“Create a healthy and uplifting work culture” With Tyler Gallagher & Dashama Konah

For leaders to create a healthy and uplifting work culture, its essential for them to consider the needs of the people in the group. Humans need connection, with each other and with themselves and also with a spiritual experience whether that is through a walk in the park or listening to uplift music etc. I […]

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For leaders to create a healthy and uplifting work culture, its essential for them to consider the needs of the people in the group. Humans need connection, with each other and with themselves and also with a spiritual experience whether that is through a walk in the park or listening to uplift music etc. I feel some things leaders can do to incorporate healthy and uplifting experiences into the work culture are:

Offer yoga and meditation classes for the employees

Create their business location near a park or nature so the workers can go on walks outside midday

Offer paid holidays to encourage workers to enjoy life which will lead to greater loyalty and more enthusiasm from thew workers

Encourage workers to take personal development courses, or offer them in the work place to help the staff to grow and expand how they are on the inside which will translate to their greater contribution and creativity in the work place.

As a part of my series about leaders who integrate mindfulness and spiritual practices into their work culture, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dashama Konah of Perfect 10 Lifestyle LLC.

Dashama is an award winning international happiness expert, author, speaker, life and business strategist with a thriving global community of over 300,000 health conscious spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and seekers on the path. She has spoken at the United Nations, Sony Motion Picture Studios, University of Virginia, Warwick Business School in UK and collaborated with Harvard Medical Professor Dr Sat Bir Khalsa. Dashama has written 5 books and has starred in and produced 32 yoga, mediation and health related instructional DVDs, numerous online and offline training courses, certification programs and hundreds of videos reaching millions of viewers through her media and TV partnerships such as QVC, ATT Uverse and Broadband TV. An international media favorite, she has been featured on Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC news and Discovery Channel Seeker Stories, Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan Germany, Teen Vogue, and Men’s Journal to name a few. She has worked with and/or been sponsored by fortune 500 brands such as Nike, GoPro, Cadillac and Banyan Tree Resorts.

Dashama travels the world spreading the message that anyone can heal and transform their life and create the life of their dreams. Connect with her through social media @dashama or at one of her online or live trainings world wide. Learn more about the Oneness Movement #Om4Oceans campaign to solve the United Nations Global Goals at om4oceans.org or learn more about Dashama and her other initiatives, retreats, training programs and offerings at Dashama.com.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you please share your “backstory” with us?

I was guided to create my first company, Perfect 10 Lifestyle 14 years ago. As a 24 year old woman, I was working a corporate job and doing well financially, but inside I had become completely depressed and disenchanted with life. I believe this came up for a few reasons. First of all because I was in an environment that was not nourishing for my growth, creativity and expansion and also because I had a very challenging childhood. When I was 6 years old my mother lost her mind to schizophrenia and both of my parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol so my sisters and I ended up growing up in foster homes. Then later I lost my virginity to rape and had thyroid disease, a drinking problem and eating disorders, which added to the inner turmoil. Then at age 18 was hit by a car while riding my bicycle that nearly killed me and caused scoliosis of my spine.

Back then I was highly functional and successful in school and in work, had many friends and a great high paying job right out of graduation, graduated with highest honors with a 4 year degree in communication and international relations, had a wonderful boyfriend, we owned a home in Boca Raton and I was in top shape physically as a bikini fitness model… but I had a lot of inner turmoil, which all finally surfaced in the form of depression when I was 24 years old.

After a year of depression, I finally took a leap of faith to go to a yoga teacher training to find inner peace and it changed my life completely. Although I was always very hyperactive, with daily meditation, yoga, chanting, vegetarianism and self less service it was the first time in my life I had truly experienced inner peace and the ecstasy of silence in my mind.

Originally it was not my intention to be a healer, yoga and mediation teacher, but the universe had its own plans for my destiny. I started to attract so many students and clients from my story of healing then launched one of the first yoga and mediation based channels on youtube in 2005, and the first online yoga challenge called 30 day yoga challenge, which went viral, so I started to see this is the right path for my life.

In 2009 I wrote my first book Journey to Joyful, which was published through Random House and I started my yoga school to train and certify yoga teachers. In 2016 I was invited to speak at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness and for the past 14 years I have be spreading my message all over the world, been featured on many magazine covers, in the media and TV and online with partnerships with Jillian Michaels and other celebrities as well as large corporations such as Nike, Puma, Vitamix, Zico, GoPro, I was even hired to create yoga awareness week at Sony Motion Picture Studios, speak at University of Virginia, Warwick University UK and many other locations as well as being invited to contribute to a research about the flow state and yoga in the corporate setting with Harvard and Warwick University, etc.

Now, as my companies have expanded to several brands including my global yoga school Pranashama Yoga Institute (pranashama.com) as well as the global 30 day yoga challenge (30dyc.com ) the Oneness Movement (om4oceans.org ), The Flow State summit and training programs (theflowstate.tv ) my personal brand Dashama TV (dashama.com ) and all of our intensions are to spread the teachings of healing and life healing benefits of yoga, meditation, mental health, mindfulness and happiness throughout the world.

What role did mindfulness or spiritual practice play in your life growing up? Do you have a funny or touching story about that?

As a young girl, my mother was very spiritual and had alters all over our house. We lived in a very rural area surrounded by trees, rivers and pure nature. Nature was my sanctuary and my temple in those early years and still is today. Later when my 3 sisters and I lived in foster homes, I was introduced to many church environments, which for me was a spiritual experience through the music and joy that was shared in Sunday school and during the services. I was hungry for knowledge and spiritual understanding from the start, so I would read books for hours to learn. My grandparents sent me books about Judaism and Christianity to expose me to both of our family religions. When I was 12, I was sent to live in South Dakota with my aunt and this was a spiritual experience for me since she was one of the most compassionate woman in the world and since she had a small orphanage at her home, she invited my sister and I to live there for 6 years.

When I was 13 she gifted me a wonderful inspiring book, it was called “How to Be Like Women of Influence: The 20 Greatest Women of the 20th Century”. In this book, each chapter was dedicated to a woman who exemplified greatness and the virtue they embodied. For example there was Mother Theresa, who embodied love, and Amelia Erhardt exemplified courage. They featured Oprah, Ann Frank and so many others whom I was deeply touched and inspired by and aspired to become like these great women. I didn’t know how at the time, but I just felt this was the path for me and it gave me great hope and inspiration to have positive role models to look up to, since I lacked that from my parents. I didn’t know how I could be like them at the time, but I committed that I would like to be a great woman by embodying those same qualities in the best ways that I could and aspired to become someone who can also be a role model for others one day. I was also inspired by the life of Princess Diana, Gandhi and Jesus, who I studied about deeply and worked very hard on myself to learn how to emulate their divine, selfless and loving qualities. That was the start of my spiritual path.

How do your mindfulness or spiritual practices affect your business and personal life today?

The experience of mindfulness and spiritual practice has been the single most important aspect of my life so I built my entire career, business and life around sharing and spreading this powerful gift to the world. It is the foundation of everything in life, from how we communicate, how we interact with each other, how we treat ourselves and the way we show up in every moment. The spiritual practices that I share most passionately are meditation, loving kindness, yoga, breath work, rituals, mantras, chanting, spiritual music, devotional dancing, hugging, sharing love, eye contact, respect for one another, compassion, mindfulness in all actions, generosity, benevolence, giving back, selfless service to humanity and mother earth. My days consist of these practices, for hours in the morning to all day at times when I’m teaching, filming or leading trainings or retreats. This keeps me grounded, connected to my heart, the source and my soul, as well as keeping me inspired and full of energy for long lasting happiness and inner peace in daily life. These also help to maintain mental health and to live life with awareness of a higher power gives strength and courage.

Do you find that you are more successful or less successful because of your integration of spiritual and mindful practices? Can you share an example or story about that with us?

Since my entire company is based on sharing and spreading the powerful spiritual practices, I feel it has lead to great success over all. We have reached hundreds of millions of people with these powerful practices and the network continues to expand as the need grows and people continue to seek guidance to find peace, happiness and love in life.

When I started out as a yoga teacher, I was mostly focused on the physical practice, which for me was always spiritual, but for my students was at first mostly just a physical practice. Then over time, as my personal practice deepened and my spiritual journey became richer and more rewarding, I could not help but want to share this incredible journey with my fans and students. That lead to the sharing of the spiritual practices, but at first I was concerned about whether it would be accepted, received well or appreciated. At first it was also hard to know how to charge money for this, since historically the spiritual practice of yoga was offered as a service not as a business. So this took me some years to work with the limiting beliefs that it was ok to create a business and charge money for sharing these powerful spiritual practices. With time, however, and after some deep inner work around my beliefs about abundance, prosperity and business, I released all of those self doubts and a whole world opened up for me in this regard. I am grateful to now share my deep spirituality with all of my students and fans online and they receive that fully and very openly. In fact, I feel it is something that is very refreshing for people to find and connect with this, since its not common in the world and even in my industry. Most of what is available in my industry is more focused on the physical and not the spiritual dimensions, possibly as a way to appeal to a wider more general audience. But for me, there is no other way. I share what is true and authentically the most powerful and life enhancing journey, that has healed so much within me and my students over the years, and those who feel drawn to learn from this path are always transformed from the inside out by the experience of connecting with their soul and a deep spirituality develops within their heart as a cornerstone for their life. This provides for them a solid foundation to turn to when life gets hard and inspires creativity, love and contribution enhancing their career, relationships and personal journey in life.

What would you say is the foundational principle for one to “lead a good life”? Can you share a story that illustrates that?

The foundational principle for one to lead a good life can be unique for each individual. From my journey, I feel leading a good life includes experiencing loving relationships, sharing kindness and compassion with humanity, connecting with a higher purpose for life, maintaining a balance between the internal and external world, the self work and the work we offer through our career, health and happiness, contribution and self less service, as well as exploring creative ways to express our unique gifts that nourish the soul and contribute to the world around us. Family is at the core of living a good life, but not everyone is here to have children or be married, so this can also be seen as connection to a community or human tribe, which can be seen as family, since loving connection with others is a fundamental aspect of living a good life.

As story that illustrates my experience of living a good life that comes to mind is how I came to the world that I do. When I was working in a corporate job, I was very depressed. It was not nourishing my soul or inspiring creativity. So at that time, I asked myself ‘what would I do if money was no object? What would bring me joy and feel like a good life?’ It was the answer to this question that transformed my life. I finally stepped outside of the rat race of chasing material things like money or career status and just followed my heart. From that place, I was able to create a life of magic and fulfillment that has lead me around the world many times sharing this message and helping others to connect with their own personal version of what a good life looks and feels like to them. My first company was called Perfect 10 Lifestyle and this was based on the idea that our health, happiness and inner contentment was the cornerstone of living a good life, despite what the other details might be. One could be married or single, have children or not, be super fit or soft in the body, but the true measurement of happiness was how you feel. And that is the basis of all the work that I do and the message that I share globally.

Can you share a story about one of the most impactful moments in your spiritual/mindful life?

I have had so many impactful moments in my spiritual life. In the beginning, when I was 6 years old and my mother lost her mind to schizophrenia, although at the time it felt like I was going to die from the pain and suffering of separation from my mother and family, it lead me to a very deep place of spirituality and I look back and see that was a pivotal and essential part of my awakening. I had nothing else at that point so I had to turn to God and found comfort in connecting with mother nature, which is also a very spiritual experience for me. Later when I faced other painful experiences such as being in car accidents, being raped or having to lose every material possession I owned, when I had a stalker online for 2 years or when my entire online business was destroyed by hackers, every time it just broke me down and I came down to my knees to pray and talk to God. Always in the end I was able to see the gift and the blessing in each of these experiences and each one of them built my strength and connection to my spiritual practice and devotion to sharing this with the world. When nothing in the material world seems to be going well, I have always found strength and peace by turning inward and upward to connect with God. This is a fundamental aspect to all of the teachings that I share world wide.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

I feel blessed because I was gifted with so many incredible people who mentored me along my journey. In my early years it was my friends parents who took me under their wings and gave me love and guidance. Later when I was in college and when I started my own business, I attracted some very successful business owners who mentored me how to do certain things to grow my business and reach more people. One of them comes to mind, his name was Harlan Kilstein and he was a Rabi and also very into yoga, as well as an expert in copy writing marketing. He was the one who set me up with my youtube channel and filmed my first videos on there. He really encouraged me in those early years to move toward the video sharing and that creating all of the difference in my life and success over all to reach hundreds of millions of people through my teaching and with my message. He also encouraged me to charge more for my time and increase my personal sense of worth and value and he paid me very well to teach him private yoga classes and then later paid me to teach his wife and children as well, so it was a huge family approach that felt very loving and welcoming and helped me a lot in the early years of my career.

Can you share 3 or 4 pieces of advice about how leaders can create a very “healthy and uplifting” work culture?

For leaders to create a healthy and uplifting work culture, its essential for them to consider the needs of the people in the group. Humans need connection, with each other and with themselves and also with a spiritual experience whether that is through a walk in the park or listening to uplift music etc. I feel some things leaders can do to incorporate healthy and uplifting experiences into the work culture are:

  1. Offer yoga and meditation classes for the employees
  2. Create their business location near a park or nature so the workers can go on walks outside midday
  3. Offer paid holidays to encourage workers to enjoy life which will lead to greater loyalty and more enthusiasm from thew workers
  4. Encourage workers to take personal development courses, or offer them in the work place to help the staff to grow and expand how they are on the inside which will translate to their greater contribution and creativity in the work place.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

I have come up with 2 solutions for movements that can change the world.

The first solution: The Oneness Movement

The United Nations global goals are focused on 17 vital aspects of our planet and humanity that are essential to sustain life on earth. After I was a speaker at the United Nations in 2016, I realized that the UN is really open to working with citizens and organizations who have solutions to solve the global goals.


Here is the link to my United Nations Speech: bit.ly/DashamaUN2016

Since I have noticed there are numerous entities, organizations, individuals and corporations working to solve the global goals, individually and making some progress, but its not happening fast enough to keep up with the climate change and rising issues facing the world.

From this understanding, I came up with a solution for the world’s major problems. To unite all of the efforts to maximize the energy and optimize the results is the missing element. For example, the plastic pollution is a global problem that has been affecting the oceans and the sea animals as well as many other aspects of our earth. Now we see some large movements to help end this, such as the Stop Sucking plastic straw ban at Starbucks, or the end of plastic bags at grocery stores, even WWF launched an initiative recently for this issue, etc. We are even seeing somecountries making a commitment to end the use of single use plastic as well such as Costa Rica, EU and even UK. Although this is only taking place on a small scale. 16 counties so far have committed to this.

So the Oneness Movement OM vision is to unite all of the countries and efforts, with the help and leadership of the United Nations, to create agreements similar to the Paris Agreement, but for each of the world’s major issues.

Om4Oceans is the first campaign, and it focuses on first promoting a petition that was initiated on Change.org by the UN in Bangladesh, to Beat Plastic Pollution. https://www.change.org/p/world-environment-day-2018-beat-plastic-pollution

Our intention is to get the media, as well as influencers and celebrities with a large reach to help promote the petition to gain at least 1 million signatures. From that, we propose the creation of an agreement, similar to the Paris Agreement, but called the Eco Plastic Act, that would encourage all of the counties unified by the United Nations, to sign and commit to ending the use of single use plastic, on the governmental level, and mandated to all corporations of each country, penalized by fines for those who don’t comply. The agreement would replace single use plastic with eco sustainable plastics made from bio-degradable resources such as corn starch, bamboo or hemp for example as these substances have been proven to work for single use plastic purposes and they bio degrade, so they don’t harm the animals, the oceans, the consumers or the environment.

This campaign is called #Om4Oceans since the plastic pollution is most dramatically impacting the oceans, with the infamous plastic island over in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii and the beaches and oceans globally being devastated by the pollution of plastic in the bellies of the whales, dolphins and other sea animals, which are essential creatures that keep the ocean in balance. The ocean provides the earth with 50% of our air that we breath for humans, so this is not a small or light matter and is absolutely critical to focus on healing the oceans and creating sustainable solutions and balance on earth.

After we can successfully achieve the goal to get the United Nations to get all the countries to commit to the Eco Plastic Act, that is one small step toward solving the rest of the global goals. There are 2 sides to this coin: stop producing plastic pollution and to clean up the pollution that already exists. We have seen some great solutions to promote that are working for the clean up as well.

The next focus after the Oceans and Plastic Pollution, we aim to solve with the Oneness Movement, is to focus on the Amazon and other deforestation. This is another major world concern, as we get the other 50% of our air that we breath from these forests and they are being clear cut by the millions of acres to raise cattle and to drill for oil. This has to be stopped. The Oneness Movement campaign for that will be our 2nd campaign and will unite the influencers, celebrities and foundations that are committed to solving these global goals, to catalyze massive change. The #Om4Amazons will start with a petition to gain at least a million signatures, to end the rain forest clear cutting and protect these critical forests. This must come from the government mandate and with the help and support of the United Nations. From there, we can focus on reforestation, planting the trees again and protecting the global resources and indigenous cultures that are essential for life on earth.

The other global goals, such as poverty, education, water, etc are all also on the agenda and we have solutions for each of these and are also open and welcome other solutions to be contributed. Our primary focus with the Oneness Movement is to unite the change makers so that the actions and efforts can be amplified and the solutions can be optimized. Instead of hundreds of efforts being spread out, it would be one unified effort that creates massive and lasting change for the world in all the ways that are critical right now.

I’d love to share more about this with Ariana Huffington and the team to see how we can get more support from the media to maximize our efforts.



The other solution / initiative we have on the agenda is called the Flow State. This is a global movement to awaken humanity to health, healing and happiness. The flow state is a psychology term that was previously only considered relevant to artists, athletes and people with natural born talents for example. We are expanding the understanding to be relevant for all of humanity, as we see that this critical knowledge can heal much of the suffering plaguing humanity.

The Flow State is like the secret to the secret. Instead of only focusing on the Law of Attraction, the flow state teaches about all of the universal laws that govern humanity to provide a system and structure to guide people to live their best life now. The life of happiness, health, abundance and fulfillment is available for all who have the proper understanding about how to access the flow state, to live in alignment with the flow of life.

Like Bruce Lee said, Be like water, and that is the premise of this concept, to be in the flow is to be fluid, open to life and in non resistance.

In order to live in this way, we must learn to master the mind and emotions, which is the primary focus of the flow state movement. Through proven practices and by interviewing the flow state masters such as Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Celine Dion, Duane Wade, Oprah, Ariana Huffington, Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio and other experts/masters who have learned to harness the power of the universal forces to stay and live in the flow of existence to manifest their dreams and intentions into the world.

Through the Flow State movement, we are creating a movie (documentary style like the Secret), a book, an online summit and a school to teach these powerful practices. I already have the USPTO trademark for the Flow State for books and movies and our next stage is to interview the experts for the movie, the book and online summit, etc.

We are also in the process to get approved to provide CME (continuing medical education units) to doctors, nurses and therapists to teach the flow state practices so they may be shared to heal humanity. In the flow state, a state of pure positive energy, appreciation, gratitude and love, no sickness, disease or illness can exist, this can be a solution for humanity to heal and transform, eliminating the suffering of the world, starting with healing and mastering the mind and emotions.

You can see more about this at theflowstate.tv

and my trademark for the flow state is registered on USPTO now for both the book and the movie.

We would love to interview Ariana Huffington for this movie and the book as well as talk with the Thrive team about how to work with you to spread the word about this movement as well. We have already interviewed Jillian Michaels, Evan Carmichael and others and have confirmed Jack Canfield, Prince Ea and others already as well.

Both the Oneness Movement and the Flow State have a common purpose and intention: to solve the suffering of humanity and all life on earth. This is a big mission, but its also the reason we need a unified team of effort to make it happen. This is not something we see can be done by one or just a small group of people, this is a massive shift in the way we are operating as a species. To come together, to move beyond all differences and to see our similarities. To understand that what we do right now is crucial to the future of our planet and humanity. And to guide the actions and efforts of the masses to contribute to the betterment of our world. This is feasible with the proper support and collective understanding. This is a TEAM approach Together Everyone Achieves More. No problem is too large to solve, as we have 8 billion people on earth, and more then enough intelligence and resources for all to live happy healthy lives. This is not a plan for the redistribution of wealth, this is a plan for the uplifting education and unification of humanity to work together for a common goal to make the world a better place for our children and all future generations.

How can people follow you and find out more about you?

I am on all platforms :






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