Earn money online: These are the best sources of revenue

Where the most money is and how you can build a passive income over the long term.

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How to Make Money Online 

Making money online is a multifaceted way. More and more people are making money online fast. Except for a laptop and internet you do not need much. You always remain your own boss, can work when and where you want and can easily earn several thousand dollars online.

Most people dream of great wealth and infinite freedom. The reality is often different: you’re bothered with bills and financial fears. The financial freedom reach the least. Many try it, but few succeed. However, the path to a financially secure future is open to everyone. And in times when the Internet is getting more and more important, you can also make money online quickly.

We’ll show you how to start making money online right away. We also tell you where the most money is and how you can build a passive income over the long term.

Make money online with surveys

A very easy way to make money online quickly are online surveys conducted by market research institutes. You can access these online surveys via the portals of the market research institutes. You sign up there with a few clicks for free to earn money on the Internet. With some portals there is even a starting balance free of charge for the registration. The registration usually takes a few seconds and then you can get started as well. Almost all portals also have an app. Since the polls take about 5-10 minutes, you can also easily answer them from your mobile phone if you are sitting in the subway, for example, in the supermarket queue or want to bridge the commercial break on television.

With surveys you can quickly make money online. Sometimes there are effectively up to 20 € per hour. We advise you to log in to all portals. Because depending on the profile, you will then regularly receive invitations to surveys, but they will be remunerated differently. If you are logged into many portals, you can, so to speak, pick the raisins out of the cake. This will quickly earn you a lot of money on the internet.

Earn money online as a product tester

You can also make easy money online with paid product tests. To do this you simply have to log into the site with a few clicks. You will then receive products for free and get paid to try out these products. In the portals, you can choose from different products those that you want to test.

You make money online by trying out products that you would otherwise buy. You sign up for the products you want to test, and a random generator then selects the testers. Incidentally, you may also keep the products.

For testing, there are cosmetics, household products, food and engineering products from well-known manufacturers. What could be nicer than making money on the internet by using products you would buy anyway?

Make money online with freelancer jobs

For example, if you want to make money online as a copywriter, graphic artist, social media manager, translator, or data collector, you should look for suitable freelancer jobs. There are countless of them and you can easily find them on internet. Usually a short e-mail application is sufficient. If successful, you will receive a briefing from the client directly to the job and you can start right away.

Depending on what you bring with you for qualifications, experiences and talents, you can also earn a very high hourly wage of up to $ 80. You can receive both a fixed rate per hour and be paid per order.

Make money on the internet with stocks

If you want to earn a lot of money online, you should take care of your passive income. Passive income is money that you earn without working for it. Even if you have little money yet, you should invest it in stocks and funds. Even a few hundred or a thousand dollars are a start. Ideally, you should bring a little risk-taking. Because if you leave your money on the passbook, you earn little money in the current interest rate policy. Better you should invest your money long term in stocks.

Make money on the internet with cash bonuses

Various companies offer new customers cash rewards. You can, for example, make money online if you open a free and toll-free checking account. This is because many banks have premiums. It is similar with credit cards: Again, you can earn money online, if you simply ordered the free card.

accounts with premium

These checking accounts are free and free of charge. The opening works online with just a few clicks. Sometimes there is even a video-ident method. ie. You do not even have to go to a post office for legitimacy.

Sometimes there is the cash bonus already for the account opening. Additional bonuses are added for active use, regular cash receipt and referral.

Make money online with Refer a Friend

Many companies can earn money online by promoting new customers. Often there are even cash bonuses for products that are free. Sometimes you do not even have to be a customer of the company in order to advertise new customers and to receive a cash reward!

The customer advertising works quite simply with few clicks online. You get a personal recommendation link that you can let your friends and acquaintances come to, for example by e-mail, whatsapp or social media. To send this costs you a few minutes. Making money online with Refer a Friend can be very quick and easy. As soon as a friend clicks on your link and buys the product, you get a cash reward. How much that is depends on the product. But that can be up to 50 $ per new customer. If you advertise several friends or acquaintances, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars online.

So, if you regularly share links or send them to friends, referrals can be a good source of income – without you really having to work for them.

By the way: Often, the friend is additionally incentivized for the degree: He also gets a cash reward for the (free) degree. Since you both earn money with it, it will be relatively easy for you to recruit friends and make money online.

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