Eddie DeHoog: “At the end of the day, my inspiration is to be around longer for my wife and kid. With that goal, I’ll never quit.”

Eddie’s lost 45 pounds and counting His goal? Live longer for his family.

One of my co-workers took a picture of me from behind while I was walking around the store. I saw the picture and asked, “Who is that?” I couldn’t believe it was me and that I had gained that much weight. I realized I had to change how I was eating. My family has cholesterol problems; my dad passed away from a heart attack when he was 39. I’m 29, so my mindset became, “Hey, I might only have 10 more years. I need to take charge of my health.” I also have two 3-year-old daughters, and I noticed I was exhausted trying to keep up with them. 

I started doing keto and using the Thrive ZP App. I had downloaded the app before but never got into it until my co-worker and previous Thrive ZP Challenge Winner, James Dodd, told me to try it again. Now, I’ve been doing this for over 100 days and keto isn’t my diet anymore — it’s my lifestyle. I’ve learned how to cook so my family can save money and I can help my wife. I cook meat on the grill instead of going out to eat; it only runs us $25 when going to a restaurant would easily cost us $75.

I love vegetables and have started eating healthier snacks like cottage cheese, since it’s low in carbs and high in protein. My favorite food is pizza, but if I treat myself to it, I’m in a slump afterward. My wife found a chicken pizza recipe that I’m eating instead. I grill or bake a chicken cutlet after beating it with a mallet to flatten it out and adding pizza sauce, banana peppers, or other toppings. It’s under five grams of carbs. I’m also trying to avoid soda and fast food altogether, which saves me about $10-$15 a day.

As an assistant manager, I do a lot of walking. I make sure to do a lap around the store every 15 minutes to get even more steps in. I average around 25,000 to 30,000 each day. On top of that, I go for walks with my wife, daughters, and our puppy. I’ve gone from a size 40 to a 32, and have lost around 45 pounds.  

Overall, I have so much more energy. Before the Challenge, I’d be ready for a nap at noon if I went to work at 7 a.m. Now I feel so much better. It’s the little things that matter, like having extra energy to spend 30 more minutes with my daughters each night. Now they’ll have the memories of us spending time together, and can say, “Hey, Dad did so much with us.” I’m also able to show up for my associates more. I can help them load the truck, and talk to them about the changes I’ve been making. At the end of the day, my inspiration is to be around longer for my wife and kids. With that goal, I’ll never quit.

—Eddie DeHoog, Supercenter #3876; Muskegon, MI; $5K Winner

Through the Thrive ZP Challenge, our community is making Better Choices, seeing big results, and winning big.
Stories from past winners, such as Eddie DeHoog, prove that every individual has the power to transform their life every day through a combination of small, sustainable changes and peer-to-peer inspiration.

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