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Gordon Montgomery on Raising Human Consciousness

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Last Friday was a high-paced, high-vibing bonanza on the radio airwaves, thanks to the remarkably brilliant force of light and illuminated energy source named, Gordon Montgomery! JUST WOW! 

Given Gordon’s (beyond) impressive repertoire of success, accolades, accomplishments, in addition to Gordon’s heaped list of household named businesses as his clients – our conversation on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, was one likely not anticipated by the International radio listeners or the podcast subscribers. After all, and as we all know; success is subjective. What is important or impressive to one person may not hold or carry equal value or currency with another. All well and good. Everything is relative to each person’s own unique reality, individual value system, and key area of specific focus for what does and does not resonate. 

In my eyes, and to my way of conscious thinking…Gordon is a WINNER! My perception of, and high held regard for Gordon, has nothing to do with the optics of how he ‘reads’ and has everything to do with the truth of who he in fact is. It is on this expansive plain specifically, for why Gordon intrinsically and intuitively resonates with me. Our deep and meaningful conversation with one another (podcast link enclosed) had nothing to do with shop-talk. Instead, we devoted our finite gift of shared time together while on the airwaves, to thoughtfully and to introspectively extrapolate, and to expand upon profound topics interspersed with the undeniable paradigm shift, which is rapidly unfolding for us all. However, this is not to suggest, unfortunately, that everyone is going to awaken to it or even become further transformed with what is occurring. Embracing change of any magnitude is predicated on ones own willingness and receptivity. Not everyone has a deep seeded desire or a deep yearning to consciously participate in the evolutionary processes of self-excavation so as to show up in this world as more enlightened, more plugged in, more attuned to, more present, more accountable, or more astute to unveiled truth and clarity.

No matter how chaotic or how turbulent our world may currently be – within the bleak darkness – shines the blinding brightness of humans like Gordon Montgomery, who firmly stand rooted in the rock solid foundation of unwavering strength and grounded optimism. Interfacing with Gordon, and those who share a similar spirit to Gordon’s, is energetically restorative to say the least. I felt significantly lighter and radiantly brighter…as a result of Gordon having breathed life and fresh air into our synergistic conversation. Thank you, Gordon. I appreciate you!

I could talk ad nauseam about Gordon Montgomery and his outstanding character traits, however, rather than doing so, I will leave you the #ThriveGlobal reader to arrive at your own conclusions, and to formulate your own assessments upon listening to the enclosed podcast link. Thank you!


On behalf of both Gordon and myself, we wish to extend our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article. We also wish to thank you for graciously affording us the gift of your time for clicking onto the enclosed podcast link of our uplifting conversation with one another! For anyone who wishes to further connect with either or with both Gordon and myself outside of this brilliant platform – it would be our mutual honour and pleasure to hear from you! Thank you!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Born in the revolutionary war-torn, year of 1968; proud of his native Northern Irish Home; Gordon had already emigrated and returned from Australia in the 1970’s. He completed his early schooling at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen. As a young man, he travelled first to Southampton University, England to attain his B.A in Linguistics, became fluent in French and modern languages before deepening his love affair with the enabling power of digital technology in people’s lives. Gordon consulted in London starting at Arthur Andersen. His work took him to enterprises in continental Europe before completing his Masters in Software Engineering at Napier University, Scotland, finishing Top in Human Interaction. His relocation in the late 1990’s to the USA enabled him to continue to catch the business and technology management consulting wave, where he served and built businesses for twenty years, designing optimal experiences with the world’s top corporate and academic institutions. 

Following a definitive life wake-up call in 2008, catalyzed by the birth of his son Rowan, and subsequent divorce, Gordon transitioned to becoming a Futurist Evolutionary Executive Coach in 2010, an ordained minister and received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He now serves as a holistic Well-being Coach, currently based in Austin, Texas. 

Key Organizational Clients have included: Arthur Anderson, AT&T, Dell, Harvard, Home Shopping Network, Lehman Bros., Microsoft, Mobil Oil, Proctor & Gamble, The State of Florida, University of Texas, Whole Foods, and many others. 


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