Entrepreneurs and the Divine: “I knew I had found my path.” An interview with Tenae Stewart.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Tenae Stewart, a professional self-care witch who practices magick and astrology to coach and guide her clients. She is also the bestselling author of one astrology book, and her second is forthcoming in April 2022.   Tell me about your business, and what kind of work you do. […]

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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Tenae Stewart, a professional self-care witch who practices magick and astrology to coach and guide her clients. She is also the bestselling author of one astrology book, and her second is forthcoming in April 2022.  

Tell me about your business, and what kind of work you do.

My name is Tenae Stewart and my business is The Witch of Lupine Hollow. I’m a professional witch, a certified astrologer, and a spiritual coach. My clients are primarily cis- and transgender women and non-binary individuals who pratice witchcraft, a modern, alternative spirituality. I help them to create simple, daily rituals and to discover what kinds of activities and practices feel deeply nourishing and fulfilling for them, essentially using witchcraft, magick, divination, and astrology as tools for wellness and self-care. 

I offer private and group coaching, astrology readings, and a seasonal subscription for workshops and other content. I’m also a published author with Skyhorse Publishing; my first book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care was a #1 new release in Astrology on Amazon in October 2020 and my second book, The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick, will be released in April 2022. 

Have you ever used numerology or tarot readings to inform your business decisions?

I don’t work much with numerology or tarot but I do use oracle cards quite a bit in my business, which are an alternative to tarot. Tarot cards are a specific set of 78 cards, including four suits and the Major Arcana with cards like The Lovers and Death, which many people are familiar with. Oracle cards are essentially any other type of card deck used for divination or intuitive purposes. I own a number of different oracle decks from various artists. 

I do use oracle cards to inform my business decisions; in fact, I have a spread of oracle cards laid out on my desk right now as I’m writing this! I believe that oracle and tarot cards don’t hold any particular power in and of themselves, but that they help guide us to embrace the wisdom we already hold inside of ourselves. They can serve as inspiration for marketing content, journal prompts, or to help me discover new ideas for my business’ mission and monetization. Although I don’t believe there are spirits or magick residing within the cards themselves, I do sometimes also use them to ask for guidance from my ancestors, spirit guides, or goddesses that I work with, (in both a personal and business context). 

To what extent do you think your astrological sign affects your entrepreneurship, leadership style, or business acumen?

Astrology plays a major role in the work that I do and my business itself. You actually have much more than just one astrological sign that affects who you are as a person, an entrepreneur, and a leader. In fact, we all have all twelve zodiac signs somewhere in our charts, as well as the sun, moon, and all of the planets. 

I believe that your sun, moon, and rising signs, (often referred to as your “big 3”), as well as your north node and midheaven signs play a significant role in the type of business that will be most aligned for you. Your sun represents your joy and what makes you happy, an essential component of a successful business. Your moon represents your intuition, emotions, and self-care needs, an important thing to consider as you’re setting up a business model. Your rising sign, also called your ascendant, represents how people perceive you and some of your natural gifts and strengths. 

Your midheaven is actually the highest point in the sky at the moment you were born and represents your career and higher calling. And your north node is a point on the moon’s orbit that has to do with eclipses and represents your soul purpose in this lifetime. As you can see, these are all really important things to be aware of in your business! 

For illustration purposes, here are my signs and how I see them show up in my own business: 

  • Taurus Sun and Midheaven – I’m happiest working with practical, grounded information and a sustainable, scalable business model that can create more and more revenue without necessarily more and more work. 
  • Aries Moon – I need to feel free and independent which is a big part of why I work for myself! 
  • Virgo Rising – I love to create daily rituals and routines that are practical and facilitate spiritual connection, which is exactly what I help my clients do. 
  • Sagittarius North Node – It’s part of my soul purpose to learn and to share about spirituality and to use my voice and knowledge to help others. 

Have you ever visited a psychic or paranormal medium to find professional solutions?

I have not visited a psychic or medium to find professional solutions but I do work with an astrologer and coach who helps me explore the possibilities in my business. 

What first got you into paranormal, esoteric, or mystical knowledge?

First, it’s important to know that “paranormal” is something very different from “esoteric or mystical knowledge”. It’s not completely accurate to describe tarot, astrology, or even magick or witchcraft as paranormal. Although the word paranormal literally means anything that cannot be explained by current scientific evidence, its usual context is ghosthunting and seances and the like. Many people are interested in both the esoteric and the paranormal but I think the distinction is important. 

Tarot, astrology, and magick are not about having supernatural powers, seeing ghosts, or reading someone’s mind. These tools are actually about personal growth and development, shadow work, (a psychological term developed by Carl Jung), and tapping into our own inner wisdom. In fact, more and more psychologists and healing professionals are even starting to use these tools in their practices! 

As for my own personal journey, I first became interested in Wicca, the religion that some witches follow, in my early teens and first began practicing a little over a decade ago, though I no longer identify as Wiccan or follow the specific religion. Witchcraft is all about the cycles of nature: the seasons, the moon phases, and the movement of the planets. These are all things I was endlessly drawn to and fascinated by even as a child so when I discovered that they have spiritual meaning as well as being beautiful, I knew I had found my path. 

I never could have imagined back then that I would be writing and coaching people on this as my full-time profession but it is definitely a passion and career that is aligned with my heart and soul!

What do you have to say to the naysayers or the doubters?

If you don’t believe in tarot or astrology or magick, that’s fine. It’s not for everyone and some people find meaning and purpose in tools that are rooted in science or strategy instead. If you’re at all curious, though, I would strongly encourage you to explore the possibility that these tools might be useful and hold insight for you.

It’s really not about whether divination or astrology are “real” or what makes them “work”. It’s also not about having blind faith in an answer that comes from outside of yourself. Always feel free to question a tarot reading or your horoscope – in fact, you’re meant to question and to think for yourself. Rather, it’s about whether they can guide you to some deeper understanding of who you are, what your purpose is, and how you can show up in the world in a more aligned and supported way. If they can guide you to that, then why not give them a chance? 

Do you think your beliefs have strengthened your business skills or improved your entrepreneurship?

I absolutely believe that my beliefs have strengthened my business skills. Business is an act of the heart and must be aligned with your intuition. Most business owners have stories of times when we’ve acted out of alignment with our intuition or our gut – and how those decisions came back to bite us. I find that the more I’m aligned with my intuition, my soul, and my spiritual beliefs, the more accurate business decisions I make and the more abundance and revenue I receive! 

To follow Tenae’s entrepreneurial and spiritual journey, connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest

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