Discovering The Real Definition Of Success: A Conversation With Soul Coach And Yoga Entrepreneur Jazmin Porter

Over the years, success has been defined by different people in various languages. There is no absolute definition of success. Its interpretation differs from one person to another and from one industry to another. How they define success highly depends on their circumstances, personal experience, and importance. Defining success and patterns to be a successful […]

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Over the years, success has been defined by different people in various languages. There is no absolute definition of success. Its interpretation differs from one person to another and from one industry to another. How they define success highly depends on their circumstances, personal experience, and importance.

Defining success and patterns to be a successful entrepreneur were the points of discussion when I talked with the brilliant Soul Coach and Yoga Entrepreneur Jazmin Porter, popularly known as Yogi Jaz Porter.

Jaz is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga instructor who specializes in Vinyasa and Tantra yoga. Her yoga focuses on collective healing and expanded consciousness. She currently offers a variety of private and group sessions that range from restorative to more intense practices. Jaz is also the host of the well-known conscious Podcast called Ascend with Yogi Jaz. Aside from these, she is the creator of Yoga Entrepreneur Workshop that helps individuals transform their yoga or healing business to an independent operation, and owner of her conscious clothing line, Ascend.

During the conversation with Jaz, we deep dive into the meaning of success and shed some light on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

How Do You Define Success?  

Curious about how Jaz sees success, I asked her the old-aged question of defining what success really is. For Jaz, success is being as connected to herself as possible at any given moment.

“You can be doing things that so many people consider to be successful, but if it is not aligned with who you are, how successful are you truly? For myself, if I am choosing in every moment ( even if it means rearranging a commitment, shifting gears, and doing something totally different), the choices that are most connected to me, I feel that I am successful,” Jaz explained.

She continued with a hypothetical example of personal success still being present even if financial success is not immediate, or present in an excessive amount. “In my personal experience, I am successful because leaving professional spaces that didn’t serve me and my purpose is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It has allowed me to be closer to myself, explore how I can show up best in the world.,” she added.

What Are The Habits You Have Ritualized Into Your Mental Well-Being?

As a successful entrepreneur and soul coach, I know everyone would love to hear from Jaz the practices or habits that she ritualized into her well-being. And her response was fascinating. She revealed that her relationship with herself is something she successfully ritualizes over the years.

Jaz pointed out the significance of creating a relationship with herself. “There are so many things that I can do in the world, people that I can be with, or situations wherein I put myself. But of none these matters if I am not always checking within myself and maintaining a true relationship with myself,” she explained. She added that her relationship with herself is entirely different than it has been in previous years.

Is There A Pattern Or Formula To Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

One of the most asked questions by entrepreneurs anywhere in the world is the pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is a thought-provoking question.

But Jaz believes that there is no standard pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She emphasized that a one size fits all success formula does not exist. She proposed that the right equation for success varies from one individual to another.

“I think a lot of people look for that right pattern or formula. Most want to have a cookie-cutter blueprint or a step-by-step guide to success because that seems easier to attain their idea of success. The truth is I can tell you exactly what I did or what happened for me to be where I am right now, but you would not have the same result if you took those steps. Simply because it is not your journey, there’s a special story for you to live out and create” Jaz remarked.

She said that the formula is to be tuned into yourself for inner guidance. “You’ll benefit most from moving in the directions that are aligned with you. Stay connected and ensure that you are using your intuitive process as you move in life. On a spiritual level, you have all of the answers and you know the way. I think that is the formula,” she continued.

Jaz elaborated that if someone tries to force something to happen, which is not in his/her path, it is less likely to happen. “But if your actions follow your intuition (inner knowing) and your heart (unattached feelings), opportunities will flow easily to you that support your ultimate happiness as you go through life,” she added.

A Piece Of Advice

I know that aspiring entrepreneurs want to hear what advice Jaz can impart to college graduates and those who dream of becoming entrepreneurs someday.

For Jaz, the best advice that she can give is the mindset that college graduates do not have to get to where they want to go in any specific way. She maintained that there is no single, standard path to become a successful entrepreneur. She continued that there is so much social programming today that dictates what people need to succeed.

Jaz busted the myth that you need a college degree to be successful. “Society will tell you that you will be poor if you do not go to college. That is not the absolute truth, there are plenty of financially challenged college graduates” she joked.

“If you look at extraordinarily successful people, they are the more radicals who thought outside the box and went on a different route. We know that those successful individuals did not take the typical, standard, and practical steps to success in most cases. Practical steps will lead you to a practical life, that is part of a practical system,” Jaz explained.

Although she is not advocating young people to drop out of college as she appreciates her own collegiate background, Jaz told them that they should not be fearful if they do choose to discontinue pursuing college. She assured them that there are so many other ways of learning other than from educational institutions. “Some individuals are far more educated by learning things on their own than those who went to college. Getting a college education is not absolutely necessary to be successful,” she remarked.

“Do not be afraid to try something different.” Those are Jaz’s parting words to all of those who want to be successful entrepreneurs. Talking to Jaz has brought so many points to ponder in finding the true meaning of success.

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