Earthly Songs: Faith Petric

A Look At Earth's Wellness In Creativity! Highlighting FAITH PETRIC and Her Performance Of "Here's To Mother Nature!"

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It’s ironic how a significant portion of humanity has treated Mother Nature. We need her, and and act as if we don’t. In typical fashion human arrogance, we truly believe that our very lives are not intertwined with her existence. A great deal of humanity operates as if we are separate from her. It’s bad enough that much of humanity chooses not to align themselves with her time, rhythm, and mystery. We truly think we are above her sacred temple. In our foolish mentality, we are possessed with the Spirit of destruction. The sad reality is how many of us don’t even know it. Earth’s anger is a living testimony, and in her rage, we still walk around, blind!

There are particular artists, who sing about the problems of the Earth. It is obvious. There are no secrets or manipulations of the truth. That’s one way to speak about our imbalances, with the Earth. And then, there is another way. Through this method, human stupidity and ego are put on full display, for all to see. That’s just the way it is, sometimes. Many times, a person has to place things in a more overt manner, in order for the masses to see the truth. Hear and see the truth.

Here we are with a song, known as, “Here’s To Mother Nature.” And, no. It’s not in the typical way of simply stating the problems. In fact, the song takes a detail-by-detail account of humanity complaining about Mother Nature somehow, being in the way. Oh, sure. The introduction makes it clear how the Earth blesses us with fruits, luxurious landscapes, waters, gardens, and etc. All of these come in handy when building luxury resorts, vacation homes, and lavish lifestyles. Oh, yes. We like her, then. Well, that’s unless we need to clear out certain parts of her in order to build roads, highways, bi-ways, and so forth.

Keep in mind how the song conveys, that when we destroy parts of her, for our own pleasures, it’s never our fault. After all, she’s the problem. You see, the heart of the matter is that Mother Nature is “too wild.” Her natural state-of-being makes quite a few people, “uncomfortable.” Thus, we need to chop her down, a tad. And, before they chop down her trees (without re-planting new ones), or pollute her wter’s (from drilling oil), human beings decide to have a nice conversation with her. It’s a necessity. They have to converse with her to inform her why she is the problem. Imagine that! The comical nature of the human ego.

As listeners move through the song, it should be noted the deeper meaning, at work. If we want to interpret it that way, the song is a mockery of human stupidity. Boldly and audaciously, human beings project to Mother Nature, what they think should take place. Nevermind the fact that it is she, who sustains human beings and other creatures of the animal kingdom. To keep it short, we rely on her generosity in being here. Yet, ego blinds the mind. Arrogance clouds proper judgement. This is exactly what this song is all about.

A simple meditation and reflection of this song inspires further meditation and judgement. A significant portion of humanity is out of touch with the Earth’s natural patterns. We are our of tune, and don’t even know it. “Here’s To Mother Nature” is a performance of human ignorance, in relation to the Earth. In many ways, it’s a wake-up call to what will happen, if we don’t wake up and smell the gardens. Literally! For an even greater intrigue is how those societies, communities, cultures, and people who align themselves with the Earth are depicted as “primitive,” “uncivilized,” and “weird.” Ironically, it’s the civilized worlds, which chop her vegetation, create wild fires, and pollute elements necessary for our existence on Earth. Who is really the “savage?”

In our moving forward, we must delve back; back to that time of ancient memory, where we rememeted (and appreciated) Earth’s role in our lives. Remembering when we took her role seriously; acknowledging the Creator, and what has been, created.

So, here’s to Mother Nature. Her womb is our guide. This time let’s be humble, that we may not sink or glide!

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