Despite The Storm

Overcome, Be, and Become

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The New York Clipper Ship "Prima Donna" - painting by Montague Dawson - 20th century 

Despite The Storm
poem by
Carmen A. Cisnadean

In every storm there is a chance,
To overcome, to be, to become,
A graceful light
As brilliant as heaven’s sun,
To brake the chains,
To overcome, be, and become,

You gave me life to take a chance,
To overcome, to be, to become,
A breeze of sound
Despite the currents wild.
You gave me strength
To take the sail,
Beyond the surge
To places new.

I live my life, to breach the storm,
To overcome, to be, to become,
A sturdy ship
Despite the wrath,
To rise above the highest tide
To overcome, be, and become,
A better me.

Despite the gushing power of the storms in our lives, I feel that there is always a moment in which we can step back and embrace choice, choice in that which we can do, from the way we choose to think to the way we choose to act. We are so much more in charge of our thoughts, actions, and even visions, than society would have us believe – a power which we often underestimate and take for granted. Life is this immense opportunity, especially during the stormy times, to overcome, to be, and become ANEW. By overcoming, being, and becoming we sculpt our lives. In the sculpting action we take ownership and control over our progress, shaping, molding, and directing our life path. Einstein would probably say that we evolve, which I believe is true. When I wrote this poem, I remember sitting down by my window on a rainy day thinking about how much I did overcome in life thus far, how much I am made of, and how much I aim to still become. And then it hit me, all of these three actions contribute to my life every day in ultimately shaping me into a better me, a more knowledgeable me, a more prepared me, a more aware me, and overall a stronger me. We can embrace choice only when we look at it not as an insuperable burden but as an extraordinary opportunity to overcome, be, and become better people.

Carmen A. K.
(aka Carmen A. Cisnadean)

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