Egypt’s Coptic Christian Flames, Of Twining Love!

Meeting Of A Twin Flame, Egyptian, Coptic Christian Couple, and Lessons Learned In The Complementing Of Love! #Egypt

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Throughout the entire world, you have the intrigue of Twin Flames, and their representation of Universal love! For many people, this conversation and identity seems bizarre, strange, or odd. However one perceives it, does not negate the fact that it exists. In the world of romantic love, Twin Flames are reminders to the world, and to humanity, that love is abundant. Not only is it abundant, but it affirms to every individual that there is someone who complements them in the arena of love. Such couplings are only sacred, but they give the nurture of love’s allure. In fact, if you happen to pass by spiritual twins, you are truly a blessed and lucky individual. Why is that? Well, it is one clue that soon love is bound to find you, in your own Twin Flame love story. That’s if you have not already found it. Fascinating, isn’t it? Who would have ever known that we have the pleasure of receiving such Universal treasures and gifts on Earth’s domain?

The problem with too many people is that when coming across Twin Flames, resentment kicks in. Jealousy pervades and creates a kind of disgusts; causing one to miss out on the very blessings entering their presence. If you get the chance to interact with Twin Flames, true Twin Flames, you have truly been blessed for that day! That’s real! Not only have you been surrounded by the energy of love, but you have also been given a little clue of soon receiving an authentic love of your own! When people see themselves in alignment with others, they come to view the happiness of others, as a reflection of what they will soon have. It is when an individual does not come across romantic couplings, in their matriculation throughout every day life, that they should worry. It means that love’s energy is far removed from this particular spacing. Oh, yes! Its enough to worry!

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

On one of my hot, vibrant, and exploratory days in Cairo, Egypt I came across a pair of Twin Flames-more of the Coptic Christian persuasion, if you would say. I would not say that it was my first time observing Coptic Christian couplings. However, what I would say is that the manner in meeting them, and observing their interaction with each other, was more than sweet! In a terse amount of words, the love was real! I don’t mean that traditional, eye googling kind of love, often told in romantic novels and fairy tales, of running away into the sunset together. This particular Twin Flame love was real, simply because it was natural! There was a particular spice about it. They were dressed in regular, every day wear clothes. It was nothing fancy, or extravagant. When you observed them, you got the impression that they simply wanted to enjoy each other’s couple, on a free day. Just one of those fanciful moments when you up and go in order to complement a special loved one’s joyful, rhythmic patterns of the day. Spending time, sharing time, and sharing love simply because it is the natural thing to do. What this beautiful pair of Twin Flames were doing was showcasing just how normal, and beautiful, the showcase of love and should be. When I speak about the showcase of love, I don’t mean in the physical. At least not for this piece. What I do mean is that love through communication, attentiveness, and the simple art of listening. In fact, when it comes to couplings and the very nature of Twin Flames, its the very basis of understanding your partner; which makes it fulfilling. Making sure that you all are fully complementing each other through behaviors, and how you treat each other when in the public gaze, just so that you can perform the purpose of what it means to be part of a Twin Flame coupling.

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

We have to be very tactful in our definition of a Twin Flame coupling. Please take note that being in such a relationship does not mean you “complete each other.” No successful relationship works if you are entering out of need to use someone else’s existence, for feelings of being whole. Let it be known that Twin Flames are complements of each other. Highlight the term complement. Part of the work of such a relationship entails that two people are doing just that. There is an alignment in doing so. When complementary people connect with each other, there is a level of radiance and life sustaining energy, which spreads around the atmosphere. Those nearby have the opportunity of receiving positive vibes and loving energies. Twin Flames have the power of blessing the space. When that kind of love is authentic, it is the remedy of reminding individuals they are deserving of that very same love. Just imagine how people are healed, because of being reminded that love, exists!

For this particular adventure, I had the pleasure of simply watching and observing them, during one joyful van ride. They were pleasant, kind, and calm. There was no physical interaction around them. It was simply conversation. Nothing more. Nothing less. One of the most auspicious delights stemming from this observation is the attentiveness and clarity within their verbal communication. Their conversations were short and natural. It didn’t require too much wording or unnecessary chatter. In fact, those are some of the best conversations. Dialogue which uses words as small traces of glitter; paying attention to what has not been said, is a nutritious conversation. Translation: The harmony among yourself and another has already been established. That’s when you know the complementing of each other, is real!

The woman of this coupling was somewhat shy. There was a timid nature about her. That too, was a lesson in its own right. When our travel journey had come to an end, I knew I just had to capture this moment. Whether riding in a van, bus, or car, it was another telling in the power of movement, and how it strengthens the human connection. When a group of people are moving in the same direction, a level of bonding is taking place. For that moment, in that time, and for that spacing, a collective of people have created a particular kinship. While occupying that time, and in that spacing, they are part of a shared safety net of protection. For the most part, each person within that collective desires for the journey to be smooth and safe. That is the beauty of it all. There is a natural component and element in wishing to arrive to the same destination, in a collective wellness. For this particular moment in my journey in Cairo, Egypt (and yes, it has been many), I simply had come across a Twin Flame coupling. They are beautiful, and their presence was a treat to the space for that particular day. It was only right to be captured with them. That very spacing is one of beauty and enjoyment.

One of the most auspicious parts of meeting this pair of Coptic Christian Twin flames is how they they highlight the very element of humanity, kindness, and tenderness, within the Egyptian Coptic Christian community. Their very presence depicted them as a vigilant group within the city of Cairo, and the whole of Egypt. They, too, are also a beautiful thing to see in the nation-state of Egypt.

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Kindly notate that regardless of any characteristics such as race, religion, color, culture, and national place of origin that Twin Flames are everywhere; and they will arise within different cultures. The beauty and glorious wonder of their aesthetic is how they are sent to awaken this fascinating world of love within their communities and locations. Remember, the key word of Twin Flames: authenticity. You know when something is real or not. Using the very wonders of your sensory, you taste, hear, and feel it. Throughout their particular nations and cultures, they perform and define the very audacity of love. Nations and communities are blessed to have them. Then, you have those sacred occasions, where international visitors such as myself are blessed to them their presence, when visiting other lands. They add to the living proof to the very wonder of Twin Flames being everywhere. For my particular journey, this dynamic pair was another window into the reason for my journey in Egypt: the understanding and observation of love! Regardless of the physical differentiation, they were part of the Universal storytelling and direction for my life. In this current journey, I was in the physical comforts of love. Whomever I am with for that current space and time, I would be cared for with love. Love would continue its very cycle, until its mission had been completed. Its another performance of Universal aesthetics! In another land, and through other people, I saw my love story, unfold! It was magical! It is fantastical! It IS, LOVE! Twin love! And, it is just as phenomenal to observe love’s complementing, through the every day movement of others; showing that even wandering with love, you can never get “lost,” within!

(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph By Gabriel Neko; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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