Cut off your thoughts

Stop whining and start to do it.

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I am not perfect, and I don’t have a routine to do my lots things to do. To be clear; things not so exciting like chores, taxes, eating enough healthy and so on. But when you listen to your inner voice who accomplishes and sustains you and your motives, at first, you feel well, but after a while, you start to feel stuck and more stressed because you pile up a lot of things to do.
I remember I felt so when I used to procrastinate doing my taxes, the mountain of paperwork, inspection of missing documents and so on and the expire date always more close to you. You can find this way of doing things, in many aspects of your life; healthy habits, food, and in many other cases. For instance when you eat junk food, or when you don’t do physical exercise, and I mean not even 15 minutes of light activities! While you are thinking ” I should do it.. but..”. For instance when you crave something sweet and look at your basket of fruit ignoring it, thinking instead of chocolate (and especially when you do it often because chocolate sometimes can give you a good effect)
So, to me is always the same story.
I am aware that I am lazy and mainly because I now know one of the ways to avoid this unfortunate habits, even though I am still not so good to apply it most properly. Times ago I accidentally stopped to think about taxes, and I did all my things to do, checking and drawing up my documents. In a brief time, I finished my duties avoiding bad feelings typical of a short deadline. Merely you don’t have to think about annoying things to do; you don’t have to listen to your inner voice which suggests to you “procrastinate it!”. You have just to do it. You can apply this scheme to all your monotonous responsibilities or those that require a pretty big effort; you are not in the right mood to do it but tempted to procrastinate it. And for help these rules, you eventually can imagine how satisfied you will be after doing that. I think it is a piece of advice to help you avoiding stress caused by postponing things to do. You don’t have to follow it rigorously or you could if you like the effects and you are enough willing to do it. And last but not least; remember you even need to rest and pause yourself.

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