Crystal Privett: “Heal past trauma’s by integrating that energy with compassion”

Support your body’s powerful healing ability by crowding your plate with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. This “crowding out” mindset encourages you to embrace the healthy foods that you do like, instead of the constraints created by limitations placed on diets. Often when we refer to wellness, we assume that we are talking about physical […]

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Support your body’s powerful healing ability by crowding your plate with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. This “crowding out” mindset encourages you to embrace the healthy foods that you do like, instead of the constraints created by limitations placed on diets.

Often when we refer to wellness, we assume that we are talking about physical wellbeing. But one can be physically very healthy but still be unwell, emotionally or mentally. What are the steps we can take to cultivate optimal wellness in all areas of our life; to develop Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing?

As a part of our series about “How We Can Cultivate Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Crystal Privett.

Crystal Privett had very humble beginnings in the plains of Colorado. The only girl in a blended middle-class family. She endured a toxic and trauma filled childhood with years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse sprinkled amidst the fond memories and friendships. It was later in life that she realized her greatest gift came in the form of this discomfort, solace and introspection of her highest self. This childhood pain was the first of many that would awaken her to her fullest potential.

Crystal graduated early with honors from her small town of Frederick, CO and decided at the age of 17 to move across the country alone to manifest her destiny in sunny California. Life gnawed on her for a while before chewing her up and spitting her out. A young girl all alone in a new city… She had many lessons to learn. How else better to learn the world than diving in headfirst?

Ironically, Crystal ended up in the same town that her mother and grandmother had lived in decades before. She must have known this on a subconscious level, although at the time she had not realized the correlation.

Crystal meandered through life for a while, until she finally found herself leading a team of women in retail and loving every moment of her management position. At the time she was the youngest manager in over 500 stores at Chico’s. Her conscious mind was fueled by willpower, but her subconscious mind was littered with limiting beliefs. Incongruences in her body began to manifest as bouts of severe cyclic vomiting plaguing her life and the doctors could not figure out why. Crystal then went on to marry and have children. Devoting herself to her family brought her a sense of joy that she had not received when she was a little girl, but it always felt as if something was missing. Crystal’s dreams were put on hold until her subconscious mind had enough with her lack of ambition.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive into the main focus of our interview, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your childhood backstory?

inspiration was a tale of two Jennifer’s! I learned so much about myself with the meditation, inner space techniques, and Third Eye Awakening retreat. I was able to release a sense of spiritual and emotional paralysis with the space created by my dear friend Jennifer Flynn. Working with Flynn opened me up to the possibilities presented within me when I met Jenny Harkleroad. Harkleroad Subconscious work is incredibly powerful. Being able to connect with her inspired me to have the strength to follow my dreams. I tend to go a little what I call “Goddess Geek”, with my visions… I know she supports me being uniquely me & I adore that.

None of us can achieve success without some help along the way. Was there a particular person who you feel gave you the most help or encouragement to be who you are today? Can you share a story about that?

This is so interesting that you ask this question. It happens to be the same question that cost me the first-place title at the Miss Teen Colorado beauty pageant. I came in second place, because I didn’t have the confidence to acknowledge my mom when the judges asked me an embarrassing question on stage. It was about a pair of shoes that were quite interesting with ornate wooden carvings in them. The question made me insecure, because to me those shoes were hideous and I didn’t even want to think about them on stage. It is possible that I felt insecure because I felt like other beautiful girls deserved it because they had more money or knew more about the feminine things, I had just begun to get accustomed to after growing up around all boys. I realized that the decline in myself belief was a hard lesson to learn. If I had the confidence in myself then to thank my mom… I would have won the title. I remember going out and earning every dollar for my entry fee, dress, coach and all the extras. I had humble beginnings, but now I embrace where I came from. It would be a delight to honor my mom and my Stepdad for their support and for believing in me. I’m thankful that the only validation I depend on now is myself and that is so liberating.

Can you share the funniest or most interesting mistake that occurred to you in the course of your career? What lesson or take away did you learn from that?

There are plenty of mistakes to choose from, but I often enjoy celebrating the success of my friends and clients. I spoke to a client about someone who just “miraculously” found $8,000 in an envelope in her garage after doing some mindset work. I didn’t emphasize that results will vary and he called me the next week explaining how clean his garage was, but no money was found. We both chuckled when he managed to make his money in another way. I learned how we are all provided for when we are in alignment and there is an abundance that can be tapped into with your mindset.

Is there a particular book that made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story or explain why it resonated with you so much?

My favorite book is a difficult question… I have so many! I am kind of a nerd when it comes to reading. Books and crystals are everywhere in my house! I would have to pick two. Leisure reading would be, The Atlantean Secrets, a four-part series about ancient Atlantis. That series is my all-time favorite. It blends my passions for attaining spiritual awakening, crystals & ancient civilizations. I also adore the powerful dragon of the deep and the analogies for the duality we have within ourselves. I am kind of a cellular biologist’s groupie and love the science behind my work. “Breaking To Be Me,” by my mentor Jenny Harkleroad, would have to be my second favorite as it explains her secret to overcoming chronic pain. Harkleroad broke her back in a hiking accident and was living in terrible pain, like I was. I found comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone.

Can you share your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Why does that resonate with you so much?

“When two people become entangled, one person will conform to the energy of the other person. When one of them is a healer, whose cells are vibrating at a higher level, the client’s cells become entangled, and their energy is lifted. That’s why the old saying, “physician heal thyself,” is so important, even though most don’t understand it: If the physician’s energy is going to influence or, in scientific terms, “entrain” the patient’s, the doctor’s must be higher.” As said by my favorite cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton. Quantum entanglement is among my favorite subjects and I find it incredibly powerful to see the areas where science and spirituality intermingle. Nikola Tesla knew what he was talking about when he told us to think in terms of frequency.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? How do you think that might help people?

Two of my personal passion projects are helping survivors of sexual trauma and helping incredible soldiers that suffer with PTSD. I find much healing when working with these two very different groups. My Grandfather was a POW and I never had the privilege to meet him. It heals a part of me to honor these men and women that have served our country so tirelessly. Sexual trauma can also be a very painful experience that can affect many aspects of a person’s life. The joy that comes from watching someone release their tragic emotional burden is more rewarding than the most articulate poet could describe. It makes all my pain worth it to be a conduit of healing.

Do you have a specific type of meditation practice or Yoga practice that you have found helpful? We’d love to hear about it.

Absolutely, Subconscious Reprogramming. It is a peaceful guided meditation with some gentle movements. I like to compare it to a “choose your own adventure of the mind.” The relaxing techniques and empowering personal goals merge to form these magnificent new beliefs. I personally do the process every morning, afternoon and evening at some point. The aspirations I choose in my subconscious reprogramming is the promise to make time to share my gifts with others.

Thank you for that. Can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum physical wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

Three good habits to lead to optimum health would be to declutter your mind, body and environment.

  • Mentally purge limiting beliefs and replace them with loving self-narratives. Taking time to catch yourself and clean the mindset of negativity is a valuable skill. It is important to continue to make time for self-growth so you can continue to achieve all of your aspirations.
  • Support your body’s powerful healing ability by crowding your plate with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. This “crowding out” mindset encourages you to embrace the healthy foods that you do like, instead of the constraints created by limitations placed on diets.
  • Decluttering your environment can be a constant evolution, as you can organize a closet or a drawer and see the mental clarity that it brings you. Have fun with it and enjoy fun baskets or colors to organize what you already have and love.

Gratitude is an extremely high vibrational mindset and is a wonderful place to operate from.

Do you have any particular thoughts about healthy eating? We all know that it’s important to eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, etc. But while we know it intellectually, it’s often difficult to put it into practice and make it a part of our daily habits. In your opinion what are the main blockages that prevent us from taking the information that we all know, and integrating it into our lives?

I would highly recommend that people get intimate with their food and its energy and really explore the pleasures in this deep connection between us and the Earth. If you are going to do all this work to raise your vibration mentally, why would you reverse your efforts by putting low vibrational processed foods in your system? Eat things that have a life force and not a label.

Baby steps to integration, but I would say less is more. The first thing we can do to embrace healthy eating is taking the time to have fun and intimacy with your meals. Allow space in your day to learn who is farming your food. I personally adore my local CSA, The Garden Of Eden Organics. They have been feeding my boys since they were tiny and we have had the chance to pull our own carrots and get our organic produce straight from the farmers. Coming from a small farming town, I believe our farmers are under appreciated. My hats off to them all. Secondly, the more you know… the more you grow! There are five areas of supreme health called The Blue Zones. These people have found ways to live the happiest and healthiest lives on the planet. One commonality in these zones was that people had their own private gardens and spent time actively involved in a community. The microbiome that is feeding our growing food and the communities of healthy bacteria in the soil can directly affect the microbiome of our digestive system, as we are all a part one diverse ecosystem.

Lastly, I think it is important to allow yourself to be a little naughty. We all try so hard to be on our best behavior and realistically, seeking validation can be exhausting. In reality, a healthy diet can be achieved by following the dietary concept of a 90/10 rule. Primarily focusing on the majority of healthy options within the 90% but giving yourself the permission to really embrace and enjoy the outlet to be indulgent for that remainder 10%. You should own that healthy outlet for naughtiness, because that is being balanced and healthy!

Can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum emotional wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

Three healthy habits for emotional wellness consist of making boundaries, creating self-love and proclaiming your mental power. We have heard others speak on the importance of boundaries, but I feel really passionate about this answer. It can be a huge victory to learn to say “no” if you have never had the strength to stand up for your voice in the past. Saying what we mean can be incredibly liberating for yourself and gives those around your permission to speak their truth. It can be easy to find yourself negotiating with your own self-worth. Have you ever made a deal where you say, “if I just finish this project, then I deserve to treat myself to a special reward”? I say screw that! Self-love is something we own and not something we earn.

You will want to do one last thing to really achieve emotional wellness. Don’t shoot the messenger on this one, because it took me forever to figure this one out. You are never a victim and should embrace your journey to proclaim your divine greatness. Bad things can happen to people, but your mindset determines your outlook. The special Olympics are a classic example of people that have the mentality that they are capable of anything, despite any perceived limitations. There is always someone that has it worse than you and someone that has it better, but that is irrelevant because your energy should be focused on your own self growth.

Do you have any particular thoughts about the power of smiling to improve emotional wellness? We’d love to hear it.

If eyes are the gateway to the soul, then the smile must be the gateway to the heart! The power of a smile is the best infectious disease I know! It doesn’t cost a thing to share a smile and you will find it healing on an all-encompassing level the more you do it. Play a game and see if you can smile at others and find anyone that doesn’t smile back. It is amazing how the energy exchanged benefits both parties. We really are meant to be part of communities and smiling is our form of bonding.

Finally, can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum spiritual wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

We can achieve optimal spiritual wellness by embracing our freedoms. Free your human first, by getting out of your own way. We can use sheer willpower to drive us and we can have trust and confidence in the subconscious mind. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and regardless of your religion you should take extreme measures to surrender to your spirituality. Our spiritual wellness is also dependent on following our heart and intuition. Whatever it is you love to do, do more of that. We need to embrace what drives and nourishes our soul in order to live our best life. My last piece of spiritual advice may seem different. Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to others, be respectful, but find ways to sincerely and unapologetically live your truth. We are all blessed with beautiful differences and those differences should be embraced if we all become more enlightened, we will see that we are made perfect together and all our imperfections create a perfect masterpiece.

Do you have any particular thoughts about how being “in nature” can help us to cultivate spiritual wellness?

Nature has a lovely impact on our health, as it allows us to synchronize our circadian rhythms and benefits us with the cleansing of our aura. The light from the sun helps our body stay in tune with its natural sleeping patterns and you can feel a lightness to your spirit by being with the natural energy of the Earth. Everything is energy. We are energetic beings. Our cells are full of energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our food and environment are energy. Everything around us and including us has an energetic frequency and vibration that is measurable. A higher vibration is achieved by cultivating a relationship with the inner spiritual and outer physical worlds.

Ok, we are nearly done. You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the greatest number of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

It is honestly a great privilege to be a person of great influence and I practice what I preach, as I own my truth. My most inspired movement is no small feat… I will not rest until we can heal the world. I don’t know how to express the strength in the unity that drives me. I see a great need for divine feminine empowerment, and this is exactly why I adore my young women’s groups. Women still only make .81 cents vs their male counterparts and I know there is room for equality in this area. I believe Mother Teresa is a wonderful inspiration in her belief that she would not attend a rally that was against the war but would attend a rally that was for peace. This is why I don’t call myself a feminist, even though I support others to find the title that suits them, because I also want to hold a space for healing for any gender. What I am trying to express, is that I want to support women and personally feel that the label “divine feminine empowerment,” holds a sacred space for women to be honored and for our male counterparts to be as well. There are some strong, healthy, and interictal qualities that can be embraced within divine masculinity when we are able to see through the fog of the ego. My vision really encompasses authenticity of the spirit and the community to rebuild our trust in one another and establish our future for our highest and greatest wellbeing as a blessed and balanced humanity.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US, whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we both tag them 🙂

If I could have lunch with just one person in the world, it would be Elon Musk. I am such a huge fan of the science and technology he continues to revolutionize the world with. He has a brilliant mind and his innovation is unparalleled since the likes of Nikola Tesla. My mother also had the maiden name of Musk, and a part of me always wondered if there was some relation, as that is not a very common last name. That would be so cool!

How can our readers further follow your work online?

I am on Facebook and Instagram as @crystallinehealthcoach

LinkedIn Crystal Lynn Privett


Total Health: 5 Things We Can Do To Cultivate or Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

In order to optimize our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing… we need to have an integrated system & the ability to recognize who is running these systems. Many neuroscientists agree that Einstein’s conclusion was right that we are only tapping into a small amount of our conscious mind and that leaves a lot of power and potential to tap into with the subconscious mind. One of my favorite cellular biologists Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that, “we operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day! Unless the subconscious mind has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work. “This infers that the power of thought alone will not work with this invisible battle or block within your mind, especially if we don’t even realize the programs that are running us 95% of the time.

We are not here to be enslaved by the mind or the ego… but to be honored and cherished with reverence for our spirit or subconscious lead life. We have the choice to recognize each limiting belief & purge what no longer serves you energetically on all mental, emotional, physical & spiritual levels. Addressing this blocked flow will allow you subconscious to create space for more illuminated and spirit lead energy. In time… as the spirit is more in atonement and congruence you will see the intrinsically valuable power of living in support of your own goals… and let’s face it… we could all use a little support right now!

Have you ever met one of those people that just continues to have one explicitly crazy thing happen after another? That was the old me. I was personally stuck in one of these negative manifestation loops for decades and would highly recommend another form of learning. I managed to fight my way back in one area of health and something else would go drastically wrong in another area. Then after a serious of upwards of eleven surgeries to rebuild my jaw and teeth after a tragic accident… I found myself near the end of the daunting process & fall breaking my ankle badly in four places!! These were very real manifestations and you could just not make some of these stories up and I was trying a variety of extreme measures to get my own recognition. Little did I know that my subconscious was doing everything it could to get my attention, because it does not have a verbal form of communication. Our subconscious will try a variety of avenues to get us in alignment with our highest selves… that is what was happening to me. I did manage to make it off the wild rollercoaster ride of the plethora of health issues, relationships, near death experiences, and more past traumas than you can shake a stick at! It helps to laugh at life and although it is easier to do in hindsight. The enlightenment was seeing that my pain was my power. It was those fears and pains that were indeed a blessing and serve me well, even today as I can help others find the light. I know first-hand what emotional burden it is being stuck on that ride. I personally couldn’t stay in that state of negative manifestation any longer. Here’s the crazy thing… I had a wonderful drive and attitude to persevere through the wild and twisting tribulations…. but now that I know there is a better way, it’s a game changer. I want to teach others how to jump from the ride and achieve balance and authentic embrace who their true essence is meant to be. It seemed an impossibility for so long that I would be able to live my purpose… and learn that balance is attainable and show others the path to integration is so far from what I ever imagined. If I am going to be honest though… I always knew I had greatness and power within me, but I was a bit afraid of my own success. Thank goodness that in no longer my truth, nor does it have to be yours.

It may take some self-realization… but in time you will find that these places and situations that trigger us, can also be considered blessings or lessons depending on your mindset. These triggers are perceived… but also very real & they mirror back the unhealed parts of our soul that need our attention. Remember… our subconscious has no verbal dialect so it will use physical pain, situations or people in your life to get your attention.

The power in my work is once we find a block in your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual energy… we can remove it and get that energy working for you, instead of against you. By replacing that block with a new positive belief. The power of bio-individuality and words really come into play, as my clients choose their own goals to determine the steps they need to take toward their own destiny.

It is our responsibility to search within ourselves and integrate any unhealed trauma with undeniable love for ourselves. We never ever judge where a limiting belief came from… we just ask ourselves a question.

“How would I rather feel?”

We can continue to live by the programs and beliefs we are running… but true growth comes out of knowledge and action. Do you want to continue to be awakened and learn through fear or be bold enough to operate from a mindset of supreme love and peace? I personally find it much easier to learn from the teachers that have a gentler approach instead of the ones screaming in my face. Admittedly, that was the effort it took for me to awaken before… but now the pandemic has created this awakening on a global scale by showing us what no longer serves us. I think we can all agree we all need more unity & it starts within ourselves.

Energies that are less than love can often come at them moments we least expect & create an emotionally charged response. If we can become aware that these triggers are mirroring lessons, we need to learn within ourselves… it takes away that charge and the power. Thus, creating more balance and unity within our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Unifying our actions and beliefs through repetition of your everyday expression of your divine essence will bring you great satisfaction and in alignment with your highest self.

The spiritual quagmire can best be solved through having grace through our own growth and honoring the fact that we are all just doing our best and it’s ok…. It’s ok… to focus on the progress instead of the perfection. Recognizing that we all have this inner child trapped deep inside the hidden chambers of our soul begging for liberation, freedom and play. The ability to incorporate the needs of our inner child as we acknowledge we are both co-existing with the adult and the child on a quantum level. These fragmented aspects of ourselves begin at a very young age & recognizing this inner child’s need for play and fun can also be a very healing process. Give yourself permission to play again!

With this integration, we can regain that power that was already within us and soar to limitless heights. The daily reclamation and repetition of following your own beliefs through action is a much healthier addiction than negative thought patterns. Each of us has our own goals and nourishment needs in life, which is why it is so important to listen to and honor your inner voice. Your intuition is another way to communicate with your subconscious and following it will lead you to great success of the heart.

If we are all co-creators with the free will to forge and create our own path… then wouldn’t it be better for us all to learn from love over fear? Although this pain does provide us an opportunity to address the unacknowledged incongruence of the soul. Proclaiming our truth with our new perception of love and grace we can attune to our natural alignment.

A delightful way to start your day is silently reflecting on a goal statement. Make sure it is positive, meaningful, and short presence tense… like it has already happened. One I find supportive is: I now awaken through love and joy! Enjoy really getting into that feeling. If you can hold onto those emotions for over a minute… you will begin your day in a positive manifestation loop. I will quote one last cellular biologist… because I find the science behind what I do enthralling and very passionate about helping others and bringing awareness to mental health. Dr Joe Dispenza teaches us that when you think from your past memories, you can only create past experiences. We think somewhere between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in one day, and ninety percent of those thoughts are exactly the same ones as we had the day before.

The 5 things we can do to cultivate our wellbeing are:

  1. Identify our triggers and what they are trying to tell us on a subconscious level
  2. Heal past trauma’s by integrating that energy with compassion
  3. Begin each day by using meaningful goal statements to fuel your positive manifestation through the repetition of your actions.
  4. Say YES to you… by honoring your unique needs, tastes and desires as well as an empowered mindset to own what does serve you as a bio-individual without shame.
  5. Ask Yourself how would I rather feel? & seek help if you feel overwhelmed… it’s ok!

It takes a new perspective to create a new life, as we all know the definition of insanity. Let us begin the journey with ourselves and end it united in togetherness! Honoring ourselves always as we go through this process. I believe in you and your ability to be incredible. Don’t ever dull your sparkle because it is getting in someone’s eyes… you deserve to sparkle unapologetically. Exercise your right to choose your mindset and the ability to optimize the wellbeing of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

* Be Strong! *


Crystal Lynn Privett

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