Do you Suffer From a Case of Mental Constipation From Constant Organizational Change?

Here are some helpful tips to get organized.

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Ways to unclog your mental pipes

Has there ever been a time in your professional life when you were not experiencing some type of organizational change? People all experience change in different ways and the impact is not the same for everyone. Over time, our mental capacity to handle one more change in our professional lives can be overwhelming. This phenomenon creates a case of mental constipation.

Think of it this way, if you put too much debris in your drain the pipes get clogged up. Without clean mental pipes your thought processes are obstructed by organizational debris. When your mental pipes are clear your thinking, behaviors, and approach to organizational life regains its positive footing.

How to get your mental pipes unclogged and improve your overall wellness:

· Focus on being a good listener and provide practical advise to help those in your circle of influence move past their constipation.

· Examine mentally the amazing experiences and stories that you recall from people you have met and know. Use that introspection and apply those learnings to unclog your mental pipes.

· Simplify the understanding caused by the organizational debris and let it go! Letting go is tough and at times challenging, yet achievable.

· Utilize the spirit of inquiry the next time you begin to see the symptoms of mental constipation. For example, try these questions to get the thought process moving; what is stopping you from unclogging your mental drain? Or, why am I having such a hard time with this situation?

· Collect your thoughts on paper and pull them apart to get at the root cause of your current constipated state.

· Identify physical blockers, if they exist, so they can be removed with the proper support. However, mental blockers can be a bit harder to overcome and may require more effort but don’t despair, stay after it.

· Address to the best of your abilities ways to strip away the emotions to reset your thinking. Stripping away emotions from the organizational debris helps you look at things from a practical and logical perspective. It’s perfectly ok to experience the wide range of emotions that we do as people, but at some point, you must draw a line in the sand. When you remove the emotions of what is causing mental constipation, it’s amazing how clear you can think.

We all become mentally constipated at various times in our professional lives and it can be tough to unclog your mental pipes. It just happens. Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do is once a month drink a magical elixir to prevent this condition! Unfortunately, organizational life and life in general isn’t that easy. Look for ways and methods to help keep your mental pipes unclogged and free of organizational debris for clearer thinking and a better understanding of your own reality.

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