Don’t know how to fill that “hole” in your heart? Try this instead! It works like a miracle.

Me somewhere in Chicago for a global meeting Here is what I think ..humans live a very long life because they take a very long time to connect the dots. Could it be because we don’t have a life manual ? But seriously even if we do, are we going to follow it ? I […]

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Me somewhere in Chicago for a global meeting

Here is what I think ..humans live a very long life because they take a very long time to connect the dots. Could it be because we don’t have a life manual ? But seriously even if we do, are we going to follow it ? I doubt…at least for me the answer would be a no. I would be curious to explore and figure it out myself . That’s me.

So here is my story that could inspire you to fill that “hole” in your heart. This year, during Covid-19 lock-down, the process of filling that “hole” begun itself…unknowingly.. thanks to Covid. After seeing the various stressful and sad messages on whatsapp groups and facebook, I asked myself what would dad do ? Knowing dad, he would definitely cook and deliver food for free and give away whatever money is left in his pocket. Yes that’s dad ! Can I do that — nope because I am not dad. I am me.

This is my charming lovable dad. I love you daddy !

But what could I do and give away for free without expecting anything in return? Without any transaction in return..not even a compliment or praise? After searching long and hard, coincidentally I kept seeing number 5. I began to reflect…what could this mean…buy a lottery ticket ?! Nay..that’s not me. Upon researching, I came to know 5 means bringing a balance between material and spiritual aspects in your life. It also means courage and important life lessons that you have learned through your own experience. This got me thinking…My parents exposed me to meditation since young but along the way, I became too focused on chasing my career growth that I forgot to bring balance between the material and spiritual world. When I combined balance and my experience, mindfulness came to place. Aha — so this is what I can give! I named this project as BER5 Mindfulness! Thanks, Dad, you showed me the way!

Next was to lay down the foundation of BER5 Mindfulness. The core of it must be to give with no expectations in return. But how do I sell this vision of mine to others so they would come in to speak on this platform? So that participants would join in and feel safe there are no up-selling …no marketing is purely to give and serve mankind. I approached my friends and everyone agreed. We got the ball rolling successfully! End of June will be our 3rd BER5 Mindfulness event done virtually. Yes, when you are in this platform, you can only expect an email that states when is our next mindful program, sharing of speakers slides (if speaker agrees), a safe space to share your emotions and exchange of mobile numbers if you wish to connect with the speaker (if speaker agrees)! All this is done at no fee at all!

At one of our virtual BER5 Mindfulness event

So how does this makes me feel ? It is hard to describe ! I feel emotionally fulfilled and grateful. I feel a deep healing process has begun. That hole is getting smaller and smaller by the day…I feel I can breathe better now and ready to take on the world like a warrior princess ! I feel I am getting my power back and ready to strike back again. 2 years ago, I felt like a fallen warrior with deep wounds that I did not even realized were there. Now the warrior has mend her wounds and became aware of her emotions and thoughts. So please try this — be open to your surroundings as there are signs everywhere. Be open to receiving those signs as it will set you free. Take your time. When you are ready, your teacher will appear to show that path. Till then keep working on you as you are the most precious being. You deserve unconditional love and care because you matter.

Taking my power back !

About Sameeta Sparks

Sameeta Sparks is a Therapeutics Art Practitioner from the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. Besides running her own private sessions, Sameeta also helps organizations, trainers and facilitators in creating their graphic framing visuals along with a guide book to reduce time taken in creating one. Do be in touch if you would like to know more at [email protected]

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