Decluttering Tips for Homebased Workers

Having an organized workstation that is free from unnecessary stuff is very important. It can contribute to your efficiency and supercharge your productivity.

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Working at home is still one of the hottest trends nowadays. It’s not only a convenient way to perform your tasks, but it is also a great way to become more productive. Having an organized workstation that is free from unnecessary stuff is very important. It can contribute to your efficiency and supercharge your productivity. A workspace that is clean and free from distractions can make you more focused on the tasks. However, there are times your desk or the room where you work can be full of stuff not knowing which ones are to be discarded. You become denial sometimes that you need to let go of some items. This is when some decluttering tips are important to be learned and applied so you can be creative and productive while you work from home. published an article showing a comprehensive list of work from home statistics. An interesting part of the article highlighted some statistics pertaining to the work-life balance of remote workers. Some of the statistics mentioned are:

–          The main reason remote workers prefer this work trend is for a better work-life balance, at 91%

–          Employees who identify with having a physical learning style, which is based on simulation and experience-based learning, are 56% more likely to go entirely remote in their work.

–          79% of remote workers also claimed that increased focus and productivity was why they chose to enter into remote working.

–          Only 3% of remote workers feel that they are less productive working from home.

For more details of the work from home statistics, you can check this post.

Why Decluttering Matters?

Decluttering is a very important way to avoid stress and other distractions. Some of the benefits of a decluttered working space include the following:

–          Aids in reducing anxiety and stress

–          Helps promote creativity

–          Increases productivity level

–          Creates a reputable work environment

Every remote worker should learn how to do decluttering because it can bring long-term benefits to your personal and professional success.

Some Decluttering Tips You Can Apply While Working from Home

Your home office can be a place where you will spend most of your time working on tasks. To make your work experience more satisfying, your work area should be free from distractions and other unnecessary stuff. How can you achieve that? You should try decluttering.

Below are some decluttering tips that you can consider:

#1 Declutter your desk

Your desk is where you mostly do your work, especially if your job requires using the computer, typing, designing, and crafting. It is vital to check if there are things in your desk that may only distract you from your tasks. Identify the necessities and discard those that are no longer needed. Keep the items on your desk that you use regularly, such as pens, notepads, mouse, calendar, and other important items. On the other hand, there are items that you seldom use and can be kept in a drawer or cabinet. Items that are not required for your work should be either discarded or placed in other containers. This way, you can be more organized and focused on the assignments at hand.

#2 Go digital or delete

Another reason why a workspace becomes cluttered is due to the many bulks of papers and hard copies of documents. Some documents and files can be saved in digital storage. They can also be organized into folders and categorized based on formats and size. Unless very much necessary, you can avoid piling thousands of papers in your desk or workstation by keeping a digital file of those papers. When it comes to your emails and other files you saved digitally, you can also sort and organize them properly. Clean your inbox regularly. Trash those spam messages and delete unnecessary emails. They will help free some space in your storage. Decluttering your files, both online and offline will make it easier for you to search and find a certain file when you need them. This will save time and effort, making you more productive at work.

#3 Do not eat your lunch on your desk

It may sound convenient to bring your lunch to work. However, this is not a healthy practice. Instead of standing and taking a break, you become more sedentary by eating your foods while still working. In case there is no way for you not to have lunch on your desk, make sure that you declutter your desk of the utensils like spoons, plates, and spoons. Since you are working at home, it will be better if you can eat your lunch in your dining room. Not only you can avoid adding stuff on your working table, but you can also enjoy the experience of having lunch at home.

#4 Always put cleaning on your daily routine

The best way to keep an organized workstation is to make sure you do cleaning. Make sure that regular cleaning is listed on your calendar. Make it a habit, or a routine to make yourself committed. For instance, you can schedule cleaning your workstation on a daily basis, preferably before you start working. You can also set a weekly or monthly general cleaning and decluttering to ensure that you will achieve amazing work results.

#5 Declutter your mind

One of the most important decluttering tips is to keep your mind free from stress and anxiety. When you’re stressed and your mind is full of negativity, you will not be able to work properly. Deadlines may not be met on time and work results may be of low quality. You can do some exercises that can help you stay active. Decluttering your mind will help you make yourself ready physically and mentally to work more creatively and productively.

Final Thoughts

Homebased workers can enjoy the many benefits of doing their jobs in the comfort of their homes. They can have a flexible schedule and customize their home office with the design they want. However, it is crucial that their workspaces are well-organized and free from the clutter that may distract them from working efficiently. 

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