Enough Already!

I had a wish when they canceled The Apprentice. Although I never watched the show, somehow it became ubiquitous and a disgusting reminder…

I had a wish when they canceled The Apprentice. Although I never watched the show, somehow it became ubiquitous and a disgusting reminder of the nasty, yet banal evil that is Donald Trump. His catch phrase “You’re fired”, delivered in his whiny, nasally little voice through his pursed mean little mouth, was annoying and extremely off putting. When they canceled the show, I wished to never hear that horrid little voice from that belittling and nasty excuse for a man ever again.

No such luck.

When Trump first ran for President in 2015, I was appalled. While everyone else considered him a joke, and the media (before he branded it as fake news) hung on his every word and gave him a platform, I was warning everyone that this snollygoster and charlatan was dangerous. I was a voice crying out in the wilderness, and the wilderness didn’t bother to answer or acknowledge me.

I decried him as being no friend to honor, having no φιλότιμo (loosely translated as “no friend to honor”). When he was elected, I was told, “he will rise to the occasion,” “the Presidency of the United States will bring out the best in him,” “Give him a chance,” “He’ll surprise you.”

I tried. I really tried. My writing veered into other areas — promoting books and authors, writing my own work, and doing whatever I could to keep from thinking about what this misogynistic, bigoted, self-aggrandizing megalomaniac was doing to all of us. I refrained from writing from a political standpoint, since I knew that some people I truly respect actually voted for him because they disliked Hillary Clinton and feared Bill would have undue influence.

Now I ask them (and myself) how bad could she have been? She is respected throughout the world, stayed loyal to her marriage vows, and understands how government is supposed to work. She would have at least had some chance at bipartisan consensus. She screwed up some emails, and that was serious, but at least she loves America. You didn’t have to have her over for dinner, or even like her as a person to realize that she was a competent, intelligent woman with the best interests of the nation at heart.

Look what we got instead.

A self-serving narcissist with a limited understanding of the world as it really is. A limited intellect, and a pathological liar to boot.

So what are we going to do about this unfit President? What scares me about Donald Trump and keeps me awake at night is how he has empowered and enfranchised the underbelly of America. Sure, well-meaning people supported him, because being loyal to the Republican Party was more important than the Republic. I understand different things drive voter loyalty. Most of the time, I don’t care. We were a democratic republic and had the right to vote for whomever we pleased.

Now though the fringe, the underbelly, the hatemongers have entered the mainstream, and even when this deplorable excuse for a man, let alone a President, is no longer in office, they will still be there.

Trump warned pastors that if the Democrats win the midterms, there would be violence. What he didn’t say was that if the Democrats won, his own ignorant and venal core — which contains white supremacists, KKK members and other of that ilk — would be the ones to incite the violence.

He didn’t need to; it was a foregone conclusion. After all, this man declared free press, “the enemy of the people”, and recently a 68-year-old asinine punk with 20 guns in his house was arrested in California for threatening to kill staff at the Boston Globe, using Trump’s rhetoric. He also regards the Antifa — which means if anyone forgets Anti-fascist — as evil and says that a well-respected, decorated Marine, and former head of the FBI is conducting a politically-biased witch hunt into his obvious obstruction of justice.

What’s wrong with us that we allow this to continue?

I look forward to the day when a President isn’t always creating turmoil, when Congress recalls that it is an equal partner in the government and that checks and balances are restored. This will only happen when there is a shift in the power structure — and that one party is not totally in control. I am sure that there are many rank and file GOP representatives who haven’t sold their souls to the special interests, who actually like this country, but right now, vote them all out. Don’t worry about abortion, guns or other single issues, and instead worry about the soul of America. We need to restore our equilibrium before it’s too late.

If we don’t effectuate change now, we may never have the chance again. The forces of evil will prevail, and I can foresee no elections in our future. We will become a third world dictatorship with nuclear weapons at our command. We won’t be US anymore.

We are in a fight for the very essence of what it means to be America. Not as a Russian satellite, with their favorite agent in the White House, not a place where hate conquers love, where lies are spread as truth, where instead of unity there is discord. Where we are a government by the people and for the people and not a reality TV Show with a leader who can’t tell the difference. Where narcissism is a mental health disorder and not a criterion for the Presidency. Remember the real motto of this nation, E Pluribus Unum. Out of the many, one. We can’t let that whiny, smug, petty little man, who is so unsure of his manhood that he needs to denigrate and divide us, prevail over us.

I fear that for the rest of my life, I am going to hear that awful voice whining in my ears.

Enough already…

Originally published at medium.com

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