Navigating Crisis & The Shores of Prosperity

Vivian Gaspar brings resourceful, savvy, innovative, modern solutions to handle life’s inevitable challenges and navigate people out of crisis and back onto the shores of prosperity by following their dreams.

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Navigating Crisis by Lisa McDonald #LivingFearlessly

Each week for the past four years of hosting my own global radio show/podcast, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, I am simply amazed by the high calibre, and quality people I have the honour and the privilege of showcasing. The loyal global listeners, the podcast subscribers as well as myself, are immensely grateful to each and every single one of you! Truly a gift and a blessing to be afforded the opportunity I have graciously received, and to be in this position, so as to continually sponge up the plethora of talent, profound wisdom, imparted life lessons, in addition to the personal back stories from such remarkable human beings!

A great segway for introducing this weeks #ThriveThursday featured guest here on Thrive Global, Vivian Gaspar. What is particularly special for me in the write up of this incredible woman is that we actually established an immediate rapport in person prior to her ever being showcased on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Vivian and I had initially met one another at The Harvard Business School in Boston where we had both been invited to attend as Speakers. This led to Vivian and I doing a FaceBook Livestream video and vowing to remain connected – which we obviously did hence her radio guest appearance.

Vivian is an exceptionally impressive woman, and not only for all she has accomplished as a highly successful Entrepreneur but more notably, I believe Vivian’s impressiveness derives from her indelible spirit and her unwavering passion for life. Vivian not only shows up consistently for herself therefore being in a position to authentically show up for others – but beyond that, Vivian emanates a unique genuineness about her that makes her stand out in any crowd. 

Vivian Gaspar is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and most notably the Executive Producer and Host of two television shows, Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar, and Beyond My Crisis Ron & Vivian. Vivian is dedicated to helping her clients and the general public survive critical financial and other possible difficulties, which anyone can face and yet achieve success through both her television shows, which collectively can be seen by over 26 million viewers, as well as through her three books.

Vivian’s passion is to share her deep knowledge of navigating crises through frequent network television and radio appearances in which she speaks on a variety of significantly important subject matters – from navigating the foreclosure process to identity theft. Vivian’s soon to be released book, “82 Jobs For You – Create a Job NOT a Big Business” is part of her latest effort to empower people with a vast array of specific ideas on jobs to create if someone finds it too challenging to obtain employment or needs additional income.

Vivian’s previously released book series, “Stop My Crisis – Be the 1 in 5” offers readers the diverse information which they require to handle life’s inevitable challenges or move past their current crisis into prosperity and successfully follow their dreams.

Although every person has an individual message worthy of telling; Vivian’s specific type of messaging; coupled with her specific level of expertise – continues to resonate with innumerable amounts of people given that finances and economy will always affect and impact everyone. Changing circumstances related to changing of the times will always remain a constant throughout the continuum of modern day society. Vivian being the resourceful, savvy, innovative, solution-focused modern day business woman she is…has an innate knack for navigating people out of the abyss and situating them back onto the shores of prosperity. I believe that any individual who has demonstrated the personal know-how for effectively achieving these same results for themselves through mastering a honed mindset, and a no-holds-barred attitude for turning the seemingly ‘impossible’ into more than ‘possible’ in fact offers the greatest amount of credibility in the assisting of others with similar type circumstances. Actually, I would go so far as to say that regardless of the situation or the circumstance or the apparent crises – when and only when someone has mastered themselves and their own life can they then with any level of true authority – claim to know how to responsibly intervene in the lives of others. Vivian Gaspar is thee person to call upon!

Thank you, Vivian, for the gift of your time, for the sharing of your wisdom, and for continually being a consummate leader in the arena of paying it forward and being of genuine service to others. I thank you for your ongoing contributions to humanity at both the micro and the macro levels. You truly are a dynamo of a human being our friend! Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly 

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