Currency of Self

Trusting myself to do what I deem to be in my own best interest is not a risk - rather - it is a non-negotiable.

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It truly is remarkable to me how many people (myself, previously included) who have held both a distorted view as well as a love-hate relationship with monies. I have personally been all over the scale and as someone who has been financially self-sufficient since the age of sixteen years old, I can certainly relate to, appreciate, understand, and respect the struggle that this subject matter may hold for you as it has for me throughout my own journey.

I have however, not been one to to hold myself back from investing monies into myself when it has come to furthering my educational pursuits, personal and professional development opportunities, my passions, or in the choosing to grow my business as a serial solo-preneur. Something I am very proud of myself for, and take great pride in, is the fact that I paid for both my college and university education on my own – no grants, no loans, no Mummy or Daddy – just me consistently plugging away at two or three jobs to afford the privilege of buying myself a better life. It also took me longer than most to secure a payment plan with an orthodontist so as to purchase braces for my extremely crooked teeth and overcrowded mouth, and much longer after I was originally in desperate need of them.

I no longer cling to the once-upon-a-time script that many of us have been raised to believe, and have had ingrained into our subconscious, and that message consisting of the plethora of reasons as to why we cannot afford what we want or often-times what we in-fact, actually need. This is premised within a fear-based mentality – a ‘broke-mindset,’ which counter-intuitively reinforces to us that we are perpetually un-deserving and un-worthy – that anything we deem important to us is a luxury, an indulgence, and is not responsible-spending, not a priority unless just simply paying the bills. I do not subscribe to the ‘put all your monies away for a rainy-day,’ perspective. I (responsibly) live every day as though it were truly my last. I talk myself into (not out of) what intuitively speaks to my soul as far as taking that leap of faith that comes with parting ways with monies knowing, believing and trusting that it will pay off in spades in ways more deeply meaningful and purposeful to me than simply hoarding it and remaining a slave to the ‘playing it safe,’ and ‘being practical,’ mentality.

Everything in life is perceivably a risk. Believing in myself and trusting myself to do what I deem to be in my own best interest is not a risk – rather – it is a non-negotiable. Money has bought me mentors, wisdom, enlightenment, momentous advancement in scaling my business, healing, peace of mind, and has continuously aligned me with like-minded people who have grown me personally, professionally, spiritually, and even financially. As with anything and everything, there is energy in monies.There is energy in how we give monies, there is energy in how we receive monies, and energies at play with what we choose to exchange for our monies. If something is important enough for me to obtain, and monies are required, I will work even harder, and sacrifice that which is less important to me, in order to achieve, and to gratefully receive.

Often times, people get caught up with the thought process that we need to always have something tangible to show for our monies such as a degree or a diploma, or a vehicle, or property, and yes, although I have shelled out thousands upon thousands of dollars for all of those same things – my greatest investment and rate of return to date has derived from the intangible expenditures, which I have equally shelled out thousands upon thousands of dollars for, all of which has produced a more self-assured, confident, savvy, connected, business woman, a quieter and clearer mind, an on-fire, impassioned soul, a more well-rounded human being who continues to successfully monetize, and grow my business, because I have first and foremost – invested and re-invested back into my own personal and professional growth and development. This has proven time and time again to have been a win-win for my children, my clients, my community, my colleagues, peers, family, friends, charities and fundraising initiatives, and most importantly – myself. In my humble opinion, this has been the ongoing exercising of self-love and self-care – it is the gift that keeps on giving. Each time I relinquish monies, I am doing so, knowing I am choosing to energetically embrace a better and more improved version of self. I have learnt to love money, in both the giving and the receiving of it as a result of choosing to equate it with a much deeper and more expansive understanding of currency. I do not look upon anything from a deficit or lack standpoint – monies included. I only choose to focus on the upside way of viewing my ongoing relationship with everything in life – the subject of monies included, and that is regardless of my fluctuating bank account balance. I choose to focus on growth, investment, substance, depth, meaning, purpose, and all while consistently maintaining a positively intuitive energy ‘attached’ to anything and everything in my life – inclusive of monies. I am a staunch believer in the old adage that what we put our attention on; grows stronger in our lives, and with that – comes the inherent dualities and polarities of positivity and negativity. I have chosen to make friends and peace with my previous fears and challenges by simply choosing to look at it differently. May we all choose to live with an abundant mindset. “I want for you what you want for you.” – Byron Katie.

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more. #Grateful #LivingFearlessly

Love and Gratitude ~ Lisa

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