Eight Tips to Take Good Care Of Prescription Glasses And Sunglasses

Glasses are accessories that combine style and functionality

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Glasses are accessories that combine style and functionality. Grade and solar frames bring health, comfort and quality to the vision of people of all ages. For this, the lenses need care. Nothing worse than beautiful sunglasses with greasy lenses after a day of outdoor activities, such as the beach, pool or barbecue. Prescription lenses, for example, even with the best and most expensive anti-reflective treatment, have their effectiveness compromised if they are not well taken care of.

To better understand how to ensure the good use and life of the lenses, here are some tips for everyday life. Basic and very simple care will certainly help to maintain the quality of this accessory so important for people’s eye health and style with prescription sunglasses. After all, they communicate their power more effectively when their lenses are clean. Check out the tips to take good care of your glasses:

1 – Always keep your glasses in the case, as they will be protected from friction and incidents. And, when storing them, make sure that they are in the correct position inside the case, to ensure the good condition of the lenses.

2 – If you are a frequent user of glasses, create a daily routine of washing them with water and neutral liquid soap and wiping them with soft, absorbent paper. So, during the rest of the day, you can keep the lens clean with the microfiber that comes with the glasses.

3 – Leaving home late, the glasses on the glasses are very dirty and you don’t have time to clean them? Wash your glasses when you get home before putting them away. That way you won’t have to be late when you leave the house. You can also get these cheap prescription glasses online.

4 – The useful life of anti-reflective lens treatment can be reduced when exposed to extreme situations – such as oven steam. A tip for those who cook and open the hot oven frequently is to keep the head slightly turned, preventing the face (and, consequently, the glasses) from receiving the steam directly.

5 – Glasses and high temperatures do not match: avoid storing prescription frames and sunglasses in the car, even in the case.

6 – At least every three months, visit your trusted optician to adjust your glasses.

7 – Putting the glasses on the head can damage them – It may not seem at first, but our head is wider than our face. Thus, when placing the glasses on top of the head, it will eventually deform and become wider. If you need to store your glasses, always place them in the protective case.

 8 – Never force the frame to try to adjust it – If you notice that your glasses are slightly crooked, nothing to try to force the frame yourself. In an attempt to fix it, you are more likely to end up breaking the frame. Following these tips your glasses will last for much longer and will always look new.

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