Ella Fitzgerald’s Blue Note Sparkle, For A Blue Moon Song 🌕! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

How Jazz Legend-ELLA FITZGERALD-ans Her Performance Of "Blue Moon," Reminds Us Of Heaven's Role In Sacred Couplings! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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The color blue has a level of glitter to its approach. Its the kisses of ocean’s delight. Its the memory of Latin in water’s memory, when the fluidity of our sacred Being had passed us on. Sweet waters and Soulful skies, nourishes us on by. That’s one of the most enchanting auras of the color, blue. Contrary to its traditional image of sorrow, the color blue is centered into the beauty of wellness, and healing!

When you connect the color blue to the Universal realm, there is a pleasure of sacredness and joy arising from it. Connect that to the musical realm, and the magic of those blue notes come to life. There are a lot of beauties, and sparkling jewels, gracefully gliding and spreads around like flawless glitter, into the sky. That’s the glamour of the blue moon. Its a space of renewal. When the blueness of Universal aesthetics comes to past, a precious element of rebirth comes to life. This beauty of soothing sparkle leaves traces of glamour throughout the atmosphere. Particular singers have a way of performing Blue Moon 🌕 magic, with the eloquence of the blue notes. A certain timber and vocal tenderness is truly required to sing that Blue Moon, Blue note essence. Its one of the highest forms of Heaven’s aesthetics and praise. Clearly, the Biblical Creator of Heaven’s delight took pleasure in painting such a magnetic jewel in the sky. Its enchanting, awakening, and delightful. Just imagine floating into a wealth of beauty, aesthetics, and artistic richness! Such Heavenly and Divine riches, which serves as a beautiful alignment to the Creator’s blessings, brings healing to the world; especially, for those truly in need.

If we want to move into the realm of love, tenderness, and kindness particular songs gives honor to that Blue Moon healing. Its more than a simple phase in the Moonlight’s timing. Music 🎶🎶🎶 is the movement for that healing. For the blessings of this piece, and in celebration of creation’s display of the Blue Moon 🌕, the sophistication and eloquence of one singer must be displayed. That legendary, and classical singer is none other than the late, and great. . .

Ella Fitzgerald; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What makes this such a beautiful song, is how it performs imaginations of solitude. Its that quiet reflection of walking alone, and seeing oneself in the midst of surroundings. Close your eyes! Imagine Blue. Permit yourself to be moved into the sound of silence, in nightly silence. Nighttime is the space for riches, and the foundation of receiving spiritual riches. Furthermore, its a particular way of cleansing one’s mind and emotions. If you have ever stayed up throughout the night, through the very course of the night, you understand that kind of peace; that kind of healing. Staying up throughout the hours of the night, stimulates a level of passion for knowledge on a higher realm. In nighttime a person becomes opened to nutritional wonders of the Universe-which is connected to Heaven’s domain.

Imagine staying in nighttime, during the time of the Blue Moon. 🌕 Close your eyes, and imagine the blue, fairy dust sprinkle onto Earth; reminding people of a new day, a rebirth. Its never too late to start over. Its never too late to dream and begin, anew. There is a special nurture for the beauty of walking through nighttime, while whispering prayers to the traces of Heaven. That is the secret depth of the Blue Moon. It is a painting for Heaven’s Delight. Furthermore, it is a form of proof, that the artistry of Heaven is abundant and beautiful. Everlasting and Eternal!

When our beloved, Ella Fitzgerald sings the blueness of love in Blue Moon, the tonality of he voice is light and delicate. It flows, as with the elegance of silk. You imagine jewels from Heaven, wrapping around the moon, with the purposes of blessing them onto the Earth’s surface. Do you remember the song, “Pennies From Heaven”? When the Blue Moon arises, those sacred treasures from Heaven, are blown around! When Ella Fitzgerald sings, she is sprinkling those traces of Heaven’s gaze into our minds, bodies, and Souls. The tenderness, within her voice, is fulfilling, comforting, and at ease with what is happening. In a person’s journey with solitude, they are being nourished and healed, through Ella’s song! Of course, it was initial sung by, other people! Yet somehow, it became, Ella’s Song!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Blue Moon You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own

Blue Moon You knew just what I was there for You heard me saying a prayer for Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me The only one my arms will ever hold I heard somebody whisper, “Please adore me” And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold, oh

Blue Moon Now, I’m no longer, alone Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Love is in the air, when it comes to the sacred love of the Blue Moon. Yet, one must first find comfort within themselves. We all seek love’s comfort. Could it also be that finding comfort within is part of our journey of finding true love with someone else? There must be a unique form of love, or self-love, when seeking love for another. However, the initial stanza does present a common reality for many people. There are so many people in this world, seeking a perfect love. Praying for a perfect love, yearning for that PERFECT love! We wouldn’t be human if we weren’t in search of the most precious gift we could ever have. . LOVE!

One of the most powerful facets of the Blue Moon is how it awakens our Being to that very need of love, should we be lost in confusion. Should we be overworked, running around in restlessness, love reminds us of our reason for living. Love reminds us that we are brought into this world to spread love; all the while, using creativity in the process. Should we have become hardened, Love moves us forward to our very sensitivities. If we have been neglected from love’s nutrients, those Heavenly vibes from the Blue Moon reveals those pains and vulnerabilities, within. They are pains and agonies, which have been hidden, through the guise of. . . work! Many people have fallen within that particular habit. They have overworked themselves to such a degree, as a protective measure in hiding their pains.

When the Blue Moon comes around, you cannot hide pain. The healing energies are so strong and radiant, a person is forced to reveal the brokenness within. Things are not ok. And you know what? Its alright to say so. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Whenever there is a revelation of pain, there is always a complementary component. Healing always comes in to ease, the pain!

The very theme of finding one’s true love 💖 is heavily seasoned within this song. Prayer also becomes an important tool. When a man or woman is praying for love, there are times when that special someone may hear those prayers. Knowing that they belong to you, and you belong to them. Sometimes, in the comforts of our secrecy, and our silent agony for love, the person we are meant for does not see us. There is also the reality of knowing who are special someone is, and yet not knowing if they, too, see us in the same way. Suffering abounds and it hurts us the most to feel that our Special someone doesn’t know if we exist, or not, or sees us. That’s why w pray! What better way to pray in the comfort of night’s timing! What better way than under the Blue Moon, when our time of rebirth and renewal has reached Heaven’s gates!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is heavily profound about this song, and the lyrics of this song, is how they demonstrate the spiritual bonding of coupling. Finding one’s Soulmate, or the partner Heaven has designed for each person, is not solely related to the flesh. Its why the story of this song, takes place under the comforts of. . .The Blue Moon. In a sense, the Blue Moon is catered towards the journey of finding one’s Soulmate. Being guided to that person, through a prayer. And after being consistent with prayer, a person comes to find the one they love. Once the coupling has been united, that Blue Moon turns into, gold. Its a living proof of Heaven’s celebration! Finally, the journey has been completed. So many things have taken place in order to have reached that moment. That precious moments of finding LOVE! True love. Authentic love. Real love.

The power of the Blue Moon is that it represents a cleansing phase. Like any re-birth, there must be a period in having removed all toxicities and pains from the past; so that one could start, anew. And once a person has been reborn, blessings from Heaven can overflow. So, celebrate the Blues and the notes deriving from, within! Be open to healing with those notes, from Blues’ tracing. Allow it to move through the silken texture of Ella’s song and grace! Embrace that coupling of love, and let Blues of Heaven, show their loving, face!;; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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