Discovering Your Inner Voice in Stillness

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs on Creating Your Own Self Values

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Creating Your Own Self Values

I thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful, free-flowing conversation with the lovely and upbeat, Tanya Otterstein-Liehs on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald radio airwaves! Tanya was extremely kind to have initially interviewed me on one of her two podcasts; months ago. The synergies between us were equally high-vibing throughout both interviews on both of our individual platforms! Turning the interchangeable roles on each of us fulfilling the roles of both interviewer and interviewee was not only fun but it was also a growth opportunity for both of us. 

Tanya is a real life, tangible example as well as an inspiring role model as someone who deliberately, and who intentionally shows up to the rest of the world as not only a beacon of genuine light, and yet does so without misrepresenting the truth or the reality of her own trials and tribulations. Tanya simultaneously embraces the dual reality of being both an empowered human being in a leadership capacity without suppressing or denying the acknowledgement of her own vulnerabilities or ongoing healing journey for whatever life has thrown her while travelling the path of personal growth and personal development. 

It is Tanya’s open veiled transparency into the window of her soul, which allows and enables others to also bravely come forward; equally taking that leap of faith for the purpose of being present and visible to others as well. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. This not only speaks to Tanya’s field of resonance as the attractor factor in organically drawing others towards Tanya, but also contributes to the collective lightness and brightness emanated for definitively knowing that a safe place in which to belong, does in fact exist. This speaks to Tanya’s innate abilities as an embracing being who is both approachable and accessible. 

As was discussed on radio during our vibrant conversation — self care runs far deeper than, and encompasses much more than… spa days, bubble baths by candlelight or anything externally or temporarily of aesthetic satisfaction or enjoyment. Self care at the soul level requires and involves internal transformation. Self care speaks to the daunting excavation process of self discovery. It can be painful, lonely and isolating but oh so worth it in the pursuit of self love, self worth and self awareness. Self care is intrinsic. It is the never ending roller coaster ride of ups and downs, ebb and flow, the highs and lows…for topsy turvy awakening, enlightenment, and self actualization. Self care is the perpetual journey of remaining integral and in non-negotiable alignment with self regardless of the cost, the backlash, or the ongoing residuals associated with others who resist, resent or buck your growth choices. If the term self care is in anyway linked to escapism or short term gratification — one has to question if this truly constitutes as deeply caring for self. However, if the aforementioned examples I provided are done in tandem with doing the inner soul work — then awesome!

Tanya’s insights can be unleashed in the enclosed podcast link. I appreciate Tanya for the gift of her time, and for her generosity with myself, the loyal international radio listeners, and the podcast subscribers! I take nothing lightly or for granted.

On behalf of Tanya and myself, we wish to thank you the #ThriveGlobal Community for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article. We also wish to express our wholehearted gratitude for graciously clicking onto the enclosed podcast link! Trusting that you too, will derive as much inspiration from our amazing conversation with one another as I did! For anyone wishing to connect with either or with both Tanya and myself outside of this brilliant forum — it would be our honour and pleasure to further connect and be of service to you in whichever ways you deem to be a suitable fit!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Tanya Otterstein-Liehs is an authoritative expert on Self-Care/HealthWellness & Fitness Coach, whose been featured on Rogers Tv, on Worldly Podcasts, quoted in magazines, is a Motivational Speaker, Co-Author, hosts two podcast show and a YouTube Channel.

Tanya works with busy women across the globe, to support, to motivate, and to inspire them to become Empowered so as to ensure Self-Care remaining a priority in their daily lives. Tanya achieves ongoing success in her endeavours by facilitating women to: acknowledge and to give themselves permission to achieve their own personal goals; and without it being at the expense or the trade off of personal sacrifice. Tanya employs her tools, strategies, and expertise with clients; releasing their fears, blocks, and excuses in which to impede their own growth momentum — reinforcing how crucial it is for her clients to uphold themselves as the priority for which they are, and doing so by infusing vital “ME” time into their lives…every…single…day!

Tanya transforms the lives of women by helping them gain self-confidence, self-love, self-worth, loving their own reflection, revamping their outlook on life, and include time to move their body, develop positive mind-shift and rich self-discovery.

She has two podcast shows, facilitates support groups for Women and Lunch & Learn Workshops; runs Body & Mindset Makeover Programs and Online Coaching & Training Programs; and is a keynote presenter.
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