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the other day, i had a conversation with a friend of mine
and from the moment i saw her she seemed worn out
and i started to pray for her, silently without her even knowing
and as i listened to her tell me of her past couple of months
the words that she spoke 
and the feeling i was feeling from her soul 
were in complete contrast

and so i listened more
to both her words and her soul
it is amazing what we hear when we actually listen

suddenly her soul invited me to say 3 simple words
that cut through all of the stories
those words were very simply,
“you seem tired.”

and instantly, our conversation changed
she said, “i am tired.”
and she spoke to me about how hard it has been financially
and of the opportunities that she invested her time in
which did not materialise.

and i listened.
for my situation had been similar.
i had gotten tired of the selling game
of selling people services and being sold services by people
and i pulled out of the game for the past year
looking for a new way to do business in the world
to trust the one who i know takes care of everyone
and to allow my belief to be tested in the cold hard light of day
and so i understood her financial challenges.

and yet as we sat in a very similar place, 
we were completely different.
she was exhausted and i was never happier than i was now.

she noticed it first
as she said to me, tonight i am going to go home 
and get a good rest so that i can feel as relaxed as you 
and then her soul spoke to me again saying,
“you are tired because of all the burdens you are carrying.
let some of those burdens down. let them go.
you feel like you have to solve these problems on your own
and i understand you do not feel like you can let go
and just sit and do nothing,
and that is admirable
and you can let go of your worrying.
it is your worrying that is causing your exhaustion.”

when i look at my life and i look at my ability to trust,
i see it is one of my biggest areas of exploration.

do you trust?
how would life look if you could trust more?
i am so interested in hearing your thoughts 
and receiving your prayers to allow me to trust more.
you have my prayers.

the book i wrote, The Mosaic is a book that shows 
what happens when we trust.
to purchase a copy, please go to
and search for The Mosaic Daniel Levin 

photo taken by Margit Boyesen
to contact Margit:

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