Craving to Be You: How to Be Your Authentic Happy Self

Craving to be you is the root cause of all addictions and cravings

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Cravings and addictions...we all have them.

Us human beings are so complex yet so simple at the same time. We are so unique and different yet we are essentially just the same.

We all have our addictions and craving at some level. Some of us overeat, while some of us over-starve ourselves. Most of us go through the cycle of under-eating and over-eating, yoyo-dieting. Even if you don’t have this issue, you still have cravings for ‘bad foods’ and you do give in time to time.

But let’s just leave food alone. There are other things. Some people over-exercise. Some are workaholics. Some are addicted to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other substances. There are those who are addicted to shopping – or at least shopping for cute shoes. Some are addicted to traveling (raising hands). Some are addicted to… The list goes on.

Even if you don’t have addictions, you must be guilty of sometimes over-doing it at work or at the gym, craving (more than a) drink or a cigarette, having the urge to buy something you don’t need and can’t afford or like me just absolutely need to buy a ticket to go for another trip.

Can you relate? Do you have addictions or cravings?

Why do you have them?

See, we are all so complex and unique with our complex problems and unique addictions. But essentially we are all the same addicted to and craving something. We are all simple because we are all addicted for the same simple reason and are craving the same simple thing.

We are all craving to be ourselves. We are all craving to be happy.

You are craving to be you, a happy you.

Am I right? I bet I am.

But how to do that? How to be authentically you and be happy with that authentic true self of yours?

Besides the tips on how to find you and be you, there are more you can do to get closer and live happily with your authentic self.

Use your fears.

Don’t be afraid of your fears but use them. Our fears can be our greatest guides. Our fears only try to protect us from the new and unknown. But in a journey, the unknown is usually where the beauty and magic lies. If you don’t go there, you will never find it. If you give into fear, you will never walk to the unfamiliar and will not find the true magic in life. Next time you see fear, just look into its eyes, smiles, give it a hug, be grateful for being your protector, then keep walking. You will only find magic on the way.

Keep peeling the layers away.

Just like an onion, you also have many layers. Your essence is beneath it all. That is your true self in its naked truth. This naked self that is ready to come out and dance freely in the summer rain. Keep digging deep. Throw away the extra. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Feel your feelings and observe them. Don’t be afraid, I promise you will only find beauty there.

Embrace your shadow.

Your shadow includes your deepest fears, regret, core beliefs, shames and unconscious beliefs. The shadow is an important part of your divine self. The more time you spend dancing in the lights, the more visible your shadow will be. The shadow is not scary but is an important part of your inner-self that shows you the programs that run your life at the sub-conscious level. Your shadow can be a wonderful guide to life, it can help you in breaking down negative patterns, in moving forward, in healing and in continuing your journey in the light.

Forgive yourself.

You are not your worst mistakes. In fact, there are no mistakes or failures: there are successes and learning experiences. Every journey has its ups and downs, twists and turns. So what if you at times found yourself in the dump? So what if at times you made bad choices or judgments hurt someone or hurt yourself? You are only human. You are perfectly imperfect. You have nothing to prove and you don’t have to measure up. You are wonderful just as you are. Forgive yourself for your so-believed mistakes, negative choices and bad judgments. Learn from them. Forgive yourself. Move on. Keep walking your journey while hugging yourself on the way.

Be grateful.

Life is beautiful if you think about it. Everything is connected: the air, the Earth, the plants, the animals, us humans and so much more. If you open your eyes you will find beauty everywhere. A cute little birds flying by, a flower opening up, a friend sending you a kind message, an inspiring photograph, a beautiful painting, a delicious meal, a perfectly ripe fruit or your morning run. Your journey may have ups and downs, but this is what makes it exciting and beautiful. This is what allows you to grow and to transform. Be grateful for your life, for your opportunities, for the people around you, for the air you are breathing in and for the transformation you are going through. You can’t be anything else but happy when feeling grateful.

Follow these tips to find your authentic self and create your own version of authentic happiness.

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