Daphne Soares: Business and Leadership Coach, Shares Her Inspirational Journey to Becoming a Successful Mompreneur

“Becoming a successful Mompreneur can be very challenging as we have to juggle between so many areas as a mom within the home, family, and work. It is crucial to create the right balance in our own Carousels of Life to avoid burnout and be an inspiration to our children.” – Daphne Soares. BECOMING A […]

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“Becoming a successful Mompreneur can be very challenging as we have to juggle between so many areas as a mom within the home, family, and work. It is crucial to create the right balance in our own Carousels of Life to avoid burnout and be an inspiration to our children.” – Daphne Soares.


Daphne Soares is the founder of Carousel Moms Business and Leadership Coaching.  She is a mother of two beautiful kids. Aside from being a Business and Leadership Coach, she is also an International Speaker and Mentor. She has gone from a career woman with a 9 – 5 job to a Homemaker, Coordinator, Masters’ Catechist, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist.  

She is a certified Masters’ Catechist in Catechesis, Youth Ministry, Differently Challenged People, and much more with Distinction from Dayton University, Ohio, USA, and UAE.  A  Post Diploma holder in NLP, Family, Adults and Teens Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy from Anugraha Institute of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Research and Meta Dynamics, Business and  Leadership Coach from Australia and UAE. She is also a  member of the ICG.

Recently, Daphne has been ranked among the “Top 10 Female Coaches in 2021” by Yahoo Finance.


A major shift happened in her life after getting married. She moved with her husband to UAE, leaving family and friends. Being without extended family, she had to quit her senior executive job to take care of her kids as she and her husband did not believe in having their kids raised by nannies. However, she treasured every moment that she had to spend with her kids. Yes, they had only one salary coming in and had to cut edges at times, but it was all worth it. 

She was often faced with family and friends asking the question, “You are educated and well experienced; why do you not work”? While others, “You are so lucky to just sit at home and relax. You don’t go to work like us”. In reply to these, Daphne would like her audience to have a mind-shift, “As moms, we commonly hear the question – ‘Are you a working mom or a stay-home mom?’ Yet, for dads, this is never a question. If you are a dad, it’s taken for granted that you work. No one will ask a dad where their kids are when they are at work or anywhere out. Women, on the other hand, are born with managerial skills in their DNA; they manage many departments in the home, e.g. driving, teaching the kids, cooking, washing, cleaning, school and clinic visits, sitting up the whole night when any member is ill, etc. The list goes on. A paid job is never 24/7, whereas a mom’s job is unpaid 24/7. Even if a mom takes a break for a few hours or is ill, the family and home are in a mess. But, if mom is okay, the whole family is okay. Being a Mompreneur is like having a second business”.

Daphne always loves caring for her family above all, serving and bringing out the very best in every human being. During this time of raising her kids as they were approaching their teens, she learned about an online Psychology course which became the major turning point in her life. She took up the challenge to stretch herself and do it. This helped her better understand herself, her husband, and especially her children in these changing times. 

She understood why people do what they do – the triggers, causes, and effects of one’s actions and emotions on oneself and others. She discovered her listening skills, patience, and empathy and that “it is okay to ventilate, share your feelings, live life on your terms, and have healthy boundaries. You do not need to be the people’s pleaser at the cost of sacrificing yourself and your loved one’s happiness, life, and health.” It is vital that every individual loves and lives life to its fullest. Moms sacrifice a lot; they even give up their sleep and meals to cope with the demands of the family, which results in early aging, burnout, frustration, stress, and depression, which can greatly affect the whole family.


Having discovered her new hidden talents, she pursued her Post Diploma in Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Hypnotherapy. Her curiosity and passion for serving and bringing out the best in people led her to Coaching, Meta Dynamics and Business Skills, which was mind-blowing. She finally knew that this is what she was most passionate about. She found that she could support her husband in finances and yet not neglect the home and children by starting her own Coaching Business. She also got the children involved in small ways. Her business name, logo and colors, ebooks are the creation of her daughter. At the same time, her son helps in paperwork and other areas of the business.

She shares her success story to help moms overcome limiting beliefs and not see marriage and family as a roadblock but as stepping stones to building the new generation and living life to its fullest. Children spend most of their time with the mom, and she can be the greatest source of inspiration for them while giving her best to the family and living her dreams. Daphne says, “It is necessary as a mom to be happy, plan well and sync to the right rhythm of the music in their own carousels of life.” And don’t forget, “You must get the family involved, particularly the kids and, if possible, your partner. Include the children in decision-making. They often have great ideas and love to be heard. Make all feel that they matter”. 

Daphne would love to share some simple steps towards “Your Inner Journey for Your Success.”


Take a notebook and sit in a quiet place. 

STEP # 1

“Take time to ask yourself a few questions. Be honest and realistic with yourself. It’s the key to your success. You do not need to finish it in one day. Do not rush, neither procrastinate.”

According to Daphne, “We all have two versions of ourselves – the Surface and the Core?

My Surface:

  • What am I on the Surface?
  • Why am I doing it?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Whose approval do I seek?
  • What is it giving me?

My Core:

  • What do I want in my Core?
  • What can I do to live my inner wanting?
  • How will it benefit me?
  • Who matters most to me?
  • Why do they matter to me?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I want to do?
  • What can I do?
  • What am I an expert in?
  • How do I want to see myself in 5 years?”

STEP # 2

The next step is to “Make a list of your Values and Beliefs (a minimum of 5 each). Your Values and Belief are what shapes you, who you are, who and what you want to be”.

STEP # 3

Once the previous step is done, the next thing to do is “Create your future dreams based on these.”

STEP # 4

“Your line of action to live ‘My Dream.’ Dare to dream big. Go wild – reach for the Sky. It is your dream. At this point, ask yourself, how much time am I giving myself to make My Dream a reality?”

STEP # 5

For the last step, you need to dig real deep within yourself.

“Create a list of chores that you need to do and downsize them. For example, you do not need to wash clothes and change the beddings every day except if you have babies in the house. Neither do you need to cook three times a day or start a meal plan. 

Daphne often hears her clients say, “Oh, my mom cooked three times and washed clothes daily,” which is good if they want to model their mom. A food for thought Daphne gives, “how much was your mom on the mobile playing, chatting, and listening to music. Well, we all only wear the cap we want to wear. One cap doesn’t always fit all. Sometimes, we look for lame excuses and do not go deep into ourselves to find the real driving force behind our actions and thoughts.”

Make sure to set a ‘ME’ time for regular exercise, rest, journaling and daily meditation, housework, official work, your partner and kids.”

Daphne believes: “The  Power is Within you!  Break  FREE  from what is holding you back”.

She has helped many of her clients make the required mindshift, remove roadblocks and overcome limiting beliefs. Living life to its fullest on their terms and building healthy boundaries. She also empowers them to start and run a thriving dream business, have the right strategies in place, and build rapport, which is key to business success. She also works with teams that need to build great leaders, create a great culture, build values and overcome Disruptive Leadership within the organization.

Daphne can be reached through her social media pages to learn more about her life-changing coaching services, whether group or 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions.

She is happy to offer a FREE laser session to see “where you are at, what you need and how to move towards making your dream a reality.”

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