Digital Nomad Lifestyle: “Be results-oriented.” An interview with Shiv Gupta.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Shiv Gupta, the founder of Incrementors, a marketing and development agency that provides actionable insights for customers. Their services include pay-per-click marketing, SEO, graphic design, video marketing, web development and more. Now, Shiv lives and runs the company remotely as a digital nomad without a fixed location. […]

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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Shiv Gupta, the founder of Incrementors, a marketing and development agency that provides actionable insights for customers. Their services include pay-per-click marketing, SEO, graphic design, video marketing, web development and more. Now, Shiv lives and runs the company remotely as a digital nomad without a fixed location.

What was your inspiration for living and working nomadically? What factors inspired you to leave the stationary lifestyle and start earning money remotely? 

For most careers, etching out relevant blocks of time to accumulate is necessary. You can’t be at your best if you’re turning cafes and coffee shops every hour. Spot a place where you can regularly devote a tedious chunk of time, get in a cadence, and concentrate completely. Know how you work best, meet distraction-free restricted workspaces to execute most of your work. Better, as far as earning potential, this can be a fruitful career if you are proficient at what you do and can earn good clients who meet well. It also rests on how much you prefer to work and if you prefer to stay freelance or develop a society that obtains employees.

What unexpected challenges and hurdles have you encountered so far as a digital nomad?

Constantly, with the irritations of stabilizing your work life and your personal life remotely, it becomes problematic to strike targets and deadlines. If you have a team of workers from various areas in the world and confidently various cultures and experiences, you might have to hold global holidays and moral festivals you need to be vigilant of. The further you can front-load a set deadline set that runs for yourself and your co-workers, the fewer improvements you’ll have to do down the street or during deadline trouble time.

Do you have any personal anecdotes or stories about the hardships you’ve faced as a location independent worker? How did you overcome them?

In my work as a marketing director and promoter, I’m furious about helping teams and team members deal with their biggest challenges. Navigating various communication styles and the prioritization of communication in the office is a test most operators face. A lack of efficient communication hinders a team’s competence and can also impact an employee’s level of trust amongst each other and operation. Another vital problem has to be with physical sources. Being able to use automation devices and tools is a real business matter. The issues that our employees grappled with are “documents are not on the cloud, can’t reach a companion and don’t know why they didn’t know this was urgent, don’t know the in-charge, can’t access the system” and so on. It is difficult to secure the convenience of the method to all the teams with a speed internet connection.

Follow these points to overcome this problem: Keep the office culture alive, even for digital nomads. As well, be proactive in communicating with your team and ask for communication preferences.

Has any aspect of the lifestyle and career been easier than expected? Is there anything that you thought would be difficult but, in reality, hasn’t been? 

Yes, this can be tough to assess at the setting up lifestyle and career timing would be difficult to assess. You don’t want to take 16 hours a day and end up feeling no one in the places you visit but you again don’t want to move for 2 hours a day and finish up back home after 1 month. Seek and meet a balance, whether you work 4 days for 12 hours and have 3 days off or hardly take the weekends off, create a safe moment easily.

What character traits would you say are the most important or essential for successful digital nomads?

Being results-oriented. Proactive performance and independence are extremely appreciated. Another face of the same proverbial coin is result-oriented. Being able to train down to the root origin of desires, the exact one thing that requires to develop in place to move forward; having the efficiency and outcome to drive the execution and only recovering fulfillment when the special goal is affected; that is for us result direction, and that is what can form digital nomads great.

If you were starting over from scratch today, what would you do differently? 

There are many pros and cons of being a digital nomad in diverse ways. You desire to figure out these stages and set if that behavior is for you before making your result. For example, if you crave to spend 6 months to a year traveling and observing a lot you can, a digital nomad lifestyle wouldn’t suit you. You would benefit more from storing up and traveling to a revenue.

What would you say to aspiring digital nomads looking to get started on a similar career path? Any words of wisdom or cautionary tales?

One of the best ideas to learn if you would enjoy the lifestyle is to try it out first. Look at your current company and see if you can manage from home for a time of year. If you can’t do that, try and arrange some freelance concerts to get a taste of the lifestyle. You will explore the extraordinary secret concerns required to assist a lifestyle with a remote job, it can be very imposing but it’s better to spot it now than 3 months after you’ve traded up and left.

What were some digital strategies that originally helped get your business or service off the ground?

I can hardly unravel the favors of the digital nomad lifestyle through hard work. There are some unique demands that nomads face for running remotely, in various time sections with sometimes sketchy Wi-Fi. But there’s also a lot of tools, technology solutions, and nomad-specific utilities that can help – from cloud-based apps to global mobile Wi-Fi and co-working fields. 

Because of this, it’s easier than ever to become a digital nomad. With a bit of plot and dedication, the world easily can be your lobster. You can also track down computer repair stores if urgent, too. Speak to your IT team about the things you can do to fix routine issues with your laptop or cloud software and start safe you’re up-to-date on how to use your tools.

LinkedIn is easily the favorite platform for B2B businesses, and mostly if your goal is to lead time. This is also a fit program for report content, and it can help you create your business as a loved leader in your field, create law for your brand, and require leads through visits. I would love to read the final article and share it with my social media friends.

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