Dreams Of Awakening: Shirley Ross

Awaking From Daydreams Into The Very Arms Of Love! A Look At SHIRLEY ROSS, and Her 1940 Performance Of, "Nothing But You!"

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Sometimes, daydreaming has the power to get the best of us. We think we see one thing, and it ends up being another. Love has a way of doing that, as well. We think we are in different worlds, and end up taking a turn back to reality. Needless to say, sometimes our daydreams are simply reflections of our hidden desires. For some people, daydreaming is a holistic way of escaping reality. The main issue is that you don’t want to escape for too long. Getting lost in one’s thoughts as an escape, prevents a person from fixing reality. Daydreaming should be crafted, and created, as a tool for making our realities better. Always remember this.

Love’s lengthy scopes of daydreaming can permit us to reflect on past love. You know. They are the ones we never forget. Through some dedicated reason, they permitted us to take a chance on love. In fact, they took us into the magical world of love. All of her beauties were awakened in our intertwining with them. That was simply one of the beauties of their Being. We remember them for teaching us the beauties of trust. For starters, love was a way of moving one into another way of selflessness. Truly comprehending the meaning of loving another person, for the sake of channeling nutritional energy throughout the atmosphere, is key. So, daydream away, and bring the quiet stillness to the pleasures of one’s mind.

Going back to those Hollywood Classics, there was so much to learn when it came to the artistry of love. After all, love was showcased as an art, and demanded to be treated, as one. It’s a rather keen observation when it comes to love’s serenity, don’t you think? The 20’s-50’s had a way about performing love, to where it felt like a movie. A person was the scriptwriter, producer, cinemotographer, and every other title for creating a movie.

And then, there was you. There is always that one love, whose image never ceases to escape us. In fact, that love may still be with us. Our mind will never permit us to forget such a love; no matter how we try. They were compassionate, tender, loving, gentle, and sincere when it came to our hearts. A one of a kind, love! Furthermore, they were our spaces of solace, during those troubled times. Love was truly abundant with them. The painful times of prior love made you appreciate such love stories, even more!

So, we return back to our initial statements on daydreams. And yes, even in dreams we become masters of our own hearts. Just don’t forget to bring such a splendid performances into our daily realities. Furthermore, one has to understand the very dynamics of bringing the magic of fiction into our daily occurences. It’s what truly makes life a healing cycle of grand festivities!

And so, we come to the song, “Nothing, But You!” Sometimes, you have to wonder about the 1940’s. What was such a period like? Furthermore, what was its particular take on love and life? Listening to certain classical songs, one wished they could return to such a riveting tale. What a beauty in understanding that one’s dreams could bring one’s true love into a captivating reality. Knowing that one’s true love is right there, all along; never to leave one’s side. Just imagine a woman, who is livin a certain nightmare; awaiting one’s SuperHero to return! Finally, he returns. What next?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You simply, love! Let him love you, and feel nurtured (and protected) in one’s safehaven of awaking from fairytales of dreams, as he is standing right beside, you!

Shirley Ross


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