Dramas of Life Getting You Down?

Time to look into your BIG PICTURE.

Jacob Owens, Courtesy Unsplash

The incidents of the Little Dramas in life are merely flashcards for the greater truths of the BIG PICTURE of our fullest life expression.

As we dash or meander along the road from the alpha to omega of our life, we can confuse the road with a life. Life can be boring except for the dramas. But the dramas mean something other than what you might think. Trouble is we, too often, identify with the persona or external self, while the essential Self lies neglected and longing for expression. This is the source of the dramas, the illness, the betrayal, the argument. The big ‘S’ Self wants out and it will kick up a fuss to get your attention.

You may think Life’s a series of intermittent sunny days and the inevitable storms between; the jagged peaks and valleys of win and lose, happy and sad, but it’s not. Life is all these plus the in-betweens. The little dramas are the flashcards. They flash “Alert! Something to learn!” “Something to know!” “Something to hold onto!” “Something to let go!”

The Big Picture is a grand scheme of your life as it weaves in with the whole of creation and evolution. It’s where sustaining joy and greatest potential are expressed. It demands authenticity.

If you’re getting stuck in the dramas and allow them to define your life you are only ever colouring with the primary colours when you could spill out the whole colour spectrum of crayons and have at a brilliant kaleidoscope of potential and nuance. The little dramas are the wake-up calls that you’re not living your full potential, or bringing the full range of feelings and intuition to the highs and the lows of life in its rewards and challenges.

Living in the context of the Big Picture is not a free pass from dramas, it just presents a different perspective of those incidents and uses them as something else. Living in the Big Picture opens you up to dispatching people and circumstance that don’t belong in your life with greater ease and less resistance and no guilt. Think of it. In your Big Picture you rule. And your daily job is to be all that you can be.

To the YOU you are meant to be!

❤ mh

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