e-learning in Covid-19 Pandemic

E-learning “456468” is not an imaginary number. This is the number of lives the coronavirus or covid-19 has claimed from all over the world. This unfortunate and unpleasant gift from china has affected about 858718 people across the globe in just a few months. Not only the people, the economy of various countries have fallen […]

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“456468” is not an imaginary number. This is the number of lives the coronavirus or covid-19 has claimed from all over the world. This unfortunate and unpleasant gift from china has affected about 858718 people across the globe in just a few months. Not only the people, the economy of various countries have fallen down and the counties along with their people are suffering. Counties are trying their best to fight back against this invisible enemy i.e. the virus. Measures like social distancing, lockdown, awareness etc are taken to combat this virus. On the 25th of March, 2020, the largest lockdown in the history of the world took place in India restricting about 1.3 billion people to their home. Almost all the work would have come to a “full-stop“ if the internet was not there. People started using the internet to carry on with their work and business. Like all the other works, learning did not stop.

E-Learning Importance 

“Kids are the future of any country and if they are educated well, the country gains glory”. We all have heard about e- commerce, e- shopping, e –ticketing and one more name was added to this list i.e. e-learning. According to Google, “e- learning or electronic learning is an umbrella term that describes education using electronic devices and digital media” but according to the students, it’s a way for learning new things and receive education when they cannot go to school and according to the teachers, it is a way to spread knowledge and also to earn a penny for their family. According to psychology, students tend to remember their lessons when they can see and hear at the same time. E- Learning has this advantage. Animated videos and audio – visual classes easy and interesting. Moreover, the teacher can also search for the topics on the internet which will offer a wide range of information and facts about the topic. E – Learning is also a great advantage to the people who are studying part time because of their jobs. Active and independent learning is also promoted by web based learning. It is convenient and flexible at the same time.

 If the e learning was not there, the syllabus would get delayed by several months and the students would not have to wait for their schools to reopen in order to get started again. They can study in the comfort of their home. Some private companies also benefited from this E-learning . One such company is BYJU’s. In BYJU’s, there is a 60% increase in the number of students using the app daily. Students can also record their classes and listen to it later when they come across any doubt. On the other hand, it also gives employment to the teachers. More students mean more teachers will be employed and more content writers should be employed to write the content for teaching. The teachers can also teach in the comfort of their home and can also earn a penny to feed their family in this crisis situation. Online classes are like a blessing for the students, the teachers and some companies.

E-Learning For Students 

Online classes or e learning are proven as beneficial but not for all the students. There are many students who come from poor households and do not have enough money for them to buy a smartphone and learn through them. According to a survey, about 73 million people who consist of about 5.5% of the total population of India lie under extreme poverty and there are about 736 million people or 8.6% of the total world population lies in extreme poverty. In such a county, where some people are struggling to even arrange for 1 meal a day for their family, how can their children study in such e classes? As a result of this, the poor children could not get enough and equal opportunities to study and to improve. 

They will be left behind. Cyber crimes also have increased due to the increase of using the internet for various transactions, shopping etc. Moreover, some children may not pay attention to their classes. Some old school parents and children may prefer the classroom and school environment. Network problems are also an issue as e-learning depends on technology and network a lot. Some children who are left behind because of poverty can also find themselves in isolation and depression. The class tests or assessments would only be limited to objective questions and some students may keep their textbook open beside them while giving the tests. The practical classes would not take place in a computer thus students will not be able to perform practical projects or experiments themselves.  Random power cuts can also be a problem for e-learning.

The whole world is trying their best to fight the coronavirus. About 11.57 lakh doctors are trying to treat people at the risk of their own lives. We must respect them as they are the real heroes of India. Policemen and military men are also trying day in and day out without even thinking of their own safety, wives, husbands, children etc who are waiting for them at home. Still there are some people who are not aware and serious are moving out of their homes casually without masks and gloves. As common people, we must educate the people and make them aware of coronavirus .We must make them understand the importance of staying in their home and to cooperate with the police, the doctors, and the workmen. If we follow the instructions given by the police, the doctors and the government, we can still fight against our invisible enemies. We must keep our surroundings clean and wash our hands with any kind of soap for about 20 seconds. Vaccine is yet to be made, so we must stay safe and stay healthy.

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