Do This To Make An Epic Dent in the World

Relationships are the key to making your legacy come to life

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Do you remember when you were a kid and everything was possible? Our growing empires were the streets of our neighborhood and we could do just about anything we put our minds to. We didn’t care what other people thought. You didn’t care about failure, falling down, scrapes, scars or broken bones. They weren’t even a thought in our mind and we dreamed of lives that no one, not even our parents saw coming. We were ready to make an epic dent in the world. The world was not ready for our little lives and the dreams we had for it.

So…what happened?

I know I know…the easy answer is “Well, Ben — we grew up.” And you’re right to say that — but I think there is something there for all of us. What happened? Well — life happened. Yes, we grew up, but there were all of these external factors that began to get in the way of what we truly wanted or thought we wanted to pursue in life.

For some of us, it was school that pulled us down. It hampered the potential we had inside of us to do something great. For all of us, reality hit us. Fear, disappoints and failure came screaming our way. Sometimes it came in the form of pain from people in our lives who hurt us. Sometimes there were just massive obstacles in the way that we couldn’t seem to get over. A lot has changed in our lives since we last put on the cape and dreamed of becoming something great in this world. Back then, we had life all planned out — and they never included 9–5 but that is where you find yourself now and you wonder if there is any way in getting out.

We’ve Got a Big Problem

Guys — we’ve got a huge problem on our hands and here’s why: There is way more in you than what you think. That little guy with the cape on still exists and he is screaming to get out.

See, kicking fear to the curb and finding your confidence is only just the beginning. Building strong relationships is key because relationships are everything and you and I need healthy ones. But it doesn’t even stop there. With your confidence intact, and healthy relationships at your side, you were made for something greater than you can now achieve. See, you were made to leave a dent in this world. You were made to do what you love with the people you love. This is the small kid inside of you longing to get out.

But here’s the magical question you all are wondering — so how do we get there?

Here’s How We Fix It

Well — here’s where we start: the heart. I know — I get it. We’ve spent the better half of our lives keeping this shutdown, but in order for you to get to where you need and want to go in life — to make this dent, this is where you need to begin.

Do you — as a single man, believe you are enough? Can you answer with a yes? If not, you need to work on yourself. Don’t let fear rule your life. Build the confidence you need to live by.

You need to remember that…


I know -I will never stop beating this drum — it’s the reason why we are having this conversation. We suck at relationships as single men. Our journey to the life we want begins with the people we need strong relationships with. They are the linchpin to get you where you need and want to go in life.

Your Dent Begins and Ends With People

If you truly want to make that dent (and I know you do) you cannot throw relationships to the side as if they are nothing — it just won’t work. Don’t ignore them, discount them, or consume them. Cherish them, hold them close, invest in people.

This is the path you and I have to take to become the man we always dreamed or thought we wanted to be and then going out, killing it at life and making a dent in this world.

Here’s what I know about you…about me…about us:

You are about to do your greatest work in the world.

The incredible life God has for you is on the other end of this journey of discovering and living in the idea that relationships are everything. This road isn’t easy — but it’s necessary.

Put aside the man you are now — the man you no longer want to be — grab that cape, do the work on your heart, build strong relationships, and then go make a dent in this world.

Your Call to Action…

  1. Forget tomorrow. Get started on building Strong Relationships today. Download my book DON’T SUCK & get the life you want TODAY. Click here to download the book.
  2. What are you afraid of? What is hanging you up? Engage in the conversation below.

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