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Trish Tonaj on Breaking Barriers!!!

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As we all brace to embrace yet another season filled with new beginnings, new chapters, new eureka moments, I do however, trust that your summer consisted of the very same! People who know me, know that I wish this for everyone, including myself, and on a daily basis. Growth and greatness should never be stifled nor reserved solely for special occasions on an annual calendar!

Trish Tonaj subscribes to this belief system herself, and more than simply believing, Trish incorporates and acts upon this in her daily living. Trish is a powerhouse when it comes to breaking down barriers – not only for herself but for countless others, too! Trish is truly a breath of fresh air to those of us who share space with her in the Entrepreneurial World! Trish sees you…hears you…values you…and elevates you!

Many of you here, may already be familiar with the name Trish Tonaj, and if the name does in fact resonate with you, it is because she too, is a Thrive Global Contributor, and an excellent one at that! The name Trish Tonaj might also ring a bell for you, for those of you who kindly tune in to my weekly radio guests on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! I had the distinct honour and privilege of showcasing and interviewing Trish on my global-reaching radio/podcast show, last year – seems like yesterday for those of us who have no concept of time! Trish is someone who I continue to keep in touch with and whose bodies of work, I very closely follow, which is why it was an absolute MUST that she be Featured in this article here on Thrive Global!

In my recent play back of our fantastic radio interview together, (podcast link enclosed in this Article) I was simply amazed with the exponential growth and ongoing progress of Trish’s journey! This woman has already achieved and accomplished so much in her lifetime, but to know how much more this entails, even from one year ago to now, is incredible to say the least! This is why I am completely jazzed to not only be Featuring Trish this week on Thrive Global, but to share with all of you that we will soon be re-joining one another on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio/podcast show! What Trish continues to manifest in her life, personally and professionally, is just too yummy and too invaluable not to share with the collective! This trailblazer is not only fiercely committed to enriching and enhancing her own life and life experiences…she is equally committed to being and doing the same for others. This applies to her social network, her community, her clients, her peers, and her colleagues. In many respects, Trish is the one-stop-shop for awesomeness! 

Without giving away too much from our first interview together, (thank-you for listening to the enclosed podcast link!) what I will share with you about our conversation, is that Trish very effectively knows how to combine and deliver quality, impactful content/messaging with a hilarious sense of humour! What is more hilarious, is when your guests’ sense of humour lines up with that of your own based on shared commonality of life experiences. “Running at Mach2 with my hair on fire!” – laughing now as I write and quote this! If for no other reason than needing some comedy relief right now because your to-do list and deadlines are stressing you out – treat yourself to a good laugh! (podcast link enclosed)

From EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to Coco Chanel, to ‘quality vs. quantity,’ to soft skills, to wealth and well-being…Trish knows how to succinctly cover all her bases in an interview. My style and approach to interviewing each of my weekly guests’ is organic and un-scripted in nature. It is my preference for embarking upon an authentic, non-contrived, and non pre-fabricated conversation. Trish knew nothing in advance of what I was going to ask her, and that is because I myself did not know either –  until we simply went deep and instantly dove into it. Trish is a natural when it comes to speech delivery, and clearly articulating herself, and that is because this woman knows herself and knows her stuff! When you drink your own Kool-Aide, you never need to worry about being out of alignment or integrity. Truth!

I am a huge fan of Trish Tonaj! I believe in this woman’s purpose and mission in life, and with every fibre of my being! I will always only ever be a staunch supporter of Trish! Trish is real. Trish is relatable. Trish is innovative. Trish is empowered. Trish is integral. Trish is respectful. Trish is self-aware. Trish is top of her game and a phenomenal human being to boot! After listening to our interview, together (podcast link enclosed) I would highly encourage you to reach out to Trish…your future self will thank you! I am still thanking, Trish, even one year after the fact!

Thank you, Trish, for the immeasurable ways, in which you tirelessly and consistently pay it forward and are of service to the collective. I appreciate you in ways that are too inadequate to express through words alone. Keep being YOU! Keep Shining! ~ Love And Gratitude!

On behalf of Trish Tonaj and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to all of you…for graciously taking time out of your own hectic schedules to read this Feature Article, for kindly listening to the enclosed podcast link, and for any forthcoming correspondence you may wish to initiate with either or both of us! Trish and I are connectors who immensely value other people and other peoples’ time! It would be an honour and a privilege to learn more about you, too! Who knows where that could lead with respect to partnership and collaboration!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Meet Trish Tonaj…Celebrating 26 years as an entrepreneur, Trish is an author, coach and speaker working with individuals and leadership teams to shape organizational culture. Workshops, speaking and one-to-one coaching will assist with creating an environment of innovation, collaboration and mentorships that supports effective leadership and contributes to your wealth and well-being.

As a member of the Certified Coaches Federation she is committed to continuous improvement through life-long learning. In 2018, is Managing Partner on the launch of an on-line program called the mechanics of FLOW2 – Functioning Learning on Wealth and Well-being. She is certified in EQ – Emotional Intelligence an internationally recognized talent assessment, communication and change management tool. 

Trish holds a certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from Harvard Law School – Negotiation Institute and B.A in Labor Studies/Communications. With a holistic approach, to setting goals, she has combined her business acumen to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition/Wellness Specialist and Certified Yoga Specialist.

As an author, she has published two books: Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. A recent endeavour has coauthored a magazine FLOW2. 

Trish is a painter, loves to travel, and will readily admit that life is a work in progress.

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