DIY Moving: How to Do It RIGHT!

DIY Moving Guide For Movers

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When it comes to moving, the choice of whether to do-it-yourself or leave it to a professional moving company is a BIG one. Obviously, if you have unlimited resources, it’s an easy answer: the full-service moving company EVERY time! But, if you’re like most Americans nowadays, money is tight and you have to make every penny count! Even, if you want to store something you have to rent storage service where MONEY is a big fact.

If you’ve opted for a DIY move, here are some basic guidelines to help you through the process:

Know what you have: I know this seems pretty simplistic, but it seems like I always underestimate what I have when I move. You’ll have to know what size truck you’ll need. Many times, DIY moving truck rental facilities can help you find the size truck you need, provided you KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE. Always be sure to make a note of any odd items- like mega-screen televisions or a piano.

Call at least 3 different companies for a quote. Actually, I call all available in my area, even if that means 5 or 6. Sometimes, prices can vary drastically from company to company. After calling the available companies and noting their prices, check each company’s websites. Sometimes there are significant discounts for booking online. Don’t hesitate to look for a coupon online to save even more.

Compare apples to apples: Each moving company’s truck rentals will vary to some degree. Some will have an overhang over the cab of the truck and less space in the back. Some won’t have an overhang at all and will still be the same dimensions as the first. Believe it or not, that overhang over the cab can fit a lot of extra boxes! In order to make an accurate comparison, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Know how long you will need the truck for: If you’re making a long distance move, make sure you plan your moving route in advance and give yourself a bit of wiggle room for unexpected situations that may arise.

Think about all of the different tools you may need for your move: While furniture pads may seem like a waste of money, your wife will thank you when her prized dining room table arrives at its destination unscathed! Also, while moving that refrigerator may seem like an easy task for 3 men, take it from an expert mover-it’s not! Invest in the small cost of renting an appliance dolly.

Know that when you arrive to pick up your truck, you’ll probably need a credit card: Some companies do allow for a cash deposit, but check prior to showing up and hoping for the best! You don’t want to have to scuffle around finding a rental truck on moving day!

Make sure you know what any current insurance policies cover in relation to your move: Some homeowner’s policies and even some automobile policies cover moving trucks. If yours does, you could save a lot of money just by opting out of the optional coverage offered by the moving company.

Prior to accepting any truck and signing any papers, make sure you do a physical inspection of the vehicle and make certain any damages are noted on your rental agreement. If you fail to do this one thing, it could cost you thousands of extra dollars.

Lastly, save all of your receipts related to your move: While IRS laws change continually, you may be able to deduct all of or a portion of your moving expenses, provided you have proper documentation.

By taking the time to properly plan your DIY move, you can save yourself not only a headache but potentially thousands of dollars!

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