Dimming The Lights, For A Loving Sound: Billy Wright #BlackAmericanMusic #BlackAmericanHer/History360 #BlackAmerica

Reviving Love In A Darkening Hue! A Look At The Late BILLY WRIGHT, and His Performance Of "Turn Your Lamp Down Low!"

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When you dim the lights, there is a way of inviting love into the atmosphere. There are so many negative connotations applied to darkness. And yet, it’s in the dark, where life begins. Light and dark are complements of each other. Contrary to such claims, they are not antagonist of each other. What was done in the dark is always revealed in the light. Real Talk!

Yes! There are beautiful things taking place in the dark. Love is one of them! Love is also made in the dark. Of course, there are different kinds of love. Familial Love. Romantic Love. Loving friendships. Love for the Most High. The list goes on and on. Nevertheless, there is love taking place in Universal coloring!

Now, here is an interesting question. When love seems to fade, what does one do? Some people beg for it. Others try to make up for any shortcomings. And then, there are those, who simply ask for another shot at love. Which route shall you pursue?

Music makes the love go around. Music can turn a frown upside down. Such is one of the jewels of music. 🎶 It heals the mind, Body, and Spirit. However, here is one major question. Does music have the power to save love? When saving that relationship with the one you love, will a simple song, satisfy? Such is a very important question. Let’s explore!

When have the dimming of lights. And then, we have the song. “Oh, Baby please don’t go!” Coming from the song, “Turn Your Lamps Down Low,” we move into one musical fight to save love. Of course, it’s more than begging someone to stay. The further additive is about moving a woman back into the feelings of love; those feelings, that they once knew, with a certain man. How does he maneuver her back into that loving aura?

Did you read the title of the song?

Why does he feel the need to ask her to dim the lights? Perhaps, it’s because he needs to move her back into that dark existence. It’s an aura, and a space, where love is electrifying. Not only is it sparkling, but it brings some element of hope in reviving love. Love must be revived in order for a blossoming 🌸 to occur.

He is asking and asking. He continues to ask. With every question, a certain sparkle is awakened. Perhaps, just perhaps, she will change her mind. For behind every decision, is a feeling. If he could get her to nourish the feelings of love, perhaps she’ll stay. One can try. And then, one can hope.

Back into the world of Universal delight! There is a different interpretation of the dark. The Universe is a dark coloring. Furthermore, it’s a place, where life is found. When we dim down the lights, there is great wisdom to be found. Lastly, there is a way of knowing that life and love, is still worth saving!

So, dim down the lights. Give love the power to re-vive in her Soul. Maybe, she will be gifted with a more abundant, glow!

Billy Wright


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