Do the Pains from Your Childhood Affect Your Business Today

How does childhood impact us later in life?

How was your childhood? Good? Ok then stop reading. Difficult? Continue on.

I have had a tremendously challenging childhood with a domineering and aggressive, yet cold and jealous mother, a nonexistent coward father, overly ambitious string-pulling grandmother and a hard core stoic but loving grandfather. That’s my picture. What’s your like?

Who killed your dreams, stole your confidence and courage, suffocated your motivation and enthusiasm and prohibited free self-expression?

Have you healed from those experiences? 
Are you able to bring your true gifts to the world, or do you doubt and put yourself down even when succeeding?

I totally get it. Unprocessed emotional pain and energetic charge from childhood can show up in so many ways in your life and business, it’s not even funny. I mean it’s not funny at all! It’s tragic.

Inability to express yourself fully in business and life, demolishing in one swoop foundations that took you so long to build, picking the wrong people for business and life partnerships, being used and manipulated in your most vulnerable states, starting and stopping, starting and stopping.

I want you to know, its not you who is causing this, no matter what the laws of attraction say or any other law for that matter, this is NOT YOUR FAULT!

You are a free, loving being who found themselves in the most drastic circumstances and you fought and survived the best way you could.

But you know what — there is more. Believe me, there is more beauty, freedom, creativity and courage just around the corner.

You can release and heal all the emotional blocks that are not serving you and you can create a magnificent business and life for yourself.

And I can lead you on this journey, because I have been you and I know how PAINFUL it is to have your dreams and desires crushed again and again so you stop having hope all together.

Let’s bring back true hope back into your business and life by releasing toxic self-destructive thoughts and emotions and lets discover the real, free YOU. Interested? Get in touch with me for a discovery call

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