Although it may rub some the wrong way, Tim has been funding psychedelics and micro-dosing research studies for years at Johns Hopkins University. Apparently “if you have $100,000 laying around” you can help, too.

Anyhow, why would someone possibly consider doing tiny doses of psychedelics, or any other sacred plant medicines – in the middle of their workday?

I had to find out.

Removing Big Pharma from the Equation

So the intent, apparently, is not to simply have a wild time on mind-altering drugs for a trippy experience. 

Instead, it’s quite benevolent. Albeit, a bit counterintuitive to some audiences.

The purported effects of micro-dosing psychedelics are as follows, according to one acclaimed writer in the space:

  • Heightened creativity

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Greater sense of presence

  • Heightened awareness

  • Increased productivity

Sounds too good to be true right? To me, sounds like another sketchy “nootropic” – or over-the-counter stimulant formulated in some stoner’s basement.

But a lot of people are believers, including Tim Ferriss, who’s loyal podcast and email audience numbers somewhere around 10M. For other marketers out there, his email open rate is apparently above 50%. Unheard-of performance. He could be on to something.

So why are people so interested in Tim’s explorations here?

The goal is to remove chemicals and laboratory-formulated medications and replace it with natural, plants from the earth.

These “sacred plants” or “plant medicine” as they’re called – south American cacti, are known to be all-natural – versus a chemical that’s created synthetically.

Everyone knows the painkiller epidemic that swept has the United States. That sort of thing – how we do reduce it naturally?

Apparently, it’s not so much about the chemical effect on the body after ingestion that provides such amazing results. Enthusiasts purport they are holy plants, and the stabilize the energetic balance at a cellular level.

Take what you may. I’m just the messenger.

Being a health nut myself, I’m a huge skeptic of any “productivity” supplements. Most are just amphetamine salts or some derivative. Legal or not – they’re sketchy and generally do not do what they say they will.

Removing Coffee, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders and More

In the wild world of running my growth marketing agency K&J Growth, I came across an interesting company who does micro-dosing.

Perplexed by the concept, I had to know more. So I sat down Robbie Tharp, one of the founders of Los Angeles-based micro-dosing retailer, Soul Drops.

Robbie explained to me that firstly – micro-dosing sacred plants is 100% legal. You must of course – buy the right plants, but they are legal here in the US. In fact, a lot of sacred plants grow here in California. He continues,

“The unique power of these herbal supplements comes from ancient healing plants sourced around the world combined with a process that maximizes the effects of the plant for safe, effective micro-dosing. That process is called the “Spagyric Process”.

Our spagyric essences are created through a special alchemical process that delivers a stronger solution than homeopathy, simple dilutions and tinctures. Through separation, purification and recombination, we use the whole plant for healing.

Synergizing the mind, body and spirit of the plant with a person’s mind, body and spirit is the secret to holistic healing. From the alchemical point of view there are three parts to a plant – the mind, the body, and the spirit. These three parts [need to be taken out in a one-by-one process and reassembled] to preserve all three elemental powers of the plants.”

According to them, the plants are alive like anyone, or anything else. And, to gain all the benefits, you need to extract the doses extremely carefully – part by part. Then put them back together intentionally.

Just like if you cook veggies, you lose a lot of the nutrients. Same concept.

What are the Outcomes of Microdosing?

Robbie at Soul Drops explains there are four blends that they do for the various needs someone might encounter throughout a day.

  • Mind – concentration, information retention, and mental performance with a sense of serenity.

  • Sol – 3 drops in the morning provides clarity, connectedness and calm with an energy boost for physical and emotional balance.

  • Cosmos – 3 drops before bed draws you into deep restful sleep while tuning into intuitive wisdom. Taken during the day, Cosmos Extra inspires creativity and awareness.

  • Lun – 3 drops at the end of the day offers a deep sense of serenity and healing while opening up spiritually.

I had to try them. Robbie gave me a few testers and I got to work.

No, I wasn’t hallucinating. But damn, they might just be amazing.

Each of the micro-doses I tried provided the proposed outcomes labeled on the bottle. In a strangely-effective way. Personal bias aside, it’s pretty impressive.

Being an entrepreneur, my expectations are pretty high for performance outputs. So I’m always a little concerned about throwing off my mental balance, even if just for a day or an hour.

But, I’m glad I tried.

The Coffee Replacement

The Mind product by Soul Drops produces similar focus to coffee, but feels nothing like a “stimulant”. There’s a physical and sensational difference. It was not like any prescribed medication or other stimulant. 

With coffee or prescription study aids, it feels like something goes off balance. Yeah, it’s an energizing rush, but we all know that sensation is “manufactured”, especially with any prescription study aids. And will have it’s “downside”.

Plant micro-dosing felt nothing like that. You almost don’t even notice the sensation.

It’s very calm, and for that reason – feels more “natural” – whatever that word means. Micro-dosing is also a physical effect. My body felt nimble and able. Rather than high strung or tight, as stimulants typically do.

The Mood Booster

Sol – the energy improver combination, did a good job of making me feel lightweight, happy and clear. Again, almost too subtle to notice. But when you do, it’s almost a “smirk to yourself” moment.

The Night Time Tinctures

The restful combinations, Lun and Cosmos did just that. They slow you down peacefully, then make falling asleep rather easy, and dreams incredibly vivid. 

I felt like writing all my dreams down right away, and analyzing them while I had these amazing optics into my subconscious. This is something I’d never experienced so clearly before.

Fitness Implications

One last note I’d like to emphasize. I’m very into weightlifting, yoga and running.

If I test out a new supplement, and it affects any of these in any negative (or, overly positive) way, that’s an immediate red flag for me and I stop right away.

Some of the effects I’ve experienced when trying new supplements are: reduced strength, unintended weight loss, loss of motivation, lack of focus, and loss of energy.

Micro-dosing did not affect my fitness in any way – regardless the blend. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it was a huge indicator that this was actually working to balance my chemistry rather than skew it for a quick rush. 

Every other “miracle” supplement I’ve ever seen has affected my fitness, except micro-dosing.

What’s the conclusion?

For those who are curious, I definitely think it’s worth a try, as it’s pretty affordable – works out to around $85/mo (if you replace another habit like coffee – which the price is basically equal if you like Starbucks – it would zero out).

It feels much healthier than any other means of creating positive energy and healthy environment for my mind and body. So I’m just staying open minded. And quite impressed with the work of the brilliant founders at Soul Drops

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, I encourage you to try a sample. They have them on their website.

Happy learning!


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