Deciding on Gold

How seeing yourself as a silver medalist will keep you small.

I saw a fellow online personality’s email the other day about sharing ‘the gold’ in your story. I actually have a story that talks specifically about GOLD, so I wanted to share it with you.

All my life I had always been really good at almost everything, but not exceptional at anything. Long story short, I basically felt that I was a silver medalist my entire life. I felt that no matter what I did I would always fall a little bit short and get the silver metal.

I remember having a similar conversation with my mom when I was about 12 years old. A conversation that basically had me sharing with her that I always felt like a silver medalist, someone who was good at everything but not amazing at anything, someone who would always win the silver medal. However, the only thing that did not feel accurate in my life was that I was the oldest child, so I came first in that sense. This was the moment that my mom shared with me that when she was very young she had a child that passed away at birth — so my silver medalist ranking was actually still accurate. I remember feeling internally dull due to this silver validation.

I always have loved the color silver. Since a young age I would wear it all the time and as an adult, I always thought that silver was just better look for me. A few years ago when I finally realized that my mindset around silver (and being second-place) was holding me back, I was totally amazed. I had technically been sabotaging everything that I was doing with this silver medalist mindset, this self-actualization that I was always a silver person. I begin to embrace the color gold and not just the physical gold… but the idea of GOLD (who it was given to, worn by or represented through the ages). Cleopatra didn’t want silver, she wanted gold! Gold is now my personal mindset and for me stands for the idea that YOU can be the queen of YOUR own life. It stands for empowerment, total inspiration and creating anything that you desire without any kind of apprehension.

Gold and silver ( like anything) have their own vibrations, so since my gold transformation I have been able to create some of the most amazing things due to the fact that my new mindset is fixed around a new up-leveled vibration. I have shed the limiting belief that I only deserve silver or second place. For me gold isn’t just something that I wear, embrace, or even use in my paintings… it is the idea that I am number one in my life.

So I leave you with this question, are you a silver medalist or a gold medalist? I would love to know what you feel you have chosen for yourself and if you think it has manifested itself in your life as such.

Keep Creative!

Originally published at on March 13, 2017.

Originally published at

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