Dream a Bigger Dream: How We Truly Create Our Reality

A universal law, examined.

Courtesy of NASA/Unsplash

Everything you can imagine can come true. And the crazy thing is, even the greatest life your mind can imagine is the floor, not the ceiling, of what’s possible.

I grew up practicing positive thinking and visualizing. It seems logical that your thoughts shape your reality: if you think positively, then of course your perception of what happens in your life will be more positive. And you’ll be more open to positive opportunities and people.

It’s a good habit.

I had no idea how LITERAL this concept actually was – and understanding the science behind it was one of the most empowering and life-changing realizations of my life.

Most of you have heard about the “law of attraction” – the idea that you can create your reality with your thoughts and attract what you think about into your life.

But there are aspects of this idea that are widely misunderstood. You attract what you think about, but not necessarily what you want. If you want more money, but you’re constantly thinking about how little you have, you will continue to create the experience of lack. It gets more complicated when you throw in subconscious, negative thoughts you’re not aware of or suppressed fears that hold you back.

Law of attraction has been around from ancient philosophy eons ago, and it was again popularized and marketed to the masses through The Secret. The Secret teaches this law with examples like attracting wealth and self-serving goals – but this law impacts all aspects of life and can be much more meaningful.

The cheesiness of The Secret turned me off from it for a while, but it’s a concept I’d been unknowingly applying from childhood.

Now, I consciously understand that I do create my reality. This concept is not wishful thinking.

It’s an actual law of the universe, based on how energy and matter work.
How It Works

Our reality is not as solid as we think.

Science has proven that matter is 99.9999999999996% empty space.

Everything in the universe is made of atoms, which are made up of subatomic particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. If you zoom in further, you’d find that they are made up of energy vortices that are constantly vibrating. Each one radiates its own unique energy signature.

Quantum physics has shown that everything is energy. That includes us! Physical reality isn’t very ‘physical’ at all. This can be mind boggling if you really think about it, because we perceive our world as very physical.

One of the astounding findings of quantum physics is the “observer effect” – the fact that the consciousness of the observer affects how energy will behave. Scientists have found that the very presence of an “observer” of an experiment disturbs what has to be measured and produces an effect on electron waves. Countless others have built upon this with their own experiments, including Dr. Masaru Emoto who found that consciousness affects the structure of water crystals.

“The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” -Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans

And so, we literally are creators of our reality.

More Than Meets the Eye

Our 5 physical senses capture only a tiny fraction of what is really going on around us. We can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum – but since that’s all we know, we get used to thinking what we see is all there is to know.

We spend so much of our time focused on the physical world around us and the circumstances we can see. But before things are manifested in the physical realm, they are first created – through thought – in vibration.

Thought is energy, vibrating at a fast rate. Einstein’s theory of relativity, E = mc2, shows us that energy and mass are interchangeable. Energy cannot be destroyed. It transforms into matter, which is energy at a slower vibration. This is when it manifests in our reality that we can see and touch.

If we spend more time imagining our future and matching the vibration of the life we want to live, we can accelerate the speed at which our dreams come true.

“The habitual thinking of your conscious mind establishes deep grooves in your subconscious mind. This is very favorable for you if your habitual thoughts are harmonious, peaceful, and constructive.” – Joseph Murphy

Dream Bigger

Picture in your mind your greatest dreams. Visualize the type of person you want to become, how you want to feel, your lifestyle and how you spend your time, and the relationships in your life.

Yes, you may picture your dream house or dream job – but when you zoom out to the perspective of your soul, your higher self, those are very mundane wishes.

Give yourself permission to dream bigger. Oh, that’s hard.

If you sense some resistance, notice where it’s coming from.

A few reasons people don’t let themselves dream big enough:

  • Fear of your dreams not coming true. You might be protecting yourself from the disappointment of failure. Of wanting something that you might not be able to achieve.
  • The belief that you don’t deserve it, or you’re not good enough
  • Not knowing how it will be possible. Not knowing how to get to that point from where you stand now.
  • Fear of success. This is a big one. You might be afraid of how the money, increased responsibility, or the limelight that accompanies success might change you – or whether you can handle it in the first place.

Look back at where you were 10, 15 years ago. Would the “you” then have known how to get to where you are today? How to handle it all? Most likely, it would have seemed overwhelming.

But here you stand, with more confidence, experience, and connections than before – and with each step, you learned and grew to be able to handle the next step. And the next. The future you who has accomplished your dreams will be operating from another level of wisdom and experience. You’ll have less fear, less limitation.

It won’t happen overnight. You’ll take baby steps, and you’ll gain the experience during the process to get you to your dreams. You’ll make decisions, and some mistakes, but you’ll be able to handle it.

We cannot allow our level of thinking and being today put limitations on our future dreams. We cannot let the fears we carry today keep us from peeking around to see what’s possible on the other side.
Trusting The Subconscious

If you look around at the systems in our world, you’ll see fear and limitation everywhere. Think of everything we’ve built or agreed to collectively out of fear in order to create a sense of security and protect ourselves.

We forget that we’re eternal beings that are much more expansive than our physical bodies and smaller selves. As we grow up, we become conditioned to believe we’re limited.

And we forget that we’re interconnected. We start believing we’re separated, living in the duality of “me” and “them.”

Separation is an illusion, because we are all one.

We may think we need to figure everything out on our own. But we’re always guided – by our subconscious, intuition, higher self, spirit guides – however you want to call it.

And here’s the kicker, especially for high achievers and planners. Our physical minds are not designed to know HOW our dreams will come into fruition. It can look in the past for patterns to see how you got to where you are today and make plans, but it has no way to know exactly how we will get from point A to B.

The higher mind, the subconscious, knows how it will all unfold. It’s gently nudging you in a million ways – through your ideas and hunches, books, songs, conversations you overhear, the people in your life, emotions, and synchronicity.

Why does the higher mind know? I believe we’ve only scratched the surface, and here are a few ideas below:

  • The higher mind is not constrained by the concept of time. We collectively have agreed to the concept of time so we can perceive our lives linearly. Time is a small aspect of the fourth dimension, and our concept of time helps us perceive change (the transition of one three dimensional world into another). If you’re open to the idea that time is an illusion and there are billions of parallel realities (or outcomes) that stem from every decision we make – you can start to see how in the fifth dimension, and beyond, it becomes possible to perceive all outcomes as happening Now, all at once. This is a mind-bending concept that deserves its own article, so I won’t go down the rabbit hole here.
  • The higher mind is all-knowing. It has access to universal intelligence and wisdom. It knows your soul’s mission and gently guides you to your purpose. Emotion is the translation of the vibration of our higher self. Our feelings help us know how close or far we are to our soul’s purpose. Negative emotions like anxiety and suffocation serve as signals that we’re off track, while authentic excitement and joy tells us we’re getting closer.

We must reconnect with our intuition and learn to trust the higher mind. When we’re open to receiving guidance, the communication becomes stronger.

I forgot how to do this. Recently, I started journaling and asking questions to my subconscious. And I’d ask questions right before sleep. Bigger picture questions, like “What is my gift to the world?” and “Am I on the right path?” At first, I felt silly trying to have a conversation with my subconscious. But miraculously, the answers would come clear as day – usually the next day, or within the week.
You Are Unlimited

I’ve spent so much of my life overthinking, planning, forcing my way to my goals. It feels so counterintuitive to trust and surrender. I love being in the driver’s seat because it makes me feel in control. Little did I know that our higher selves are excellent drivers – if only we’d learn to hand over the wheel.

It’s a waste to allow our dreams to be confined by the limits of our rational minds.
Escape The Mundane

Think of your dream lifestyle, career, house, car, relationship. Then dream bigger. Dream about your family, community, the world you want to create. Think about the values you cultivate and the emotions you want to feel and share. Paint a picture of a brighter future, and notice how that feels.

There’s great polarity in the world – a deep contrast between the light and the darkness. As more people awaken to higher consciousness, the contrast will only seem stronger.

It’s time to dare to dream a bigger dream of our future, so we can co-create the reality we want to inhabit.

If we do live in a holographic universe, then making a difference is not as daunting as it seems. All it takes is one individual to create a massive ripple effect in their family, workplace, community, and then the world. Since there’s no time and space in higher dimensions, a single loving thought or prayer for your family reaches their souls instantly.

There are thousands of people on this earth who have energies that are vibrating at a higher frequency. Their souls volunteered to come to Earth during this turbulent time to help raise the frequency of the planet. Though most are not aware of it consciously, many of them act as beacons or antennas of energy. By simply walking through a crowd, their energy starts awakening the consciousness of others (though usually all of this happens subconsciously at the soul level). Quantum healing practitioner Dolores Cannon wrote about this extensively in her book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. She spent decades researching and corroborating thousands of accounts through her quantum healing hypnotherapy sessions around the world.

We’re much more powerful than we realize. That’s why it’s so important to take care of our energy and raise our vibrations – through cultivating positive thoughts and emotions, meditating, drinking clean water, and eating high-vibration fruits and vegetables.

And collectively, our thoughts and intentions become more powerful. This phenomenon, termed the Maharishi Effect, found that when 1% of a community practiced the transcendental meditation program, the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average.

“Miracles are something that are impossible from an old understanding of reality and possible from a new one” – Charles Eisenstein

A new level of consciousness is needed to awaken the world to massive shifts. What’s comforting is the potential of the Hundredth Monkey Effect, the idea that we just need to reach the tipping point of enough awakened people to have the critical mass for a global awakening.

Yes, change is needed in many systems and organizations – but even before that, most importantly – we can fill our hearts with love and consciously choose a beautiful world. When we remember the truth of who we are, the lies and illusions crumble.

We are all eternal, limitless souls that are interconnected with each other and with nature. We must see the light in everyone we interact with so we can radiate acceptance to all.

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ – a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

When we know that we are all one, that separation is an illusion created in our minds, we’ll begin living from a new perspective where judgment, hatred, and violence are incomprehensible. The old systems that were built in fear begin to collapse, as they already are.

By living in truth and seeing others in their truth, we can light up the world.

As we move forward to create a new beautiful reality, let us remember this parting affirmation:

“On this day I choose to liberate myself from the shared landscape that I have invested my life in. And the shared landscape I release myself from is the landscape of limitation, the landscape of fear, and the landscape that tells me that I may not know myself in my true way. As I affirm this, I see my world before me, those things I have agreed to, consciously and unconsciously, and I realize them for what they are: creations of my mind, creations of the field that may be transformed by my own awakening. And as I witness the world before me, I begin to see the paint peel, the situations uncover, the structure itself beginning to bend as my new world shapes itself to conform to my true nature. I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know how I serve. I am here.” – Paul Selig

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